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  1. Hi - The Aerosoft Pro one is probably your best bet...I don't know of any other CRJs for P3D besides theirs. (For XP11-12, there's the JRollon CRJ 200, as well as the DeltaWings' CRJ700 and 900, but those two are not working so well at the moment, as more development is needed and will come.) Blue skies, Jim
  2. Is this the "Iron Knuckles" DC-9 that originally came out for FS2004? No, it's a completely different product, well worth the $$.
  3. @Tim_Capps - no, it's XP only....highly recommended (both XP and the IXEG!) Jim
  4. @rwy12 - I had to fool around with the range settings to make it work: reverse full - range -1.00 to -0.97, Range value 0.03 on both throttles reverse idle - range -0.72 to -0.62, Range value 0.05 on both throttles idle - range -0.05 to 0.05, Range value 0.05 on both throttles CLB - range 0.86 to 0.9, Range value 0.02 on both throttles FLX - 0.95 to 0.99, Range value 0.02 on both throttles TOGA - 0.99 to 1.00, Range value 0.01 on both throttles It still shows the overlap message between FLEX and TOGA, but my throttles lock into the proper detent gates somehow.....
  5. @rwy12. You have to go into the tablet's settings--detents--calibrate, on lower right side of the tablet...settings button icon is on the lower left of the tablet. There you can reset the detents. However, since the update, the engine 1 switch does not work, the rudder trim switch and buttons do not work. I never bothered with the gear switch, as I use the Bravo quad's gear lever for that. Things work with the default A320, but not with the FBW.....(I have both the speed brake and flap addons).
  6. ....and just like that, it's now out of stock there!
  7. @warning23 I don't know, as I only use 1 headset at a time.
  8. Yes, I have a Quest 2 w/Link cable, and a Reverb G2 both connected to my GTX 2080 Ti card's high speed USB 3 ports. (Just solved a problem with my Quest 2 by re-running its setup and reconnecting the link cable).
  9. Hi All, Since yesterday, my brand new Oculus Quest 2 and Link Cable is no longer being seen correctly by windows 10 (which I updated to the latest patches over the weekend). It was working fine before....windows now sees it (as an external usb drive F:\) and how the Oculus software does not see it being connected. Is anyone else having this problem? I submitted a ticket to Oculus about it last night.... Any ideas? Thanks, Jim ***SOLVED*** - I re-ran the Oculus Quest setup, re-attached the Link cable, and everything works again as it should....weird....
  10. Hi Tom - have you installed this - http://www.xpluginsdk.org/goflight.htm I have the GF airliner captain setup, and it works for me....give it a shot.... Good luck, Jim
  11. Hi Bert....gave it a shot again, and it worked. Very strange, because your instructions were how I was doing it in the past, but it didn't work before....so weird.... Thanks, Jim
  12. Now here's the weird thing - I gave the installers another shot, and all planes except the Premier 1A are working in P3Dv5 without any transparent cockpits as was the case before. I don't know if it's because I updated to v5's HF2 last week (most likely not), but they're all ok now. I have the Premier for X-Plane w/RXP GTN750, so I'll fly it there as it still has the transparent cockpit/no engine starting in P3D.
  13. Hi @Chocorua - no luck, but I gave up trying, ans as far as I know, Carenado hasn't done anything about it yet....
  14. Hi Jesse - thanks, and yup, I've done the patch as well....same result....😖
  15. I've tried this, and it worked for the old C152 and C172, but for all modern/glass panel planes (C525/C550/SR22/C182 G1000/Phenom 100/Phenom300/Premier 1A), the problem of transparent cockpit still exists...I'm at a loss, as I've tried all methods suggested here in the forums. I'm running Win10/32GB RAM/2080Ti w/11GB VRAM.
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