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  1. ....and just like that, it's now out of stock there!
  2. @warning23 I don't know, as I only use 1 headset at a time.
  3. Yes, I have a Quest 2 w/Link cable, and a Reverb G2 both connected to my GTX 2080 Ti card's high speed USB 3 ports. (Just solved a problem with my Quest 2 by re-running its setup and reconnecting the link cable).
  4. Hi All, Since yesterday, my brand new Oculus Quest 2 and Link Cable is no longer being seen correctly by windows 10 (which I updated to the latest patches over the weekend). It was working fine before....windows now sees it (as an external usb drive F:\) and how the Oculus software does not see it being connected. Is anyone else having this problem? I submitted a ticket to Oculus about it last night.... Any ideas? Thanks, Jim ***SOLVED*** - I re-ran the Oculus Quest setup, re-attached the Link cable, and everything works again as it should....weird....
  5. Hi Tom - have you installed this - http://www.xpluginsdk.org/goflight.htm I have the GF airliner captain setup, and it works for me....give it a shot.... Good luck, Jim
  6. Hi Bert....gave it a shot again, and it worked. Very strange, because your instructions were how I was doing it in the past, but it didn't work before....so weird.... Thanks, Jim
  7. Now here's the weird thing - I gave the installers another shot, and all planes except the Premier 1A are working in P3Dv5 without any transparent cockpits as was the case before. I don't know if it's because I updated to v5's HF2 last week (most likely not), but they're all ok now. I have the Premier for X-Plane w/RXP GTN750, so I'll fly it there as it still has the transparent cockpit/no engine starting in P3D.
  8. Hi @Chocorua - no luck, but I gave up trying, ans as far as I know, Carenado hasn't done anything about it yet....
  9. Hi Jesse - thanks, and yup, I've done the patch as well....same result....😖
  10. I've tried this, and it worked for the old C152 and C172, but for all modern/glass panel planes (C525/C550/SR22/C182 G1000/Phenom 100/Phenom300/Premier 1A), the problem of transparent cockpit still exists...I'm at a loss, as I've tried all methods suggested here in the forums. I'm running Win10/32GB RAM/2080Ti w/11GB VRAM.
  11. @cannow - yup, tried that as well, same result, sadly.
  12. Hi - I've tried all of these options for installing the C525 into P3Dv5 HF1, without success. I still have missing/transparent parts of the panel....I'm at a loss....any other ideas? It really seems the Carenado's products are NOT fully compatible w/v5, as I've tried installing several of their planes and all of them had this problem. Note - they're all OK in v4. (Regarding the common textures folder - yup, all 79 items were in it - no difference).
  13. @Reader - that makes no difference for me, unfortunately...problem still exists.
  14. The F1 DC9/MD80 Classic/MD80 Pro all work in P3Dv5 HF1, though the graphics in the MD80s are lacking/flat as they're older planes, but everything works as it should. (And shout out for FSW's Lear 35 as well, with a P3Dv5 installer! Carenado planes have visual glitches/missing/transparent panel sections, even with their "patch").
  15. Thanks, @Chapstick!! - I downloaded the latest version of SODE and now have jetways. Jim
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