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  1. Hi, Agreed! FS-Simitizer is a great little program...I use it when flying on VATSIM, screen looks exactly like full screen, works like a charm.
  2. So sorry to hear of Michael's passing - he was a huge help to me on two separate installations and I enjoyed flying online with him and Jay on many occasions. Mike was one of a kind, and he had awesome talent; he will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family. VIc
  3. Thanks Steve,Downloaded you livery an it looks great! Many thanks.Vic Alesi
  4. Hi Chase, I'm having the same problem as Goeff. When the forums updated I no longer receive daily digests. I have every box under the "email" column checked, and have selected "follow this forum" using a daily digest. But I don't receive any.Thanks in advance for your help! Vic
  5. Hi Robert,Really looking forward to the 737 and will be buying all the manuals.A quick question, my apologies if I missed it, but will you be including a laminated checklist like the one that you sold for the MD-11? Great item, I use it every time I fly the MD-11 (which is just about every day).Best regards,Vic Alesi
  6. Hi,The first time I used Ultimate Defrag it was running long, but I changed the % of resources used from "auto" to "100". After I did that, it performed much faster and completed a consolidate defrag in ~ 35 minutes or so. However, my system is pretty much dedicated solely to FSX so, not sure if this will help you or not.You may have already adjusted this setting but if not you might want to give it a try.Regards,Vic
  7. Agreed - outstanding support! I tried the live chat last night (at 00:45 AM Pacific Time I might add) and it was great! Had a small problem with registration which was sorted out within minutes. Thanks Fabio!Vic
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