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  1. Great News. I hope you enjoy the old girl.
  2. Hi Michael, Maybe best way is to open a ticket and make a formal request, rather than relying on the PMDG guys happen to see this issue... http://support.precisionmanuals.com Regards
  3. Hi Harry, as I type this I had loaded a saved scenario I had flown last night, but alas, it had FMC errors on this load I just tried. I shut down and restarted P3D, reloaded the scenario, and the same errors were there in the flight plan..and it would not let me reset the FMC as some parts of it frozen!!...so, some how in the last flight, I must have 'damaged' the flight plan, or the panel state was not happy on exit. So, I am in the process now of setting the 777 for a flight and re-save it and see how this works.
  4. My first thoughts, confirming you are trying to load a pre-saved P3Dv4 scenario? I have had almost 100% success when loading the scenario from the Select Scenario Screen. For some reason, I have less success when loading a scenario when I have an a/c loaded at an airport. And yes, when I do get a load error, I do not get the initializing phase.
  5. Liked the "pact" newtie...Me too.......I seem to spend my entire time fiddling and getting things 'just' right, only for some hing else to pop its head up etc. Now, "fiddling" is down to one session per month.
  6. Hi Bernard, It seems when I dig into the MD11 install on a Win10 machine, some users are lucky and need to do very little, if anything. Others, like me, it is a long journey. I too have a big investment in FSX a/c and addons, the MD11 is one of them. If I can't get the MD11 to work on Win10 FSX, I may have to rebuild my Win7 FSX machine, or at least try and solve its occasional kernel error issue, which sort of kills the mood when a CTD mid flight. I accept the 64 bit flight sim engine will reign supreme, hence why some of the Devs are no longer going to build for 32 bit platforms. I also succumbed and went the P3Dv4 way, and see it as the way forward with the least obsolescence. I just hope that the 64 bit bench mark can settle down so the Devs can catch up. If LM keep changing the rules every few years, causing major changes, this will become a issue.
  7. Hi Bernard, I recall Googling it and it seemed that I needed to do some serious changes to my system to convince Win10, that the old MD11 installer was trusted. Like so many of our PC set ups, they are usually similar as most of them run most programs, but in some areas, they are very different for what ever reason. With my FSX machine, I very rarely had a problem with OOM and would have been happy to continue with it, other than the constant kernel errors shutting it down mid flight causing me to re-machine with P3Dv4. Which I must add is great, other than difficult populating it with a/c and sceneries...though, this is steadily improving.
  8. My version of the MD11 is the DVD version. I have three machines. Both the Win10 machines refuse to load the MD11. Of course, my old Win7 machine has no issues...meaning in the future when this machine dies, I will load the new machine with Win7. Every so often, a military version of the DC10 flies over my place on final for YBBN...A very noisy girl, and stands out from the modern pack of quieted a/c .
  9. Agree Dave. I was just looking at the TDFI 717, and a few things in there remind me very much of the MD11. While I "sort of" understand PMDG decision to not build a new MD11, I hoped they would at least spend some time updating it to Win10. I have the MD11 on my Win7 machine, but the Win10 machine will not accept the MD11 install, though it does the 747??.
  10. Hi John, The MD11 tends now to be the reducing member of the freight fleets these day. I suppose due to limited supply of frames and of course parts. FedEx have about 99 MD11/DC10, but also Airbus and 757,767, 777 and ATR feeder fleet fleet with an average age of 22 years. UPS have 37 MD11, along with Airbus, B757 and 767, and still have 747 in their fleet.
  11. I fully agree about the great MD11 needs a "re-birth". I am just installing my FSX versions of the 737NGX, the 777, the 747, and of course the MD11. Sadly, as no crossover deal from FSX to P3D by PMDG, these beauties will remain as FSX and cause me to retain a FSX machine just for them. If you fly FEDEX, you HAVE to have the MD11 flying. While I appreciate bandwidth costs money, I was disappointed when the MD11 liveries, among others, disappeared from PMDG site.
  12. FSX-MS

    I have been doing some testing. If I remove the aircraft.cfg or the fltsim.text outside of the folders, onto the desktop, I can modify and save the file as normal. It seems only when the files are within a folder.. ummmm, ok, GOT IT SOLVED. Is what was happening, I was opening a zipped folder and then accessing a file, making a change to it, and on save, the system said, Nah....because the parent folder is still zipped, and when you make a change to this file, it can't save back inside the zipped folder, so needs a new home. So, my solution is to unzip the files into a new unzipped 'work bench' file, then work on the file and of course, being the owner of the file, I can edit and save the file as needed.
  13. For some reason, when I am in a repaint aircraft.cfg file, after changes and on exit, I select File>Save, as normal, and saved the modified aircraft.cfg file. But now, on save, it does not save, but always diverts to Save As? Some how, I must have changed a setting on my machine?
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean about 'no' news or updates. Just be nice for a one liner to say how they were progressing. We do not expect a novel. Even RR from PMDG provides a regular update how their P3Dv4 updates were/are going.
  15. +1.. I hate the way the computer tracks my google searches ...some times, a week later, I see ads pop up...that just happen to reference my recent searches.