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  1. My V2 Paints - Uploaded

    Yeah Bob, that was the line I had to change as well. panel=RDR_GTN Geoff
  2. My V2 Paints - Uploaded

    Hi Scott, OK, I will look at creating a thread. The only youtube tutorial I found for PSP repaint was this one for FSX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrfcjmZS-p8 It is fast paced, but with sub titles to help. I got into trouble pretty soon, which may have been a base settings issue for PSP. Anyway...In the next week or so, I will get a thread started using the paint kit for the Lear.... and see how we go. Geoff edit.... I found the N27TT repaint in the new section with 4 others....https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=203044
  3. My V2 Paints - Uploaded

    Scott, Did you post the repaint on the Avsim library? Just looked but did not see them. Geoff
  4. WX advantage weather radar

    Thanks for that Bob. My P3D machine is Win10( I often wonder about junking Win10 for Win7, which I use on my FSX machine with no issues at all) That said, the Win10 has had no issues,yet, with P3Dv4.1. I am using a i7-7700K @ 4.6GHz with 16 GB RAM, and seems to handle everything ok. If I have issues with my 441, I will look at the config you supplied. Geoff
  5. My V2 Paints - Uploaded

    +100 Hi Scott, great job Not having Photoshop, which a lot of painters seem to use, I have often wanted to repaint aircraft, and maybe help some one out with less time. But, not being that venturesome, I would get very frustrated as no 'plan' to work from. As you have managed to tame PSP into letting you carry out the repaint, be great if you could jot a few notes (I am being polite, read that a lot), it would be fantastic. Geoff
  6. WX advantage weather radar

    Hi Bob, "that" was the info missing from my logic...I simply needed to add the radar to 'something', which then activated it for P3D. I find it automatically worked in the cockpit weather radar as Scott and Thomas said. And, because of your solution, which worked, I did not need to remove and reinstall the Lear and 441 to see if that fixed it. When I get the GTN750, then no doubt, it will be a reinstall, as I need to tell the Lear and 441 installer, I now have the GTN750. When this is done, I will then check to make sure only one version runs. Interesting you leave the affinity mask setting using all cores. I had wondered if the GTN should be set at 1 core, so that the remainder were available for P3D and video card...I have absolutely no knowledge about affinity mask workings..... Thanks guys Geoff
  7. WX advantage weather radar

    Thanks for the replies guys. I thought I would simply load the Rex WX radar into P3D, and then the Lear and 441 would take it on some how. But, when I try and install the Rex WX radar, it is looking for a recipient so that it can finish the installation. Because I do not know how to point it at the Lear or 441(and maybe should not anyway), the install process for the Rex WX radar installation backs out. I do recall seeing some comments about the load process for the Lear and the 441, mentioning about if I had the GTN750 and or the Rex WX radar, then choose "X" load option etc. I will uninstall the Lear and reinstall it and see what it asks me regarding the Rex WX radar/GTN750. I am missing the connection logic between the Lear/441 and the Rex WX radar.... Geoff
  8. I got the WX weather radar the other day...So, does that mean I have to uninstall the Lear and the 441, and reinstall them with the WX config versions? As yet, I do not have the GTN750. SO... when I do get the GTN750, will I have to again uninstall the Lear and 441 and find the config version for the WX and GTN750 combination? Looking at the installation of the WX radar, it runs off during install and looks for appropriate aircraft. I notice it did not find the FSW Lear or 441. Geoff
  9. Conquest fuel levels

    OK, sorted.....Did not think of the obvious, being an addon, and looked at the P3D fuel and payload option. Geoff
  10. Conquest fuel levels

    New owner of the Conquest 441 and just about to set up the Conquest for a 2 hour flight and wondered how to set the fuel levels? It seems if I use the Shift/1 I can top off the tanks to full. But, what if I only need a 1/2 fuel tank. Geoff
  11. A bun in the oven...

    Hi Scott, Excellent you use PSP. I have this as well, but tarting up photos etc and some times tried repaints with it using Photoshop guides, but got hopelessly lost so always gave up. Usually when some one says, 'you just do this", or, "simply do this" I mostly do not find it simple, as often there is several intermediary steps not mentioned. Have you ever recorded the steps to a repaint job using PSP? I have only ever seen one you tube tutorial for PSP repaints, but again, it cut a few corners to get to the next point fully. I usually use AI Aircraft Editor.net, as while used when creating AI traffic, is great for checking flyable a/c as well. I will check out MCX. Geoff
  12. A bun in the oven...

    Hi Scott, What a great paint...You should have released it 4th July....Can I get a copy please. That will tart my girl up. What do you repaint with? I notice you displayed her on Model ConverterX ? Geoff
  13. Widgeon CTD in FSX:SE

    My most stable time when using FSX(boxed version) was when I loaded a early disk version of Win 7 and then FSX, on my D drive, and then set Win 7 for no windows updates. It was sheer bliss. When I eventually updated my machine to Win10, and especially after the increased security and permissions arrived, FSX became more of a handful due to permissions, even though I had security turned off. I went to P3Dv4. I have had a few permission issues with my P3Dv4.1 build, when it is not happy with a program and it says, "run Anyway"...I select Y, and all seems well. I removed the Win 10 / FSX and built a machine for Win7/ FSX and use this for my PMDG a/c. and sceneries that will not fire up in P3Dv4. I used to use FSX-SE, but had issues with addon permissions and things would run some days and not others. So I tried to move FSX-SE from my C Drive Programs area where it defaulted, to a D drive. I got hopelessly lost in the process, with duplicate versions running even after a total re download. I asked Steam for support, which they did at first, then they gave up as their instructions were out of date and reading from some old scripts...and eventually they never replied. So, I removed Steam(such a nice feeling) While P3Dv4.1 was a bit barren at first, it is picking up with more A/C and sceneries.
  14. Widgeon CTD in FSX:SE

    Ummm, Sorry, I could not find the link to the video?
  15. Widgeon CTD in FSX:SE

    Amazing how similar, yet different our computers are set up. From a developers point of view, they aim for a middle ground, eg, Win 10 ver xx, plus other musts, as well as Win approvals, which seem to be getting much more difficult to work out what is approved or otherwise. We need a software loader reporting tool that mere mortals understand. When you load a program, and runs through its routines, and "if" it comes to a show stopper exception, the reporting tool program indicates the error and possible solutions in understandable language. This way, you have a better idea what is wrong. At present, we all seem to have a stab in the dark in various ways, making trouble shooting difficult until some one determines the fix. Best of luck hunting it David.