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    i5 Sandybridge 2500K@OC4.4 GHz, 16GB DDR3-1600(PC12800), GTX980@OC1.5GHz w/4GB@OC4.4GHZ. Win10.
    MY P3D SETTINGS https://snag.gy/baZD49.jpg

    P3Dv44x64. FTX ORBX Global+Vector+OpenLC EU. FreeMeshX. REX4TD+SC. FSXWX. ORBX Sco. Horizon VFR X Photographic v2 Eng+Wal. UK2000 VFR Airfields v2. RXP GNS530V2+GTN750.

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  1. We'll issue you with a full refund 🙄
  2. Heaven forbid we should have jobs and families and can't reply within 2 hours! 🙄 I'm using Firefox so I don't think that was the problem... anyway account closed as per your request
  3. We have other people who signed up the same day as you who've already logged flights so I just want to double check you are definitely keying in the username and password right; you say it's "rejecting", what specific error do you get? If it says incorrect password or username that would suggest you're not keying it in the same as the website (perhaps you saved the password in your browser)? Try changing your password (this is done in the forums as it's all shared) and make sure you are logging in with your 4 digit crew/pilot ID in all locations, no extraneous letters or spaces.
  4. I can only think your firewall may be blocking it? You only have one login for everything Intercity: the forums, ACARS and main website all use the same login.
  5. Just load up P3D and see if it picks it up, half of the airline is on P3Dv4 so should be fine.
  6. @vc10man Your ID is 1848 that should get you logged in, if you've any further problems feel free to DM me here at Avsim 🙂 The Q400 is an awesome bird, always keeps you busy, we took a bit of a punt building a whole virtual airline around it before it was even released (the A320 came later on), but fortunately Majestic delivered the goods! We need an awesome regional jet now
  7. It's just a normal website, the same as websites you've been using for the last 10 years. Data is encrypted in storage but not during transmission, but then again we only ask for an e-mail address, name and DOB, which is generally all information readily accessible from public sources anyway - some browsers no longer like this behaviour (even though Facebook use to do exactly this) and will flag it, but we haven't changed anything on the website to trigger it.
  8. Hello Rick, you are showing as a fully registered pilot, are you still having issues? Some e-mail services (GMX and BT/Yahoo especially) seem to have blocked our recent application responses we are investigating. 24 hours is a little disingenuous though, given it's only now 25 since I posted
  9. Intercity opened its doors May 4th 2013 (this is our 7th Star Wars day!); we're celebrating 7 years, 1800 pilots, 14200 hours, 9000 flights and 3600 forum posts. As always, a big thanks to all our dedicated pilots, past, present and future! To find out more about this established virtual airline, please visit http://www.viaintercity.com Intercity operate the PMDG J41, Majestic Q400 and Aerosoft A319/A320 on over 650 routes across Europe, tracked by our custom ACARS, so it's easy to fit flying with us around your busy lifestyle. With challenging aircraft, airports and a typical flight duration of under 90 minutes, Intercity is the airline for pilots who like to be kept busy throughout their flights!
  10. I'd just wait for the 3080 series to come out and roll with what you have until then, the impression I get is the 2080 was just a bit of a rushed stop gap and the 3080 should provide noticeable improvement with a release potentially this year.
  11. @GodAtum No one can confirm anything, if they are in a position to do so they are under NDA. There's been a lot of changes and rewriting of the engine, so it's difficult to speculate to what extent it shall be multithread optimised. And this is why most of us should probably leave buying a new system until after release.
  12. @B777ER I never said make it run so-so on a $5000 PC, what I actually said in what you quoted was "It needs to play smooth whilst looking decent", my point was that the settings sliders don't need to be able to be maxed on current hardware - if this is important to you I will let you into a secret; you can go beyond the sliders by editing the settings cfg file yourself. The setting panel is a just UI friendly way to change the CFG and the sliders set an artificial limit on the value range that can be input. Yes, many titles were historically built with the future in mind because you didn't always have the scope of pushing updates over the internet but you might want to sell expansion packs (DLC as it is now). GTA V is an example, came out 2013 and they're still selling DLC for it now. I seem to remember RCT3 expansions coming out a couple of years after the base game. MS/AS have already stated they intend to be in MFS for the longhaul, albeit these days they have the option of pushing updates down the internet which wasn't an option for the likes of FSX.
  13. If you CAN run with the sliders full right that is an issue; if you can max it on present hardware there is nowhere to go in future. I don't see why any game with a long life span like MFS should be maxable upon release. It just needs to play smooth whilst looking decent, not be fully maxed.
  14. @zmak Given the system is 8 years old now, they definitely don't make the motherboards. It's a Gigabyte on the P67A chipset, and I run the CPU at 4.5 GHz (vs 3.3 GHz stock). Hopefully with my GTX980 it'll do 1440p reasonably. Perhaps it'll come unstuck when the addons start piling in?
  15. Yay, seems I can keep my overclocked 2500K because it CPU Marks quite close to the recommended i5 8400 and even at stock it will almost match the minimum 4460. So if everything remains reliable, I'm golden for at least a mid-tier experience.
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