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  1. www.viaintercity.com opened its doors May 4th 2013 (this is our 8th Star Wars day!); we're celebrating 8 years, 1900 pilots, 14200 hours, 9400 flights and 3600 forum posts. As always, a big thanks to all our dedicated pilots, past, present and future! To find out more about this established virtual airline, please visit http://www.viaintercity.com Intercity Airways operate the PMDG J41, Majestic Q400 and Aerosoft A319 and FSLabs A320 on over 650 routes across Europe, tracked by our custom ACARS, so it's easy to fit flying with us around your busy lifestyle. With challenging aircraft, airports and a typical flight duration of around 90 minutes, Intercity is the airline for pilots who like to be kept busy throughout their flights!
  2. No good it being pinned here, you need to get it on the official forum and upvoted, that's what Asobo actually look at and work off
  3. Some is streamed such as photogrammetry and orthographic. However coastlines, vector data (roads, railways, rivers), landclass for offline usage and some 3D assets are locally based.
  4. This thread isn't about 2FA imo (although others have bought it into the conversation), it's about verifying your account with Discord via a mobile phone number to stop users creating multiple accounts so easily (I do get this overlaps into 2FA) to circumvent bans. If people aren't comfortable with Discord having their phone number (I'm not, that's why I'm not in Discord servers that require phone verified accounts), that's fine, but I'm not going to abonish any server admins that feel they need it to reduce problems. Saying "well WT don't require it..." you're implying wrongdoing by FBW relative to others, unless you'd like to clarify your remark?
  5. @Ricardo41 Well gosh aren't you entitled? It's a free addon, with communications running on a free platform, they can set whatever entry requirements they see fit, they owe you nothing. FBW decided because of problem users they need Discord accounts in their server to be verified via mobile number, that's within their rights to do and if you don't like it, as others have said, you have the right to not participate and move on. You don't need to be in the Discord to use their addons, it's completely optional. WT have decided they aren't at the stage of or would benefit significantly from requiring phone verified accounts.
  6. The extra planes are pretty much the same quality as the basic ones you already have access too but free community upgrades are fewer because the planes are locked. I went for mid-tier to get the analogue gauges but haven't used them much (especially since the DA40 mod only works on the glass gauges), so I'd stick to standard. I know the Lattitude and SR22 are reportedly full of issues, the 787 and 747 aren't that detailed (as expected).
  7. @Sigwolf Unfortunately that's the way it so often goes, the few spoiling it for the many. But if you've got banned users repeatedly logging back in with new accounts, what else can realistically be done? Same reason we have airport security and can't fly with nail clippers, even flight deck crew! Of course it will inconvenience a lot of innocent people and put some off entirely, but the alternative is mayhem. I don't want to give my phone number to Discord either, so I don't participate in servers that require verification.
  8. A Discord server admin can specify they require anyone using their server to be verified with Discord, which is done by means of a mobile phone number stored with Discord. I don't think that the server admins get to see your phone number. Verification is done to reduce problematic users continually creating new e-mail addresses and Discord accounts to circumvent bans etc.
  9. I think this is a good idea, provided that fallback to default nav data remains because it reduces barriers to entry. I have no plans to subscribe to nav data any time soon.
  10. Hold ALT GR (Right Alt key) and then left click the screen you want to pop out, not sure if this works with analogue gauges
  11. Yes Asobo officially acknowledge there is a problem now. So for all those that were saying it's in our head or only affecting a few...
  12. @kiwikat Apparently the turboprop engine simulation is being revised in SimUpdate4 within the next couple of months, but they said there were going to be big G1000 changes in SimUpdate3 and there was almost nothing apart from Track Up (although they've recruited Working Title). I am hoping they will add geared Garrett TPE331 style simulation in addition to fixing the free-turbine PT6 one but I think that's wishful thinking.
  13. To my knowledge, most of the piston aircraft bundled with my mid-tier MFS do not have de-icing equipment, the smallest birds I can think of so equipped are the DA62 and Grand Caravan (I presume the TBM is equipped too). AFAIK IRL the DA62 is not certified for flight into known icing, it's more of a safety net.
  14. Based on a brief flight there's a definite FPS drop, and I've had to re-enable vsync which seems to have helped with fluidity if not outright framerates. Very noticably I'm now getting looong pauses every few minutes, very annoying. And at the same time the visuals in terms of draw distance for scenery have got worse. A definite regression, hopefully it is fixed with upcoming WU4.
  15. Annoying the registration is baked into the repaint, that really should've been taken care of during porting.
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