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  1. por930

    Chaseplane stopped working

    I have CP working. Not sure which action fixed it. I uninstalled CP. I made sure that EZCA was uninstalled. I uninstalled and reinstalled P3Dv4.4. Client only. Rebooted machine. Reinstalled CP. It said there was a corruption it had repaired and needed to restart. I ticked most of the Preferences. I rebooted machine. Went into add programs and "repaired" P3D in case this helped. Started P3D. CP auto launched. and found the a/c straight away.... So, CP is back again. Not sure what caused all this, but I can resume my QFA9 trip in the QW 787.
  2. por930

    Chaseplane stopped working

    Are you saying the fault, in your situation, lay with P3D itself and not Oldprop/ChasePlane? I looked for 'setup.exe', but not really sure which one for what program. Ummm, ok, if for P3D, not found. Maybe I will uninstall P3D client and cont, turn off anti-virus system, reload P3D client and cont and see if setup re-appears. ok, Saw when I reinstalled P3Dv4.4 client, and you start the update (or in my case reload legacy client) process, the process will ask you to Repair or Remove. Also, when you click the Prepar3D v$ xx Client entry in the Uninstall or change a program area, it will give you the choice of Uninstall or Repair.
  3. por930

    Chaseplane stopped working

    Hi adrian. I have the same issue. Chaseplane has not worked since last week. It all started for me when I updated to the latest version(by accident) , and I noticed Windows also updating. Since then, When I start P3Dv4.4, CP no longer auto Launch despite auto launch highlighted. I can start manually, and for a few minutes It may work. But eventually, it stops responding. If I close CP, then try and restart CP, there is no activity and restart is not possible. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and this made no difference. After a reboot, CP opens manually, but again, soon dies. It is like once before when this happened and CP was "off the air". OK, Looks like back to Ezy until this can be sorted out.
  4. I just loaded P3Dv4.4 and found that CP had not loaded. Went and tried manually, but no action. Before I start with uninstalling and reloading etc, can you confirm the main frame is working?
  5. por930

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    Hi Nathan, I ended up getting the Zoom to work, but only by mapping two buttons on my Extreme 3D Pro joystic. The + or - no longer has any zoom effect since this P3D and or the CP update. Because of issues with addon updates required to sync with P3D updates, I no longer dive in with P3D updates and see what happens. I think addon updates should be flagged as "needed for latest P3Dv4.? update only" and then user can decide if and when to install the update.
  6. por930

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    Hi Keven, I updated P3Dv4 to v4.4 via client only. Thinking about all these P3D updates, I looked at my programs and see: Prepar3D v4 Academic, Prepar3D v4 Academic Client, Prepar3D v4 Academic Content, Prepar3D v4 Academic Scenery Makes me wonder sometimes when I eventually update to v4.5, if I should install all updated modules, as this mix of versions must have some effect on P3D? Because of the installed addons, I am loathe to upset the install too much for fear of having to reinstall every addon. A change I have just noticed is the lost ability to use the + and - key to zoom in. The screen just flicks a bit...Once, when say in Tower view, if I clicked the + i would zoom in etc?
  7. por930

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    Hi Keven, When I first booted up P3D and loaded an a/c, chaseplane activated. It brought up the message that a new version was released, i ignored this for a bit and chase plane worked as usual. Then for some reason, I must have ticked the message, thinking...go away...It did, but I must have told it to update(I hate this...wish it would "offer" to update or remain at the present version) then when i went back and tried to access my cameras, all internal camera selections would not move off my last selection(FMC). The external cameras worked ok? I did wonder if for some reason, it wanted me to rebuild all new internal camera views, though, did not try this. Also, I noticed I was using views I set up for the QW 787-8 in the 787-9, and wondered later if that had upset chaseplane at all. So, I thought the easiest solution was to roll back to my previous P3Dv4.4 version while resolving this issue. I shut the whole system down for 30 minutes and when I restarted Chaseplane, all was well again with version...1.0.38. Not sure why, as I did nothing else!! Computers....
  8. I must have some how updated Chaseplane to P3Dv4.5 version...but i still only have P3Dv4.4. As chase plan not too happy with this move, how do i roll back the update to .37 until such times I update P3Dv4 to v4.5?
  9. por930

    EDRM-Repaints on the PC12

    Hi Ron, I had no issues with the download. It installed ok, and loads just fine.So, maybe between your message and my load, Marius fixed the download? I did notice on the views, that the winglet says PC-12 NG. I did not think the NG had steam gauges?
  10. Hi Ted, Unless the forum's under the hood system has access to your 'real' birth records, and if nominating your birth date is an issue to you, become 21 again.
  11. @RXP @fppilot Jean-Luc, I think the answer is for you to provide a full process start to finish of getting the brightness issue sorted. You obviously know how to do this very well. So, pick any aircraft, maybe the FSW Learjet 35A or any other, as I resume the logic will be the same, regardless of aircraft, just the user's settings of "X" may need to be different, and start writing. e.g..remember there are people who are not as gifted as you(me for instance) that will never be able to follow the golden bits of info in the manual. and not know when you jump a few steps because it is "obvious". Show the steps and probably the reason for the step every time. Refer to the user manual to reinforce the manual and the practical application being laid out. Install the RXP GTN750 into the sim P3D/FSX as per the user manual, pages xxx. [I recall the Falcon 50 have their own RXP GTN 750 installer now? so maybe a reference to this is needed as not sure what the correct install method is. ] maybe other helpful info to do with the install could go here? Maybe a comment about when you have the GTN750 loaded in an aircraft and you use the popup gauge, you may notice the in dash screen is very difficult to read. If so, this is the remedy. Carry out a search of your PC and find the RealityXP.GTN.ini for the aircraft you need to modify ....[Mine was in E:\P3D\Simobjects\Airplanes|FLYSIM Falcon 50] Show the full......RealityXP.GTN.ini......... yes, I know most of it is not needed, but show it. Maybe the first time some people seen one. You need to locate [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] and copy and paste it to the end of the listing in the ini file. Show the copied [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] at the end of the ini file. Maybe the ini file is cut down to only show this addition. You now need to change the title to of what you just copied [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] to [GTN_750_1.NO_BEZEL] you may want to talk about naming here, calling it what you want Notice the second line down, nobezel=false You need to change this to ..nobezel = true [reason why this is now true?] refer to manual page number Now you will need to show the other ini file changes, eg popleft = etc or whatever is needed, Frank seemed to have this sorted? Are there any rules that this always equals that. Then there is the panel.cfg that needs mods? show the relevant panel.cfg and its mods and explain why and how this links to the ini file Then show the lines in the panel.cfg and the relevant ini file(s) and what ever else that need adjustment. talk about how you test the colour between the two gauges using this method. mention the screen brightness slide adjuster in the config area and how to use it when making final adjustments. Mention its method of one screen darker one lighter(very #$%^ frustrating that bit^^^^) mention the screen brightness blue box when actioned turning into a Rheostat. What has that done for you. mention the System Backlight adjustment % that you can change + or - in settings MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAVING THE SETTINGS WHILE TESTING REGULARLY AND THE EVENTUAL END PRODUCT SOME WHERE SAFE. I am not on my flight sim machine, so can't get to example files, and i would be the worst to write this tutorial. Anyway Jean-Luc, this brightness setting "adjustment" is not 5 minutes work. It is quite a head full to get around, as there are many variables to sort out and 'rules' to match and then the need to make gradual changes. Got there. Guess what, I have to do this all over again for other aircraft. Sure, when you have done a few...what was the fuss about. You just gained a ton of knowledge. Some one just purchasing RXP will love you for this tutorial.
  12. This conversation reminds me of a similar one I had with Burkhard Renk, the creator of Mytraffic6. Good program for populating airports with AI...if you could follow all the steps and not fall into too may holes getting it to load and run and change schedules. It had different manually actioned and carried out load routines depending on platforms. If you tried to change a AI flight plan, Burkhard used to say, Read the manual, it is all there...'just do this'. This required much under the hood very skilled maneuvers, and you did spend a fair amount of time in the SDK, and needed a high degree of ability. Burkhard used to say to me, sorry, the code it is built on, makes changes and GUI additions difficult. He has since "retired" in poor health. I guess like MyTraffic6, RXP GTN750 has been built on very old, existing FSX / SDK code and needed to be massaged through several variations by Jean-luc to work the magic he creates. It is a testament to Jean-luc's programming ability and logic that it works so well and to be honest, it does not take a lot to get it running.( ok, I had issues, but got there) Like a lot of the older type code programs, unless the author has some smarts built into it, you have to be prepared and have the ability to get under the hood on occasions. Getting under the hood is not so bad, if the author, or forum whiz's like Bert, Bill or Frank and must be others, who are kind enough to provide their road map. A road map for these modifications can take on many forms. From, you need to read the manual ( I usually do this, but alas, these days, when it dives under the hood, I can soon get lost, and I go find WAMA, and long term park the aircraft) or you can be told, just do this or that, Ummm, what does that mean, reads or sounds ok, but how and where do I get the bits to work together....A few of the forum folk here, provided their snippets of their changes to the various "ini or cfg" files. For those of us who had been previously 'studying these bits, it helped greatly..to an extent. I think the ideal solution, is for an explanation (tutorial) that is created, ideally by the author and walks you though the process. And no, not "do this, and this and you are done"...But step by step, show you. A full worked example. Jean-luc's user manual to me, is more a reference manual in some areas. The brightness issue of the popup and in dash screens are a good example. No doubt, all the information is there to carry out the task. You just got to understand it, then find all the bits and tie them together and work out which bits are relevant to you and which you need to change to make each of the screens brighter or darker. The ideal instruction set is one that your wife, with no flight sim experience could read and get it working. Well, maybe that is asking too much, but you get the idea. So, who is a good step by step writer?
  13. Hi Philipe, sorry, can't help with that...above my knowledge grade. I would imagine though the file has to be read only to protect it from inadvertent changes.
  14. @fppilot Awesome work Frank. The issue of balancing screen brightness between the 2D popup and the 3D in dash screen is quite involved. Not just a few of us, but probably most of us have the issue of varying levels of brightness in one or both instances of the screen, and some of the users are having to explore ways to 'solve' the conundrum of balancing the two screen's brightness. The user manual (page 10> of the user manual explains the methodology of the logic between the two screens, and some of the users have understood better than others...yeah, like me. The popright = mentioned by Frank made me wonder why this is involved with an instance of screen brightness? @RXPI would like to see consideration given by RXP to provide a v2 RealityXP.GTN.ini and panel.cfg? to replace the initially installed versions we have. It will have the new ini file with added sections and some way the trigger values that are essential to balancing the screen brightness highlighted. Then a v3 version some time down the road?, when we bring up the config screen in the GTN ( shift key/right edge) there is some Rheostat?? 'tool' with a knob or slide that enables us to change the brightness of each screen interdependently thereby balancing both screens to suit the aircraft and our systems.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation, thought so.