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  1. Thanks Dan. I kept getting a no connection warning for the last several days...Applied the updater.exe...good to go and solved my connection and updates in one stop shop....
  2. Thanks guys, Alex, the Reset Window Layout reset, worked great. I sometimes find the various windows open and close and move around like they have a life of their own. The subtle changes you make have big ramifications later. Fantastic program.
  3. Some times when I am in LNM, I get all my screen boxes screwed up and become totally lost as to how to get it back to "standard". My map box must be some where buried? I can spend a lot of time flicking and clicking until I stumble on a reasonable setup Anyway, is there a "master reset" button some where that I can get all boxes back in their standard place. Ged
  4. Initially, I had replied all too hard, get over it..but, I had one more dig around and I found this site. Some very clever people about. Alex, you are one of them. The hobby is indebted to you.
  5. Thanks for the reply Alex, sorry, I should have mentioned I have P3D4.4. When I was digging into changing ICAO codes in the flight sim, the more involved it is. I found some great tools, https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html and used the tool, Aie 1.98. Worked straight away and after reloading LNM scenery, SPIM gone and SPJC usable... I needed to use LNM to find what file was in use, told the little tool, it scanned the database, asked me for old/new ICAO and after it made a backup, DONE....
  6. I updated Littlenavmap with navigraph 2004, and the revised waypoints etc have appeared, as expected. Also, cycle info text indicates Airac 2004. In the scenery Library, my settings are, Navigraph airac cycle 2004 - Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures I noticed that a recent flight plan from SPJC, that Littlenavmap still requires SPIM. When or how do the airport names get changed, or have I missed some config?
  7. Thanks jean-Luc. I went into all aircraft config with RXP installed and rolled back all installs back to stock gauges and have uninstalled both garmin trainer and RXP. Now cleaning up the many references to RXP, though maybe a reinstall will simply overwrite any references it finds. When I re-install RXP, I will have to use the F1 wrapper system. I am hoping it will load the latest trainer, being 6.63.3, launcher, and include DB cycle 1909. ps. This was all started when I used an aircraft with RXP for the first time in over a year or so, and used little nav map to load a route into the RXP flight plan location, which it did. But RXP could not read it to display the import button( maybe because Little navmap is using Airac 2004 with more fixes) .so, I thought, lets update the trainer and RXP to exclude obvious issues, and go from there.
  8. Hi Frank, as per my first post, I was trying to update the RXP GTN750 and the Trainer database. Looking on my system, after several attempts to repair/update, I have RXP and the Trainer in several places,,so a tad messy. I will remove all instances of RXP and try Jean-Luc's approach, with a totally clean install. Again, thanks for assistance.
  9. @fppilot@Jean-Luc Yeah, I guess obvious to some....I will have to have a play. My first guess: Databases set up first to compile the database into one, launcher setup to get the old database updated with the new version and then, GTN setup. You would think the provision of a simple txt file by authors would not take that much effort for dumb ones like me.
  10. @fppilot Thanks for the reply Frank. OK, I decided to use the links provided by Jean-Luc as could not work out where to find any later versions( GTN Trainer 6.62.3 with AIRAC 1909) on July 1 2019. and downloaded the 8 cab files as well as the three setup files. What order is the setup carried out? Databases.setup.msi GTN.setup.msi Launcher.setup.msi
  11. @Jean-Luc Did you determine what caused both of your computers to fail? Were they in rigged in a series routine, they both shared the load, or were they independent and 'one of those things' as both quite old and maybe using spinning drive. With many people at home now, I wonder if you got some sort of voltage spike due to power usage being compromised? Certainly brings it home, especially for developers like your self, that regular backups to an off system/ offsite medium are essential. Agree, that the timing was terrible for you. All well and good...just replace them etc...but these days, finding a store that is open, with stock and staff to rebuild or source components and configure and then transport..it goes on. It could have been worse, customer wise, some systems rely on a link between users and home base. Anyway, hope you manage to get things settled down with as little stress as possible in the current circumstances.
  12. When I just opened my Operations Center 2, it advised there was an update, I selected it and now the version changed from ..8653 to
  13. @Jean-Luc Thanks Jean-Luc for reply. So, are you advising the update i have found on the F1 system ( rxpGTN-750-FSIM.exe) is the update I need, and that it will be a full download...meaning I have to re-establish the GTN 750 gauges in all relevant aircraft? Do I have to uninstall everything prior to update?
  14. @Jean-LucHi Jean-Luc, Sorry to hear about your 2 main production machines both going off line within a few days. By the sounds of it, you had adequate back ups of data and your time spend rebuilding. Though, usually, there is a bright side to rebuilds, you get a chance to clean up and re-organise folders etc. and improve layouts. And, yes, like most people, we are confined at home and restricting our food gathering to once per week, and walking the dog every night for our exercise. I never knew there were so many dogs in my neighbourhood., as many people now walk at night with their hounds. Eventually, with social distancing, and hand washing etc, we will come through it ..Got to...waiting for FS2020. I will give P3D5 a miss, until I see what FS2020 is like.
  15. I am in the process of updating my load of the GTN 750, and trying to determine the simplest solution. eg, update and all gauges are still in place. My GTN 750 currently advises on first start, sw version 6.50.1 TRNG, and reality xp 2.5.19..my Airac is 1803.. Today, I downloaded from my software supplier, F1, an updated load file, rxpGTN-750-FSIM.exe. It advises, rxpGtnSim.dll v2.5.23 and GTN Trainer v6.62.3 Will this update version include a newer Airac than 1803? and will the update require a full reinstall, which as I recall, was quite large.
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