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  1. It's not the beeping, program hangs and loads with no transmissions. COnstant beeping indicates that something is wrong. I guarantee that I'm not the only one that has it. If you don't have it - great. I do. 2nd flight 3 disconnects. In the fiurst one I was able to reconnect simply because I kne the frequency of the approach
  2. Actually for this mement I really want money back since the HUGE problem is that every flight it disconnects (loading constantly) and when pressing PTT it beeps. After the restart of the program it asks you what the flight stage, you selected and then nothing. If you are at cruise level and you don't know the center freq - your flight is over. This is really big one.Huge turnoff.
  3. SO for now I get the picture: SI for VFR, BATC for IFR. Even though I'm still testing it, I also found that it uses almost 12% GPU for some reason. THe fact that you can't change the runway is also an immersion killer.
  4. Traffic injection is at 0.5 stage, not clear what it means by it. It says it can acess communication and make callouts in the roadmap page of the software itself. Does it cover VFR? Because I see that it always connects to simbrief
  5. So far it is much better than SI (actively tested it for 2 month). Only troubles I've encountered so far is: 1. Admin rights installation issue. 2. Traffic not fully working wth it (perhaps wrong vbersion of FSLTL, will test some more) 3. And the biggest one so far (all in one 20 minute flight) - disconnection with radio silence. (only beep of contact, all radios quiet. After restart of the program it picked up in descend, but again disconnected on the ground and I couldn't reconnect it to the actual phase (it thought I am in need of pusback, while in reality I just cleared the runway
  6. It's basically a VFR only. IFR doesn't work, also there is a 1 minute delay after each transmission, I will not pay for this. Instead of releasing raw alpha version with half of things not working, just finish your product and then sell it.
  7. You don't even need high idle for takeoff, unless short runway, heavy load etc.
  8. That part and the Flyinside bug with flight sim window losing focus randomly makes this model unflyable in VR (flyinside) then. You will have sound interrupt every 5 seconds randomly.
  9. Free update, topic changed, the current version is 2.0 Promo video is here:
  10. I have 55 4K as well. Not at all, in fact same performance. And you can't even tell it's windowed, since all borders are removed anyways.
  11. Any way to change your flying habits to windowed screen? :) Same performance, really convenient, since you can access browser with a lot of useful info, especially when flying big boys. Plus the black out screen option looks the same as full screen mode these days.
  12. Yes, windowed mode, but that is no problem, since it works flawlessly in window mode as well.
  13. As many of you know that PDF Kneeboard no longer works in V4, I was looking through internet to eliminate that problem and have found the program called "Always-On-Top". Here is the video on how to use it, easy as 1-2-3. You can download it here: https://img.labnol.org/di/always-on-top.zip?_ga=2.172835363.1086715399.1510970198-244909298.1510847850
  14. Hello Ladies and Gents! Please check out my latest video, on the channel you can find more aviation related stuff (not only simulators) I will try to post updates here, enjoy.
  15. This sound pack only changes external/internal engine sounds as well as cabin engine sounds It does not change the original FSLabs code or in any way interfering to it's work. In fact, it improves it a lot with conjunction to professionally made engine sounds. All sound samples were recorder from real IAE V2500 with help of our pilot colleagues in real operations and multiple run-ups. All volume and pitch data is 1 to 1 exact to IAE V2500 created with mathematical formulas and brought to represent the delight sound of IAE V2500. It is also created with intent to be installed on professional FAA certified FTD throughout the USA. With such detailed and exact model as FSLabs A320 you now have a chance to have them on your PC. Bring up speakers and enjoy! Also we have 30% of holidays sale for everything else at our website Happy holidays! Best wishes from our team! http://www.blueskystar.net/
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