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  1. Agree that the previous version 2102.1 is the preferred choice at present. There is an update on the github site for the WT G1000 v0.3.4 to the WT G1000 v03.5. I used this. If you look at this link, https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/c208b-grand-caravan-ex-mods-general/322172/308 you will see my conversation about the earlier and later version mods and see what I did...and apparently, still need to do more.
  2. I have been building strips in PNG and use the caravan to test them. With the mods, it now steers better and has better braking. Apparently, I still have some more mods to carry out, but I suspect, it will be never ending. I find an issue is the caravan does not have prop drag when at idle power. Some strips require a steep approach, and with no prop drag, speed can build up too much.
  3. Have you been following the XXXXXX mod discussions. It seems they have the GTN750...sort of working and still in the "lets us all get it working" stage. They have a free base version and an upmarket version that will attract an annual fee when it is up and running.
  4. I asked Lionheart the same question, but no reply. I guess many of the aircraft builders are waiting for better development tools, and more understanding for the air environment to work out their aircraft's abilities. Several of the aircrafts features have not been included as yet. If we can get Lionheart to convert their version of the Kodiak to MFS 2020, it will be fantastic, as we then get a detailed aircraft. I have been using the three mods below and the G1000 behaves a lot better, along with several engine and other features the mod community have worked out. 1. C208B-mod 2. working title-g1000 mod 3. WT G1000 Mod Refer here to see up-to-date info on modding. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/c208b-grand-caravan-ex-mods-general/322172/1 The C208B is still fun to fly, especially in PNG with hundreds of strips to fly between.
  5. Alex, thanks for the advice. That works great. The tooltip helps as well to verify the coordinates are in the correct format. With MFS2020 making the use of lat/lon and or dec value, sometimes checking it out first greatly helps to make sure you are where you think you are.
  6. Alex, Is it possible for me to search with a Lat / Lon or dec equivalent, to find a position on the LNM?
  7. Thanks for the reply Bryan. OK, understood. As I had never loaded the purchased FS2Crew, I never thought about updates until I saw your update advice this week. I decided several months back I would not make any purchases of flight sim related items until FS2020 is released, as my intention is to return to FS2020.. So, I guess just me in the Dash 8.
  8. I have just emailed a note to admin asking about updates. I purchased the Dash 8 bundle version in 2017...but never loaded it. Now of course in 2020, we have moved on a bit and now need support for P3Dv4.5. When I download from my shop account at FS2Crew tonight, it provided me with the 2018 version for P3Dv2+ or 3+ Now with some spare time, I thought I would now get the program loaded an an get to grips with it. Geoff
  9. Thanks Dan. I kept getting a no connection warning for the last several days...Applied the updater.exe...good to go and solved my connection and updates in one stop shop....
  10. Thanks guys, Alex, the Reset Window Layout reset, worked great. I sometimes find the various windows open and close and move around like they have a life of their own. The subtle changes you make have big ramifications later. Fantastic program.
  11. Some times when I am in LNM, I get all my screen boxes screwed up and become totally lost as to how to get it back to "standard". My map box must be some where buried? I can spend a lot of time flicking and clicking until I stumble on a reasonable setup Anyway, is there a "master reset" button some where that I can get all boxes back in their standard place. Ged
  12. Initially, I had replied all too hard, get over it..but, I had one more dig around and I found this site. Some very clever people about. Alex, you are one of them. The hobby is indebted to you.
  13. Thanks for the reply Alex, sorry, I should have mentioned I have P3D4.4. When I was digging into changing ICAO codes in the flight sim, the more involved it is. I found some great tools, https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html and used the tool, Aie 1.98. Worked straight away and after reloading LNM scenery, SPIM gone and SPJC usable... I needed to use LNM to find what file was in use, told the little tool, it scanned the database, asked me for old/new ICAO and after it made a backup, DONE....
  14. I updated Littlenavmap with navigraph 2004, and the revised waypoints etc have appeared, as expected. Also, cycle info text indicates Airac 2004. In the scenery Library, my settings are, Navigraph airac cycle 2004 - Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures I noticed that a recent flight plan from SPJC, that Littlenavmap still requires SPIM. When or how do the airport names get changed, or have I missed some config?
  15. Thanks jean-Luc. I went into all aircraft config with RXP installed and rolled back all installs back to stock gauges and have uninstalled both garmin trainer and RXP. Now cleaning up the many references to RXP, though maybe a reinstall will simply overwrite any references it finds. When I re-install RXP, I will have to use the F1 wrapper system. I am hoping it will load the latest trainer, being 6.63.3, launcher, and include DB cycle 1909. ps. This was all started when I used an aircraft with RXP for the first time in over a year or so, and used little nav map to load a route into the RXP flight plan location, which it did. But RXP could not read it to display the import button( maybe because Little navmap is using Airac 2004 with more fixes) .so, I thought, lets update the trainer and RXP to exclude obvious issues, and go from there.
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