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  1. I'm running P3D V4.5 and just installed the MU2. The landing and taxi lights are so bright that they illuminate the ground and sim objects even on a bright, sunny day. I recall getting a fix for this issue for the FA50. What can be done to make the lights more realistic?
  2. The new cab file worked fine. The breaks come on with the first notch and go back off when the switch is all the way up. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I will try that fix and let you know what happens.
  4. I'm using v4.5. I don't have break pedals. Haven't found a set that resembles realism, so rather go with none. I've tried using the (.) key and also the 2 keys I have assigned for differential breaking, also clicking on the parking break at the top of the panel, with no success. I see you posted a fix for Pilatuz but he has v5. Will it work for V4.5? As mentioned before, the new landing lights illuminate the runway beautifully. Can the Taxi light be aimed down a bit? It's illuminating the sim objects more than the ground, even during the day. Thanks for your help.
  5. Just downloaded the most recent update. I noticed 2 things: First, the new Dynamic lighting is great when operating at night. Runways and taxiways look fantastic. The only thing is, the Taxi/Landing lights illuminate everything during the brightest part of the day. Bright sunlight and the Taxi lights are lighting up the side of the hanger and other objects like a nuclear blast. Also, you shouldn't be able to see the glow of the Nav and Strobe lights from inside the cabin during daylight hours. Second, when moving the hydraulic system selector up (towards #1 On) it applies the toe breaks and locks them there until you reboot the airplane. I don't think that's supposed to happen.
  6. Actually there is some type of passenger cabin modeled but you can see it only by using the spot or chase plane.
  7. I've seen those, They are add-ons. I would love to see someone come up with a private BBJ-type interior. https://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-787-dreamliner-private-jet-kestrel-2016-6#the-master-suites-sleeping-area-features-a-large-california-king-size-bed-according-to-vella-the-suite-is-designed-to-be-an-oasis-of-silence-in-fact-the-noise-level-in-the-room-during-flight-is-just-48-decibels--on-par-with-a-quiet-suburban-home-6
  8. Well, I remember a PMDG model from the past that did have a cabin interior. But I much rather spend a few minuets visiting a nice cabin than looking at myself from a spot plane. After all, one DOES occasionally need to use the forward head. And of course, the simple answer was, "no, they do not model a passenger cabin interior."
  9. Wow. For 80 bucks I'd think you'd get a couple of seats. Wondering if they do this to save on fps.
  10. I've used Google to search for this but can't find anything that answers my question. I just added the QW 787 to my hanger. Using the default QW livery. There is no passenger cabin interior; only a flight deck. No where did I read that's all you get. Is this typical of QW? Do the add-on liveries have interiors? It almost seems as if questions regarding QW passenger cabin interiors have been filtered out of all Google searches.
  11. Thanks for the info. VNAV is most helpful for RNAV/VNAV arrivals with multiple altitude restrictions. Over the years I'm able to figure TOD in my head. Y'all have answered my questions. I wasn't familiar with Milvis.
  12. Yeah, The default FMS in FSX will not go "direct to" from current position without deleting the entire flight plan, or it will attempt to join aroute from your departure airport or previous way point. I was wondering about the VNAV function. That was another downfall of FSX. Also, a lot of add-ons FLC functions are unstable. They porpoise up and down trying to hold the IAS. Like the Flight1 Mustang, FLC porpoises under FL180. So it's useless on climb-out.
  13. At least the Flight1 B250 has a reasonably functional G1000 unit. Carenado's is still piggybacked on the dysfunctional FSX nav system.
  14. Anyone try this model out yet? The tutorials on YouTube are very poor quality. In the one video it seemed to porpoise up and down a lot in FLC mode. Wondering if the VNAV actually functions like the real thing? And wondering if DIRECT TO works correctly if the nav system is just piggybacked on top of the same old default FSX FMS system. None of these functions were demonstrated in the video, so I am skeptical. I can't see spending $80.00 to find out.
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