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  1. Yes, currently the gauges for all 3 planes are not loading in P3D v4.3...Espen is aware of these problems....
  2. SWVA4420

    Tom Lehrer's Legacy of Song

    Ah yes, a true master! Love his stuff, hahahahaha! Great entertainment, great creative mind!
  3. Hi Steve, I changed it to: atc_type=Citation atc_model=Cessna And ATC calls it now. I did the same to Carenado's C525A CJ2 as well. Jim
  4. Looks fantastic! One question - will the GoFlight MCP Pro be supported (please?!!)? Thanks, Jim
  5. SWVA4420

    So sad...

    Hi - Just a thought here: If you have the F1 GTN750, you can get "The Mod Squad's" mods for this plane, and it works great now, much better than the "vanilla" Carenado release! (I highly recommend the GTN750 anyway, as it's a great all-purpose tool and can be installed in any aircraft). Mods can be downloaded from the "SHOWTIME...." thread in this forum below. Jim
  6. Hi All, After migrating from P3D v3.2 (where the gauges worked fine) to v3.3.5.17625, I loaded the plane but the LCDs had an error message, saying the gauge couldn't be loaded. I used the most recent QW757 installer when I installed it into v3.2 originally. I also updated the FSDT addon manager, which prompted for the latest QW757 gauge, to which I answered Yes.... Is anyone else having this problem with this version in this latest version of P3D? I posted this in the QW forums earlier this week, but nobody has responded. Thanks, Jim
  7. SWVA4420

    Windows 7 or 10?

    Hi - there's a little utility called GWX Control Panel that allows you to block and/or remove Win10 updates, and prevent MS from ramming it down your throat. It's worked great for me on my two FS systems (Win7 home and Win7 pro). When you install it and run it, make sure you select it to run in monitor mode (checkboxes/button-bars to select options). MS will still try to invade your system, but when it happens, the blue-square with the white 10 in it on the task bar notification area flashes with a red circle and a white exclamation point - just open it up and set everything back to "Enable" (reverse logic - if the button says Disable, it's enabled to allow W10 updates....think I got that right....I'm currently on the other side of the country from my systems). Give it a look & best of luck, Jim
  8. Hi - SkySim DC-9 liveries have to be downloaded from their website. There are a few others in the AVSIM library, I believe. Unfortunately for me, I could not get the Coolsky DC-9 to work in P3D v3.2, so I went with the SkySim one....not as thorough as the Coolsky one, but it will have to do in P3D unless/until they update theirs to work in that sim. Fortunately, it works great in FSX-SE, so I can still fly it when I want, as I have both sims installed. The Leonardo Maddog works in FSX-SE, but not in P3D (at least for me). Hope this helps... Jim
  9. SWVA4420

    April 30 2016: Udate mechanism is broken!

    Hi Maarten, Hmmmm...just re-downloaded and reinstalled latest version from your link above, and all is well now....don't know what happened before (yes, I do have .net 4.6.1). Everything seems ok now. Thanks, Jim
  10. SWVA4420

    April 30 2016: Udate mechanism is broken!

    Hi Maarten, I received your email this morning, downloaded and installed the file. Once done, it would not start up - no indications in Event Viewer, and only an instant recognition in Task Manager before disappearing. So, I uninstalled the latest version (today's), and reinstalled a previous version, and it's working as it should. So, for whatever reason, the latest version will not run on my system (yes, it's set to run as admin, as is everything on my W7-64 system). Thanks for your work, Jim
  11. Hi Ray - OK, thanks very much for the full rundown on the upcoming additional versions, and the additions to the current version sound great!! You guys ROCK! Hi Mels - Yes, you need to set NAV1 radio to the ILS frequency...works like a charm with LOC & GS capture. Once you do that, (I think) you'll get VOR1/ILS1...(away from sim at the moment, so cannot verify 100%....) You should then be able to switch the NAV source to NAV1 with the small data knob in the middle of the DCP. From the FlightSafety Manual - "The left PFD typically uses NAV1 radio and the Collins FMS. If the source is the onside NAV radio, the course arrow/CDI selector is green. The source (VOR1 or LOC1) is determined by the frequency of the NAV1 radio. If the source is the onside long range NAV system, it is purple (FMS1). Selecting any offside NAV source would make the data yellow. (VOR2, LOC2, or FMS2). The right PFD typically uses NAV2 radio and the second long range source (if installed). VOR2 and LOC2 would be green; FMS2 would be purple, and any offside source would be yellow. A single installed NAV source would only show as FMS (no number)."
  12. Hi Mels, For the approach guidance & APPR button to work, make sure your NAV source is set to VOR1/LOC1 (pointer is green), and that your NAV radio is tuned to the proper VOR/ILS frequency. Choose the NAV source with the Preset button on the left of the PFD bezel. You cannot remain under GPS navigation and capture the VOR/ILS. As far as the course knob movements, I use the GoFlight MCP Pro and don't mess with the mouse, so I cannot comment on the problem you're having with it....can anyone else?
  13. Hi Mels, The GTN mod is only if you want to incorporate the Flight1 GTN 650/750 ($65 for P3D, $50 for FSX/SE, separate 650 and 750 unit purchases, and well worth the price imho, as they can be utilized in any aircraft) into the CJ2. If you do not have the GTN, then you would use the Non-GTN mod, which as far as I know is not yet completed....I was going to ask Raymar about a possible release forecast just now....Ray, what is the current status for the non-GTN mod to this plane? If you have the GTN and want to use it in this plane, it does replace the Proline 21 FMS completely, and older CJ's have the ability to upgrade their avionics in the real world. I have been using the GTN 750 mod, and it's great! (Thanks so much to Our Mod Squad!) I would also like to use the "vanilla" Proline/FMS occasionally for variety, and I'm waiting for the non-GTN mod to be released by Our Mod Squad. To navigate through different menu choices, use the Menu Adv knob on the Display Control Panel (DCP) to the right of the Captain's PFD. It's a great little jet, and I've been flying the heck out of it lately! Jim
  14. SWVA4420

    Wide View Aspect Ratio ?

    For those of us using a triple monitor setup with NVidia surround (or the AMD surround option, the name of which escapes me at the moment) enabled, having that option selected allows zooming out in VC view to be able to see the entire panel. Without it selected, the zoom is very limited, not allowing one to zoom out sufficiently to see the entire panel. One disadvantage of selecting it is the peripheral distortion on the two side monitors, though.
  15. Hi Caribpilot, 1. Yes, see Janek's post #22's pic 2. Don't know, as this is strictly for the CJ2. There is another thread concerning the Hawker in this CJ2 forum...I don't have the Hawker.