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  1. ckyliu

    Making P3D colours look like FSX

    Shadermods like P3D Tweak Assist (PTA) and the free TomatoShade seem to create a lot of problems and require endless settings adjustment which is just not my thing. You've also got things like ENBserie (not needed so much on P3D) and ReShade that sit outside the simulator and inject shader tweaks. I'd go with what Tomaz said, tweak the HDR settings or disable HDR altogether in P3D, that should get the colours similar to default FSX. I tweaked mine a bit and used the time preview feature to check it was right across all times of day.
  2. ckyliu

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    For those that haven't seen, there was some "unofficial" insight from downssc who said they had problems getting the geared turboprop engine simulation to work in P3Dv4
  3. ckyliu

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I'll respectfully disagree in regards to the Jetstream 41 taking time and money away from PMDG's next big project for several reasons. Firstly, it has been shown by beta testers as performing complete flights in 64 bit so it would seem most of the work is already complete. Secondly, it is a minimum work port with no new features added. Thirdly, I am sure PMDG will charge for it as they charge for every P3D licence separately to FSX. And finally, there are no "study level" aircraft for P3D in the 19-50 seat class. As regards updating their other products already in P3Dv4 i do take your point that patching them up with some nice eye candy is not essential.
  4. ckyliu

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    They need to finish porting the Jetstream 41 to P3D first.
  5. ckyliu

    BAe JetStream 4100

    The above statement is unexpected, unappreciated, unfair and contemptuous towards customers. It also places those who have had the product in FSX:SE for a long time in a difficult position; PMDG has been aware of this through previous discussion within these forums for years and never raised an issue until now. It is accepted the product is not supported by PMDG in FSX:SE, but for the purposes of the EULA we agreed to in October 2009 FSX:SE is still FSX (in the same way FSX SP1, FSX SP2, FSX Gold, FSX SE are all FSX), unless you can indicate the part of the EULA which restricts us to certain FSX versions? @SeaHawk14@AndyUK
  6. ckyliu

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    It's already been said that it's a minimum effort port, so we won't see any features. Although you don't really need to load cold and dark states for the J41, you can do it yourself within 45 seconds.
  7. ckyliu

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    @MatzeH84 QualityWings have a Honeywell GNS-XLS in their BAe 146 (not the Avro RJ though, which has Rockwell Collins GNLU 910). From what I recall it seems identical to the one in the PMDG J41 so I presume it was coded by the same persons.
  8. ckyliu

    Google earth scenery

    You can load online aerial imagery in to FSX using something called TileProxy. However Google blocked it because of bandwidth usage so you'd probably have to use Bing. You won't get the 3D buildings, it's just flat aerial imagery.
  9. It was one of the first liveries I released (on the PoSky CRJ) and I still think it's a gorgeous colour scheme, it suits the CRJ very well. Nice scenery too, although the English countryside is looking rather browner at the moment! Glad hear the Aerosoft product has matured. The nice metallic blueness of the bmi lettering is not present in the textures you've used though, in fact the whole fuselage seems devoid of any reflectivity or shinyness?
  10. ckyliu

    Ansett Australia BAe-146

    Indeed, Germans nicknamed it "jumbolino" alluding to it being a baby 747. The four engines worked at the time because any twin engine alternative was noisier; the Lycoming ALF502 (laterly Honeywell LF507) is a geared turbofan (like the modern PW1000G GTF) allowing a higher bypass ratio and slower fan, resulting in a very quiet engine. It's basically a Chinhook helicopter T55 engine with a fan bolted on the front. The 146 concept was based on the predicted emergence of city centre STOLports with steep approaches and severe noise restrictions, although they never really materialised aside from London and Toronto City airports. However, somewhat sedate performance at altitude meant the 146 was often said to have 5 APUs and the early engines weren't the most reliable with BAe being said to stand for Bring Another Engine! It was also said it had 2 engines to get you there, and 2 to get you back. This improved with the LF507 fitted to the Avro RJ which had FADEC.
  11. ckyliu

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    That would be nice but I think it's more wishful thinking on our part. Ah well. Right now I'd just like to get my grubby mitts on the thing!
  12. ckyliu

    No autogen in P3d v4.3

    Have you updated your Orbx Libs? I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.3 and had very little autogen until I updated my Orbx Libs.
  13. ckyliu

    You Don't See in 4K

    Haven't watch the video posted but I recently did a lot of research before getting my new monitor; I found out the human eye can only discern detail down to about 1/60th of a degree, and that information can be used to calculate the highest screen resolution you can benefit from at any particular distance The Full-HD1080p standard was based around the maximum quality your eyes could see at normal viewing distances for a television, therefore to get much benefit you have to sit unusually close (like a monitor) or have a large TV over 55". Everyone offers 4K at 40"+ for marketing and scale economics, rather than for any appreciable benefit @Rob Ainscough, on a 50" screen you'd need to sit within 2m/7ft to even begin noticing the improvement! Indeed, most digital cinemas only operate at 2K (just over 1080p). For monitors 1080P is really at it's max at 25" and thereafter looks fuzzy, but 4K doesn't really come in to its own until 30", which is why I ended up with 1440p on a 27" monitor as it's in the sweet spot and doesn't have the computational overheads of 2160p Here's a handy calculator: And here's a graph to illustrate what the calculator reveals:
  14. ckyliu

    POSCON online flying

    FLAI is great (a merger of vPilot AI and BVAI), and is not just for VATSIM. Also you have Accumap v2 finally starting to provide an accurate ATC coverage depiction. vPilot is actually a pretty good client although the lack of support for single monitor use is frustrating; it would be nice if it integrated FPAI from the off. Swift should be great when it's finished, providing a single client for all major platforms and networks that is open source so anyone can update it. The issue with all the above is they are disparate and not well integrated within the VATSIM website which makes it unnecessarily difficult for newbies - IVAO's integrated approach is much more user friendly. The numerous independent region websites also make things more complicated than they need to be, they should be rolled into the main website. Oh and a central route database would be nice too, especially given they have a huge database of previously filed flights to call upon. Fixing those would lower barriers to entry and attract more people in, without undertaking much work. Oh and ditch VATSIM weather, it's pointless and outdated when you have FSXWX, ActiveSky etc. Where the real work to be done by VATSIM is its hideously outdated voice communications, awful logged data presentation and low frequency position updates (light state and animations too). An off the shelf codec can be used and then it just a case of convincing vPilot and xSquawkbox to integrate it (or maybe pushing it in to Swift but that would delay things), there's no point holding back purely because this would break the unsupported FS9 clients. If POSCON can cover all the above then it is probable both VATSIM and IVAO would lose users. Hopefully their PR stunt may at least spur the existing networks in to developing those kinda things. I seem to remember FPI (FlightProject International) were technically quite far ahead of the major networks, what happened to them? Could POSCON learn any lessons from FPI's collapse?
  15. ckyliu

    POSCON online flying

    I don't understand the need to "develop" a codec when there's so many available to choose from, for example Opus used in Discord and Speex used in TS3 are both opensource and free, providing clear audio and low latency at relatively modest bitrates. All you need is a host and a signalling mechanism to switch channels. Am I misunderstanding something or are they trying to reinvent the wheel?