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  1. As the two posters above have identified you have two likely causes: 1) The motherboard is shorting out on the case somewhere (easy fix this tone) 2) Whilst changing your cooler you've put a static electric discharge in to the system and fried either the RAM or the motherboard (to test, see if the suspect stick works in other RAM slots). Static damage cannot really be repaired, you need to replace the component. I've never used static discharge bands and the like, I just periodically molest some copper plumbing such as a radiator or tap for a bit to ensure I've Earthed myself. I also power the system off and turn off the main switch on the PSU but leave the power cable in for a bit so components in the system can discharge to Earth.
  2. I did some comparison shots with v4 between exp 9 and 10 and it's a waste of time, very marginal improvement in distance for much longer loading times. Moving from v4.3 to 4.4 made much more improvement. The above are one and the same. Ticking the box is the same as adding that cfg entry.
  3. You might have issues with IAS hold, everything else should work just fine
  4. ckyliu

    Jet flame out?

    Majestic Q400 will flame out if you're unprotected in ice for a prolonged period. The PMDG J41 had ice visual ice accretion but no idea if that's had an impact on aircraft performance. Not aware of any tools that add that kinda functionality back in to existing jet products, but there is a free tool that enhanced piston engine simulation in FS2004 called FS Real Engine v1.4 that added things like spark plug fouling. I dunno if @teson1 has updated it since, could be worth looking in to and seeing if jet and P3Dv4 support was added?
  5. Also could anyone advise if this supports RXP/F1 GNS530 as I don't have the GTN650/750? That was one of the reasons I wanted the demo.
  6. ckyliu

    Eaglesoft Liberty2 p3d blank instrument panel

    @akmatov Eaglesoft products are NOT compatible with P3Dv4. The gauges are all hard coded 32 bit, and Eaglesoft have not recompiled them for 64 bit. Sorry.
  7. @joemiller The chip will throttle if it hits 100'c, so you have potentially reduced performance running at 98'c. I feel you're cooking the processor, consensus seems to be that Coffee Lake should be kept below 95'c in all circumstances and ideally below 85'c although I don't know what they base that figure on. But we can be sure that cooler is better and running close to the throttle threshold is not good. There maybe settings you can disable in BIOS to get temperatures down a bit too, in addition to reduce voltage and improving cooling (I trust you're not overclocking with a standard Intel cooler!?)
  8. When pigs fly and the moon turns in to a hobnob! I've just about given up on it now, I only switched to P3Dv4 because they said the JS41 was coming to it "soon". Starting to investigate the Carenado Saab 340 as an alternative, especially now PMDG stripped out the GNS-XLS.
  9. ckyliu

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    It is very much dependent on a high quality representation of those types already being available for the simulator platform. The development costs for starting afresh are unlikely to be something an organisation would want to stomach, and developers tend to make things they think will sell well and they have access to for research. It is possible develop systems installed on your aircraft, but again it means finding a willing and able developer. In terms of the Beech Bonanza 36 you are in luck, a company called A2A make a very high quality realistic representation that goes above and beyond the included features of the simulator platform (for example spark plug fouling and oil viscosity is not simulated within P3D, but this aircraft will simulate it internally). It may have working circuit breakers and the like, it also allows for a full walkaround. They sell a special licence for training use. For the King Air 200 you have a choice of Carenado (who are known for making pretty looking planes but with simplified systems and flight characteristics) or Flight1 (this is more in-depth on systems, it simulates ice build up, electrical loadings, autofeather, so I'd look at this one for training). The Flight1 version has Blackhawk XP5 modifications and Garmin G1000 avionics, I think the Carenado has steam gauges. The turboprop simulation within P3D isn't great, Carenado certainly won't have tried to fix that but Flight1 may have (read some reviews, I'm not familiar with the product, but I know F1 modelled hot starts). Whether those two developers would customise their products to suit you, you'd have to ask them. The A2A and Carenado products support third party GPS units that represent Garmin's GNS430W, GNS530W, GTN650 and GTN750. Those units are developed by either RealityXP or Flight1 and require separate purchase. The A2A supports panel state saving, so you can save the aircraft in a particular location and configuration and load it back up exactly as you left it. I believe most addons support the default failures available in the P3D simulation platform (usual stuff like engine failure, engine fire, fuel leak, loss of certain systems), in addition on the A2A and Flight1 products mentioned you get misuse and wear based failures.
  10. @joemiller 1.52V and 105'c is the Intel recommended maximum but that's just the max they think you can use without very quickly destroying the chip, it would die within months at that! I wouldn't exceed 1.4Vcore and 85'c if you want the CPU to last a few years; if you need more voltage than that's just the nature of the silicon lottery and you'll have to settle for a lower clock speed to keep it stable. Sounds like could have pushed it too hard before and prematurely aged it (you didn't mention absolute temperatures, only relative?), are you using automatic overclock utilities?
  11. ckyliu

    Advantages of Reality XP

    I use GA birds between 60s and 80s mostly, so neither unit is period correct in my case 🤣 I use the GNS simply because it's the only one I own but I wish I'dve got the GTN tbh, it seems to enjoy more support within virtual cockpits these days too.
  12. ckyliu

    Advantages of Reality XP

    There's a lot more functionality in the third party GPS units with SIDs and STARs, some VNAV functions etc. In particular I like they draw roads, railways, rivers, name towns and bodies of water so it makes visual navigation that little bit easier. Personally I think the RealityXP offers better value for money than the F1, as both products use Garmin's trainers as their base, RXP is cheaper as a bundle and I think a little more polished. I would go for the GTN series though, the GNS are quite clunky to work as they're not touchscreen and they have four knobs you have to fathom.
  13. Yes that's right, untick sceneries unless you need them for that flight. FS SCE is a good free tool for this You should be able to delete the duplicate entries, but BACKUP your FSX.cfg first in case you break it!
  14. As Luke said, this is NOT a processor issue. It is an older processor now so replacing with something newer and faster will improve FPS but it will mean a whole new computer (you cannot put an Intel i7 in to an AMD motherboard socket. And once you change the motherboard, you cannot reuse the RAM. And then the graphics card is too slow for the processor...) CTD: I strongly recommend disabling airport sceneries you are not using with FSX Scenery Config Editor, before each flight. This is because if you fly over an airport, it is loaded in to the memory and FSX has no way to unload it, so if you fly over a lot of addon airports you will soon fill all the memory (aka RAM/VAS Virtual Address Space which is limited to 4 GB in FSX. Once the memory is full, you get a CTD via OOM (Out of memory error). Blurries: Possibly related to the above. You could also try reducing your settings a little, as you have quite a slow system so it may be struggling to keep up. This may help the CTD/OOM situation above too. Certain things are known to very burdensome, such as moving vehicles (road, sea, airport and air) and clouds, so keep those on low settings. Unfortunately custom addon airport scenery tends to be the worst for framerates!
  15. ckyliu

    Which is the best,

    The Majestic Q400 is just as complex and in-depth as anything PMDG has made, but it is cheaper. Just because the Q400 seats less people, doesn't mean it is worth less as a flight sim addon, there's a lot of work that has gone in to it to make it very accurate. The pilot edition is fine to start with, the pro edition has an exclusive HUD/HGS, live weather in FMS, full 2D panels and more controller options. You can upgrade to Pro edition later and you just pay the price difference (not a full repurchase).