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  1. franz

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    the second one ...
  2. franz

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    same for me. actually it is not a big deal as it just happens the first time you load the chart menu and then no more … if navigraph is already aware I'm confident they will take care of it for sure.
  3. franz

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    +1, same going on here …
  4. franz

    Universal FMS?!!

    after the F50 I'm trying to stay away from this one ... on the Fokker the FMS has some very basic functions with which I've been able to do a minimum of navigation (haven't tried any SID/STAR changes though) but still there are some large holes which could be filled even in the instrumentation before selling it at the price it comes, to me it could be good 20/25% cheaper and it would be fair ... it's a real pity these guys do not take the time to refine their products, maybe the FMS could be proposed as an optional product with the support of some third developer ... who knows, maybe CARENADO is working on some avionic package and one day they will surprise us ... meanwhile even after V1.2 (which is a big step forward compared to others which see the light and die right at V1.0) unluckily the S340 will not join my fleet ... ciao, Francesco. btw, not the right section to ask but ... anyone else having the tail strobe on the F50 flashing also with no lights on???
  5. franz

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    having both the Q400 and the F50 which are two completely different level of add on I would suggest you start or keep flying the Dash and save the money for something else ... it looks great but very little more. ciao, Francesco.
  6. franz

    For those struggling with opaque windows

    hi Steve, I believe you might refer to the questions I posted elsewhere around the forum, thank you for having looked into this and for the hint you gave to the other painters ... I really hope they'll take advantage of your advice, should I go back to the paintshop myself I'll certainly do :-) ciao, Francesco
  7. hi LW, thank you for your feedback, at least I'm sure it's not something related to my VC or setup ... I'm not convinced this might be wanted by the autor, I did a very fast conversion of the white textures provided with the PK and came up with the same result ... it could be some missing layer or channel during the conversion/saving process of the texture set, I don't know as I'm not a painter (anymore) myself ... anyway, as you say, I'll have to ask the painter if he could do something about ... ciao, Francesco
  8. hallo everybody, I posted the question elsewhere in the forum but got no reply, I'll try again adding this image of what I mean with greyed out/blanked windows ... anybody else having this? I have a few repaints that appear like the one below ... all stock as well as most of the freeware ones look normal ... thanks for any reply, Francesco
  9. franz

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    that everts air cargo looks already great! I know it's not going to happen but if the model would be adapted to this new mission I would keep just this one paint in the hangar :-) great job, thank you! Francesco
  10. franz

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    hallo everybody, firstly let me say thank you to all the painters for their great work and for expanding the fleet of this wonderful machine! not sure if this will fit in here but I'll try ... the question is if anybody else with the 64 bit version is having greyed out or very dark windows on some of the repaints (I'm referring to the World Atlantic Airlines one and possibly to the Swissair one)? Francesco
  11. franz

    FMS issue

    hi Jon, if you didn't already you have to enter a departure and arrival airport in the FPL page so to have an active flight plan after which if there are any SID and STARs you can select the one you plan to fly with the DEP/ARR LSKs via the MENU button ... if you don't get any option to choose from it means there are no IFR procedures available ... ciao, Francesco
  12. franz

    Virtual CDU request for...

    1,2 and 4 for P3DV4.2 but with backward priority ... :-)
  13. franz

    DFDR output folder?

    ACF, ACS and ACF ... maybe acceleration on the 3 axis? just a thought, ciao Francesco
  14. franz


    finally it has seen the light but I knew it was going to be like this: two types which I've been waiting for released in a row ... tomorrow is maddog day so I'll divert this month's fun fund over to long beach, I'll get the dutch machine for sure but I'll wait till the next cc round in march ... supposedly the -8 will not be made available before ... I know it's silly but I'm like a kid in the candy store, I simply can't resist :)... ciao, francesco
  15. franz

    Fly The Maddog X Website Launched!

    thank you for the heads up! ... I can't wait and from now on I'll be ready to get it anytime ... ciao, francesco