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    MFS20. P3Dv44x64: FTX ORBX Global+Vector+OpenLC EU. FreeMeshX. REX4TD+SC. FSXWX. ORBX Sco. Horizon VFR X Photographic v2 Eng+Wal. UK2000 VFR Airfields v2. RXP GNS530V2+GTN750.

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  1. I did spot that but didn't point it out as I thought you were privvy to information I wasn't! I just toggle one of the signs quickly to off then back to on, that releases the cabin crew after departure, seems to be standard for most types and operations. "Cabin crew seats for landing" is usually a voice PA and "cabin secure/cabin crew prepare for takeoff" is usually done on the intercom.
  2. The beauty of MFS is it's very nice without spending a ton on addons, it's great out of the box. I would not describe any of the above as even recommended, forget mandatory; I've been happily using MFS since release and I have precisely none of those addons. The only addons I would consider almost essential are Handlebar Remover and Toolbar Pushback, both free from flightsim.to, and the G1000 NXI free from the in-game marketplace. Scenery wise i have WeLoveVFR Region 1 & 2, and Powerlines and Solar Farms. Again both free from Flightsim.to. These are not "mandatory" they are nice to have if flying VFR. Then I have some free sceneries of my local small airfields. Aircraft wise there are some free realism or improvement mods for the G36 Bonanza and C208B Grand Caravan, plus for jets Working Title's Citation CJ4 and FBW A32X that are also nice to have if you operate those types. if you want airliners, quite a few nice ones in the payware market now. People seem to love overcomplicating things, it's like an addiction after P3D that people need to wean themselves off; I'm glad I don't need a bazillion addons to make MFS acceptable! Everyone raves about Addons Linker and I'm sure it's wonderful but when I only have about 10 mods in the community folder, I really don't need it.
  3. @Nyxx Thanks for the update, I have been using the previous version every flight and found it a great help. A few feedback comments on your latest version (entirely up to you if you consider these important of course). This might be just a preference thing from me, but I usually set the lower chrono running at engine start to give me a block to block time, and also to ensure the engines have had sufficient warm up before takeoff, and that engine start isn't taking too long. I suppose that's why you have the FOs chrono instruction on your flows list but when single crewed it's a bit out of the way. Also flight controls test, flaps set for takeoff and netural rudder trim to my knowledge are generally done during taxi, not before taxi as per your PDF (not sure how it's shown on checklists though). You don't need to bring up the F/CTL ECAM page, the Airbus knows you're doing a flight control test and automagically displays it. QNH should be set standard passing "Transition altitude", not technically correct to say country dependent as it can vary within a country (in the UK it's between 3,000 and 6,000) The landing roll out appears to be missing DECEL Reverse green spoilers etc, or any mention of reverse thrust (including idle reverse). I notice there is a complete omission of the weather radar. Whilst I appreciate this is currently non-functional it is an important part of operating the aircraft, especially ensuring you don't irradiate ground crew! A few typos did slipped in "FORCE TOGO" I presume that should be TOGA? "PACK’S OFF TAKE-OFF" has a superflous apostrophe.
  4. Look at recent METARs and take a guess, about best you can do unless you can listen to the real life ATIS where you'll typically get runway conditions reported in thirds, such as "WET WET WET"
  5. I think you misunderstood me Ray, I am very able to block adverts from Avsim, I have deliberately not (to the point I've added Avsim as an exception to my adblockers), because I know the advertising revenue is needed to run the site. Based on your response and your position as an Avsim staffer, it seems I should have no moral qualms about blocking Avsim ads? (sorry to go off topic btw).
  6. Yes it can be done. But performance will suffer, a USB3 interface is slower than SATA-300 or M.2 NVME, you're going to get longer loading times, might get stutters or blurries whilst it's trying to stream in content from the drive too. It's not just the USB3 interface itself that will limit speeds, USB controllers are usually shared between several ports, and the chip on the storage caddy might be sub-optimal. Also if the drive letter changes (they can do so sometimes) that will break everything until you correct the drive letter. High performance SSDs can also run quite warm, I'm not sure they'd like being an enclosed travel caddy/enclosure.
  7. As if the average Avsim staffer ever accesses the forums through a smartphone.... they'd have to know what one was first 🤣 I am conflicted on this matter. Adverts are an important revenue stream for Avsim to pay their hosting and bandwidth bills, I don't want to block them, that almost feels like theft to me, so they are exempted from my adblocker. But the adverts have definitely become far more intrusive lately, you aren't the only ones to notice and it's starting to feel like my local newspaper's website (in the worst possible way). I have nearly donated so many times and then Avsim does something that really cheeses me off so I don't. Anyway, should probably get back on topic about the Fenix, I don't wanna end up in the sin bin!
  8. You do not have to populate the THS field, many operators do not. THS is Trimble Horizontal Stabiliser, it's your takeoff elevator trim setting. You must manually set the trim using the wheels next to the thrust levers. The loadsheet should give you your takeoff Centre of Gravity, there's then a scale on the wheel (you may need to move your camera position) that tells you what trim setting this approximates too (or you use the THS value given to you by the calculators). An easy way to remember: if you push an FCU knob in, you "push" control away from you for the aircraft to manage. If you pull an FCU knob out, you are pulling control back to you and you set the values. You'll need to push or pull the altitude knob every time you dial in a new figure. The FMA (top line of the PFD) will tell you what modes are active. Spoiler deployment is limited when flaps are extended, at some flap settings it is entirely prohibited. You are not suppose to use spoilers during the approach on most aircraft types unless it is specifically certified for that use because of the risk of stall in a low energy situation (for example BA's A318s and E175s at London City, they have a special steep approach button that automates operation of spoiler panels). EDIT: I also forgot on the A320 only (not A319 or A321) spoilers are limited to half full extension whenever the autopilot is engaged. I suspect this is something to do with the now deprecated Load Alleviation Function (LAF) that early A320s had.
  9. You don't need a working EFB, it just allows importing flight plans and doing performance calculations. You can do all that stuff manually if preferred. The performance element, it is heavier on FPS than anything else I have by some margin, but it isn't unflyable. The update has certainly made it run a bit better but I have yet to re-enable AI traffic.
  10. Need to re-evaluate my opinion on performance. Departing Birmingham FPS randomly droped to mid teens, not sure why. Then coming in to LFPG it did the same, about 300 ft above the ground dropped to 6 FPS and pretty much stayed there until I'd shutdown on stand! I suspect AI traffic might be part of the cause, but all is not well. Or it could be the lighting at the airport, above 4000 ft I was getting 27 fps without issue.
  11. Yes. It won't appear in the devices list if not enabled. If you are CPU limited, you may want the GPU to do the processing of the screens (note this is a minority case) Don't think so, it's still an Airbus all said and done. Although for your use case I think the FBW is more than sufficient, although the Fenix will look better and sound nicer.
  12. 2K is 1080p, but anyway.... these kinda performance questions do make me laugh then they come from people running an almost state-of-the-art system! I bet you're getting over 60 fps at the moment in most MFS situations? I am getting 30 fps Vsync with quite high settings at 1440p, with an i5 and a GTX980! You will be absolutely fine unless you're needing 60 fps+ in VR.
  13. You're running a 10900 and 3080. You won't have a problem with either performance wise!
  14. WIth no overclock I don't think it'll run well on an i7 4760K. I struggled with my i5 2500k with lesser stuff and that was a quad core overclocked to 4.5 GHz. Only one way to be sure though, wait for others or take the plunge yourself.
  15. Yep you're a marginal case I think @sidfadc. You can get away with the 1070 and 16GB RAM because I'm using a 980 and even with Fenix my RAM usage only peaked at 16 GB for the entire system. However, it might be a bit of an ask of a 4790k; is that a quad core, what sort of overclock are you running? Might be best waiting to see how other 4790K owners get on with it. I don't think the Fenix would have run well on my 2500k.
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