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  1. There is this Charts Finder 3 that supports more than 100 countries: https://www.justflight.com/product/charts-finder-three It downloads the same charts shown in your initial post.
  2. I noticed the GSX menu gave those options
  3. If your using Firefox it will block the pop-up for the download which you can override
  4. With the remainder of my credit it only cost $4.99.. so why not.
  5. As far as JustFlight goes: "We are a UK website and the price is based on an equivalent to the UK price (including VAT) plus card processing. The exchange rate between the £ and <insert your currency here> is different to € to <insert your currency here>."
  6. A-LOCK indicates that the slats have been locked due to high angle of attack and/or low speed. LVR CLB = Put the throttles in Climb position
  7. Same here and also noticed that as I got near to them the terrain flattens out to normal
  8. up arrow - Increase Cockpit View Height down arrow - Decrease Cockpit View Height left arrow - Translate Cockpit View Left right arrow - Translate Cockpit View Right
  9. My how fast she got to that point: https://marshall.com/live-for-music/artist-insights/behind-the-sticks-with-sian-monaghan
  10. It is not RealityXP nor F1 that need to solve this issue. The e-commerce application uses Themida by Oreans which is an almost uncrackable protection. If they used anything else piracy would be rampant for their products. Oreans explains it all here: https://www.oreans.com/help/tm/hm_virus.htm We all have to bare this cross unfortunately thanks to software pirates.
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