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  1. "hold in lieu of procedure turn" ≠ "enroute hold"
  2. Anything less buggy. Or I may wait for sim update 36 first
  3. 😭 so just mag/ign on start I suppose, thanks good to know!
  4. Question: when you restart the engine in flight, does the propeller windmill at 100~110 kias?
  5. Maybe also for “the most unfinished/buggy whatever it is”
  6. Is it just me or something's wrong with radio panel(com 1/com 2 dial and speaker/headphone switches)? Tuned com 2 on the speaker(switch up) and turned it off(switch middle) and then endless receiving. I fortunately got into Jevon's gtn 750 integration but still, oh god, even radio is not working properly in 40 dollar-ish aircraft? I really hope I'm the one who's making mistakes here.
  7. This is a great, wonderful, amazing work. Speechless. Thank you Jevon, Burt, Ray and Rob.
  8. Cheers to both developers. Just 1 question, is there any lod limitation or something in resample.exe process? Unlike x-plane version, I don’t see any differences between zl/mask 17 and 18.
  9. yeap, having the same issue. tower doesn't switch me to departure. and after landing, i hear all the delayed, "stayed-in-memory-like" radio instructions. http://www.filedropper.com/p2a2018tracefile9 (click the "gray" "download this file" button, not the green download now)
  10. Definitely! (They are on it actually)
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