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  1. That part and the Flyinside bug with flight sim window losing focus randomly makes this model unflyable in VR (flyinside) then. You will have sound interrupt every 5 seconds randomly.
  2. Free update, topic changed, the current version is 2.0 Promo video is here:
  3. I have 55 4K as well. Not at all, in fact same performance. And you can't even tell it's windowed, since all borders are removed anyways.
  4. Any way to change your flying habits to windowed screen? :) Same performance, really convenient, since you can access browser with a lot of useful info, especially when flying big boys. Plus the black out screen option looks the same as full screen mode these days.
  5. Yes, windowed mode, but that is no problem, since it works flawlessly in window mode as well.
  6. As many of you know that PDF Kneeboard no longer works in V4, I was looking through internet to eliminate that problem and have found the program called "Always-On-Top". Here is the video on how to use it, easy as 1-2-3. You can download it here: https://img.labnol.org/di/always-on-top.zip?_ga=2.172835363.1086715399.1510970198-244909298.1510847850
  7. Hello Ladies and Gents! Please check out my latest video, on the channel you can find more aviation related stuff (not only simulators) I will try to post updates here, enjoy.
  8. This sound pack only changes external/internal engine sounds as well as cabin engine sounds It does not change the original FSLabs code or in any way interfering to it's work. In fact, it improves it a lot with conjunction to professionally made engine sounds. All sound samples were recorder from real IAE V2500 with help of our pilot colleagues in real operations and multiple run-ups. All volume and pitch data is 1 to 1 exact to IAE V2500 created with mathematical formulas and brought to represent the delight sound of IAE V2500. It is also created with intent to be installed on professional FAA certified FTD throughout the USA. With such detailed and exact model as FSLabs A320 you now have a chance to have them on your PC. Bring up speakers and enjoy! Also we have 30% of holidays sale for everything else at our website Happy holidays! Best wishes from our team! http://www.blueskystar.net/
  9. It just gives external the internal sounds. Its limitation of FSX or model.
  10. Blue Sky Star simulations work in progress CRJ-200 Soon I will post the shorter video for those who don't have tome to watch 18 minutes.
  11. The IAE version has an option of Wing/engine views internal sound. The cfm version will have that in next update, hopefully this month. The wind will silence the engines at high alt (depending on your sound slider settings)
  12. We have a temporary special, limited time All Aerosoft Airbus products CFM, IAE, ASC for A319, A320, A321 P3d/FSX for $26.97 - Save $5 At the bottom of main page http://www.blueskystar.net/ Meantime, some news. - You can expect A320 Jardesign CFM Main pack 2.0 update next week - Coming up Aerosoft CFM wingviews and engine views option update - Coming up Jrollon CRJ-200 Full immersion Pack - Yeeehaaa! - Monthly free stuff giveaway https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkyStarSimulations/ And many more, stay tuned and share good news!
  13. Aerosoft A318-319-320-321 CFM - Blue Sky Star FSX/P3D ASC and Engines Updated current version - 2.0 This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft - inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise. CFM56-5 series turbofan engines: - Pre-recorded from real aircraft and modeled according to the real phases of CFM56 turbine. - Tested by pilots and by musicians of course. Only music ears can hear the true difference in pitch and volume change. N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder - N2 (the compressor). - All external engine sounds are different depending on location - front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds. - Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft! Places to get it: http://blueskystar.net/catalog/p3d_fsx/aerosoft-a320/aerosoft_a320_21_asc_cfm/ http://secure.simmarket.com/blue-sky-star-airbus-a320a321-custom-soundpack-extension-(cfm56-5-).phtml
  14. Greetings, Dear Friends! From now on, all official support for all of the Blue Sky Star Simulations products will be conducted in this section of our Avsim Forum. Also you can find out the news, release dates and other useful information concerning our products. Each of our products will have a respective thread where you will find videos, description, sources and other info. No technical support in this topic, please, only news and discussion. I will create a separate topic for every product, in which I will do the technical support. Thank you! Welcome the world of true sound.
  15. Hey fellas the sounds are out. You also get a free A318-319 CFM with it as well. Links in video description. http://www.blueskystar.net/a320-aerosoft-cfm.html
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