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  1. Hello ! I made a sound package for PMDG 737NGXu. Actually i changed only Engine startup sounds and pack sounds. Now its more realistic. I hope you like it ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qvoYHxePxevKKvfUQq27u60smgnhN3P6/view?usp=sharing Copy files to: Prepar3D > Sound > PMDG > 737NGXu > Various
  2. Hello I am using self loading cargo to simulate passengers and specific airline sounds. This add-on shares some features with fs2crew such as announcements, FO callouts, dings, passenger sounds and music. Most of these sounds are triggered at the same time. Although it's possible to resolve most of the "conflicts" by disabling certain options in one add-on or the other, the main conflict occurs with cabin announcements. With fs2crew it's possible to disable PA by moving the slider (FO cabin) to the left, but this also disable FO calls and conversations between crew and pilots (like boarding and closing doors triggers in the PF events). I haven't tried to manually delete some of the audio files yet. In this way, I guess I should be able to avoid "the double PA effect" without disabling the sounds I'd like to keep. In any case, I would like to ask you to consider more sound options in the config menu for the next releases, so to better separate what is said inside the cockpit - and between pilots and crew - from what is announced to the passengers. Cheers Mau
  3. Would love to see a proper plane spotting add-on for MFS. What I mean is complete with true to life ambient airport noises reflecting various airports from small GA strips to super busy international airports. Complete with realistic and unique sounds for all the different types of aircrafts, airport vehicles, wind noises, rain, ocean, birds depending where the airport is located. I've been dreaming of an addon like this since the beginning. With MFS looking so beautiful I would love to use the drone camera to just watch planes depart and land. The sound would add a whole level of immersion to this if it can be done right. Realistic AI package with very high quality sound effects. I can't wait for the day to come where I can hear the low frequency rumble of a boeing 777 with it's beastly GE-90 115's spooling off and then taking off into the distance and what you're left with is a very deep intense rumble that can vibrate the walls in your room if you have a decent subwoofer setup. That would be complete eargasm right there. I love the sound and feel of powerful jet engines. It's music to my ears. I can sleep to that noise. Only thing that would be missing from an add-on like this would be the smell of jet fuel.
  4. Hello, I'm new here. We are happy to share my collections. I hope you like. Have a nice day. Tupolev tu 154 taws:https://disk.yandex.com.tr/d/jFZp7uEE4SqC2g?w=1
  5. Hi all. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to tweak the engine sounds of the PMDG 737. In particular, in real life 737's, at idle when throttling down, I notice the rumble of the engine, and the full power grind when at full power. These both sound different than they do in the simulator, and I was wondering if I could try to tweak them. I have Audacity on my laptop, and I'm wondering if you can use that (and if so, how?) to modify the sounds. Or even if someone knows of a sound pack that has what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can help me out! Thanks, Ethan
  6. Greetings, Dear Friends! From now on, all official support for all of the Blue Sky Star Simulations products will be conducted in this section of our Avsim Forum. Also you can find out the news, release dates and other useful information concerning our products. Each of our products will have a respective thread where you will find videos, description, sources and other info. No technical support in this topic, please, only news and discussion. I will create a separate topic for every product, in which I will do the technical support. Thank you! Welcome the world of true sound.
  7. So, RSR has stated that the last thing he thinks we want is a video, because it will take away precious time from development and "internal testing." So, we've seen photos of both the inside and the outside, but we don't know what it even sounds like! Most, if not all of us would want to know. I don't know a ton about it, but it can't be that hard! Record the sound, and upload it. Unfortunately, some sound quality will be lost in uploading, it always ends up like that, I'm not sure why. But, most of us here want to hear the sound of the soon-to-be-released PMDG 777X! ~Thanks for your consideration. This product will be amazing on release! :wub:
  8. WHAT IS MILITARY SOUND STUDIOS ABOUT? ​ ​Military Sound Studios is a small project I personally set up about a year ago, my aim is to make our favourite military aircraft sound that little bit more realistic with in Flight Sim... ​ By doing this I mean getting the true authentic sounds for planes such as the famous Vulcan which has the howl, the Tornado which has the reverse bucket sound, also the Harrier which has the unique idle sound. ​ As you can see I have already created a few packages in the past months, all of these are now on the list for being remastered. As I move forward I find myself gaining more skill and experience in making these sounds realistic. . . . Take a look at the site, this is a temp site at the moment will go live in about 2 weeks. http://youtu.be/dpRV_4qIpwQ MILITARY SOUND STUDIOS MILITARY SOUND STUDIOS YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  9. Hi everyone, When I do long flights, I usually like to turn off the sound in the sim when I get to cruise (by pressing "Q") so that I can check on my flight and not have the noise of the engines fill my headphones suddenly when I switch back into the sim. I have noticed that when I do this for a long time (usually on flights of 4+ hours), the cockpit noises are gone when I turn the sound back on. That is, in the cockpit, I can still hear the engines, but can't hear any of the noises such as the flap handle moving, the autopilot disconnect alarm, callouts etc. In the external views, all the noises work just fine. I have had this issue with both the 777 (in FSX:SE) and the 747 (in P3D v3). I have also checked all of the sound settings in the sim and in the FMC to ensure that all playback devices are setup correctly. I've never had the issue when I've kept the sound on for the whole flight. Does anyone know of a fix for this slight issue, or why the issue is happening at all?
  10. 1. Hello. Does anyone know if there are any good/compatible soundset addons for the pmdg 737? Allthough its a great addon and generally I think the sound enviroment is cool I would sometimes like to here some "shaking and squeething" sounds in the cocpit for example when penetrating rough turbulence? I think in real world turbulence causes that kind of sounds (at least in the passenger cabin:)). 2. Another question regardin flying through turbulence: What would be the correct procedure? If there is heavy turbulence and airspeed bounces, should I disconnect the autothrottle and maintain manually a little bit slower airspeed? How much slower? (I use AS2012 for weather) Thanks!
  11. Hello all, My best friend is a flight attendant for Air Canada and time to time he shares real sound effects with me. I use these sound effects for GSX when boarding and de-boarding....Thought I'd share these because it has added a cool experience to my flights. Just rename these .wav files to anything you are replacing in GSX....don't forget to backup the original! For now I have a boarding replacement and a de-boarding replacement. The boarding announcement is in french and the deboarding announcement is in both english and french. The link below is a .zip file that contains the mp3's and wav's depending on which sounds you replace (doesn't have to be GSX). Hope this adds a touch of realism to your sim! Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/s/mj4p69u6ufqs9ax/Authentic%20Sound%20FX.zip
  12. I just recently bought my pmdg 737 nxg from the pmdg website the program installed correctly and everything eas fine. But when i run FSX with a PMDG plane there is no sounds i can only hear the engines. No APU, clicks, bell, call outs, EGPWS test sound nothing etc... i dont know what to do i need help
  13. This sound pack only changes external/internal engine sounds as well as cabin engine sounds It does not change the original FSLabs code or in any way interfering to it's work. In fact, it improves it a lot with conjunction to professionally made engine sounds. All sound samples were recorder from real IAE V2500 with help of our pilot colleagues in real operations and multiple run-ups. All volume and pitch data is 1 to 1 exact to IAE V2500 created with mathematical formulas and brought to represent the delight sound of IAE V2500. It is also created with intent to be installed on professional FAA certified FTD throughout the USA. With such detailed and exact model as FSLabs A320 you now have a chance to have them on your PC. Bring up speakers and enjoy! Also we have 30% of holidays sale for everything else at our website Happy holidays! Best wishes from our team! http://www.blueskystar.net/
  14. Check out my first soundpack for the A320, AI aircraft only. Give it a try. If you like it, then more to come... http://forum.avsim.net/topic/470338-ai-only-sound-pack-for-a320/
  15. Aerosoft A319-320-321 IAE - Blue Sky Star FSX/P3D features optional internal sounds for wing/engine passenger views current version - 1.0 This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft - inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise. IAE V2500 series turbofan engines: - Pre-recorded from real aircraft and modeled according to the real phases of V2500 turbine. - Tested by pilots and by musicians of course. Only music ears can hear the true difference in pitch and volume change. N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder - N2 (the compressor). - All external engine sounds are different depending on location - front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds. - Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft! Places to get it: http://www.blueskystar.net/aerosoft-iaev2500.html http://secure.simmarket.com/blue-sky-star-aerosoft-a319-320-321-(iae)-fsx-p3d.phtml
  16. I hope they make it possible to customize the aircraft sounds for the AI aircraft. This was terrible in FSX/P3D. The sound engine also had lots of bugs when confronted with multiple sounds. It's really nice when in an airport, to hear all kinds of aircraft types starting, taxiing, taking off and landing around you. Brings the airport to life. If you want an example what I mean, check out the freeware AI sounds for AI aircraft. Would love to develop stuff for FS2020. Cheers!
  17. Is it possible to have aircraft sounds coming through desktop speakers and ATC sounds coming via headphones (with mike attached)? Apologies. Just realized this is the wrong part of forum
  18. I am asking if anyone knows where the sims startup sound files are located? I am hoping to change the background music that plays. Not really complaining, but, I'd like something other than the monotonous music they give us to choose from. ;-)
  19. Just converted to Prepar3D v3 and I have to kick myself for not doing it sooner! Has/will cost me some $$$ but well worth it. Nonetheless, the only real problem I'm having in Prepar3D is the sound(s). The noise from other planes on the tarmac AND in the air is so loud that becomes difficult to hear the ATC. I tried to adjust the "sound" settings in the Settings menu but they control every sound other than the issue I'm having. No issues with cockpit/interior sounds and ATC volume is fine. By process of elimination I thought the environmental slider would reduce external sound affects but it doesn't affect this issue. Added Traffic 360 and starting to think that has something to to with it. If so, I'm not sure how to adjust volume there - is there a way? Again, it's just the external jet engine sound that is distracting. Only happens at the gate (as other planes fire their engines) and on the runways as planes take off and land. Today, while flying into New York City area there was a military helo far enough away that I didn't get a proximity warning but I could hear the chopper engines as we passed as fit i were on it... Strange... Has anyone heard of this problem? Is there a fix?
  20. Hello Guys Just wanted to know if anyone is experiencing this. DTG release an update, version 62613, and now FSX:SE is crashing at start with a message about PMDGSounds.dll being the problem. This is the message: It probably is just the version change, but who knows... Should I open a ticket? Thanks!!
  21. Hello everybody. I just purchased the Flysimware DA50 and I've a problem with cockpit sounds: they are not playing except the belts7smoke signe and the electrical buzz after swith on the batteries. The rest of sounds are gone: clicks, APU, trim... I tried to move the FBGS_XMLSound.dll to the panel folder, change the panel.cfg syntax to ressemble the syntax in the Flysim Lear 35, but no effect. I also tried to use the MT_XMLSound.gau from the Lear 35 (v2.7) and then I got an invalid license message and some artifacts in cockpit view, so I reinstalled the Falcon only to find out that the sounds are still gone. I'm using Falcon 50 v1.4 (last version available from from PC Aviator), FSX Acceleration and Windows 7 PRO 32bit. Any idea? Thank you in advance.
  22. Aerosoft A318-319-320-321 CFM - Blue Sky Star FSX/P3D ASC and Engines Updated current version - 2.0 This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft - inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise. CFM56-5 series turbofan engines: - Pre-recorded from real aircraft and modeled according to the real phases of CFM56 turbine. - Tested by pilots and by musicians of course. Only music ears can hear the true difference in pitch and volume change. N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder - N2 (the compressor). - All external engine sounds are different depending on location - front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds. - Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft! Places to get it: http://blueskystar.net/catalog/p3d_fsx/aerosoft-a320/aerosoft_a320_21_asc_cfm/ http://secure.simmarket.com/blue-sky-star-airbus-a320a321-custom-soundpack-extension-(cfm56-5-).phtml
  23. Hello, I bought the PMDG 777 Base package like one year ago. Everything was fine but last Saturday I formatted my computer (not before uninstalling every simulator and add-on) and when I reinstalled it the problem came: I think it could be that I opened the PMDG Operations Center before opening the simulator to register the installation but the problem is that I can't download the 5.1 sound package... I searched in many forums for a possible solution but no one got the same problem as me. I openned a ticket on the PMDG support page, they answered propossing me to "reinstall" the PMDG Operations Center by removing everything except the updater (the solution that everyone knows) but it didn't work. I haven't got an answer for this ticket from this Tuesday but I think it's understandable because they may be so busy with the updates for Prepar3d v4 and that's why I open this topic. I add a video of my problem to check exactly what happens and my Operations center log.(https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u7bs2iegatlmd9s/AAAhEShCIKm3FDKk-Jum8Ugja?dl=0) Thanks in advance, Jose Manuel. PD: Using Windows 10 64-bits
  24. Name: Quick Tips: FSX Sounds Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:31 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided How to adjust your FSX sounds to have sound through your speakers, and voices through a headset. View Video
  25. Hi, In the real B738, I know that many sounds such as navigation aids, TCAS warnings, GWPS warnings & call outs are audible through the pilot headsets and/or the speaker of the aircraft. Is there any way of getting those warnings and callouts through the headset, whilst keeping all other sounds such as engines etc, on the main speakers? I don't mind getting hold of additional software or hardware to achieve this if I need to, I just don't know where to start. I have found ProSim737 and SimAvionics which will do the job, but I do not want to move away from PMDG as I am not ready to dive in to building a flight deck! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phill Morgan
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