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  1. Currently testing the trial version. After flying the sample scenario, today, I tried a flight from EDNY to EDDS with the same FATAL ERROR. Created another flight plan with Plan-G from EDTX to EDDM. Last log lines after enabling VOXATC: 17:22:25.3287130 BGLFILE c:\games\aerosoft\mega airport frankfurt professional\scenery\EDDF_AFX-OP07.BGL 17:22:25.3597147 BGLFILE c:\games\lockheed martin\prepar3d v4\29palms\captain7 - 29palms - eddn - nuremberg\scenery\EDDN_ADE.bgl 17:22:25.3617149 BGLFILE c:\games\aerosoft\german airports - stuttgart professional\scenery\EDDS_AFX-OP02.BGL 17:22:25.3727155 BGLFILE c:\games\aerosoft\german airports - friedrichshafen professional\scenery\EDNY_AFX-OP03.BGL Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. at System.Collections.ArrayList.ArrayListEnumeratorSimple.MoveNext() at com.intworkings.bglafd.WorldGridCell.ReviseAirports(ArrayList airportsForRevision, BGLAFDAirport baaIn) at com.intworkings.bglafd.WorldGridCell.ReviseAirportComponents() at com.intworkings.bglafd.WorldGridCell.GetAirports() at com.intworkings.bglafd.BGLFile.GetAirports(Double lat, Double lon, Int32 index) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Chart.AddAirports(Position posIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Chart.LoadBGLPositions(List`1 positions) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Dispatcher.SetFSFlightPlan(String id, AircraftType atIn, MFSFlightPlan mfsfp) at VoxATCServer.VoxATCServer.SetupMFSFlightPlan() at VoxATCServer.VoxATCServer.InitVoxAtc() 9759125 Ins Text set : FATAL ERROR! disable VoxATC It seems to be a problem with Aerosoft EDNY BGL EDNY_AFX-OP03.BGL as the last file processed by VOXATC. Althouth EDNY isn't touched by this flight, VOXATC seems to check the airports some hundred miles around (LOWI, LSZH, EDDN, EDDS, EDDF SID/STAR ...). I know from former ADE corrections that problems with taxiways are difficult to cleanup on bigger airports if one doesn't know the exact location of the problem. No hint in the log what VOXATC doesn't like means: no chance to correct the issue in a timely manner. So why doesn't VOXATC give me hints about the problem ? Considering: repairing third party airports has to be documented and re-applied after an update. As I searched only for a voice recognition program and testing time will be over in a few days, it seems, I have to drop VOXATC - although my first impression about it was very well: fine documentation, sample scenarios that guided me. I will use the remaining testing time for further flights outside the southern german area.
  2. So there is a technical support ? As I'm testing VOXATC at the moment (very good product, some pros and cons against P2ATC), after I read about lacking support, I fear to buy a weakly supported product that will not work with future update of P3D (4.6, 5, ...). Reasonable or not ?
  3. Installed the bird yesterday (4.2D from simmarket) and after two short flights, I can say: it runs very well, no difference regarding fps (just my impression, no measurement). Livery, cockpit, even the sounds... the whole thing a real improvement ! Some questions remaining: C&D : generator, antiskid and jet pump switches remain on after selecting "all systems off". Bug or a feature ? (Until now, I've added to my checklist to switch them off before starting the whole thing). Jet pumps: as "Flying the classic learjet" states "the jet pumps are usually left on all the time" - does this mean even after shutdown ? Yaw damper: I use a switch of my throttle quadrant to engage left or right YD. It is done by FSUIPC calling a native sim function (means: no LUA). Now I can engage both YD's simultaneously - but I read, only one YD should be engaged at a time. Is this a bug of the sim, of the learjet or could this happen in reality, so it's the pilot's responsibility not to engage both YD's ? (In the first two cases, I have to write a LUA for the YD engagement so only one can be active at a time)
  4. Regarding rumors: my aunt's brother-in-law's daughter's grandfather is convinced that either MS bought back the ESP code from dovetail that they developed to an incredible level but never rolled out 😂 or MS bought the license for Prepar3D V5 (as LM would have dropped it) and delivers it as MSFS 2020 🤣
  5. Sorry, I confused textures with liveries. So the grining/smiling shark (third picture of https://www.justflight.com/product/flysimware-learjet-35a) will be there ?
  6. Old thread, but if you talked about FSMOVMAP2 "Create Database": the hangup in the middle of the database generation seems to result from changed addon structures in P3D V4. As a workaround, there's a Powershell script in the AVSIM library "Airport list conversion utility for FSMOVMAP2 " that relies on Peter Dowsons "makerwys.exe" (free) and converts the makerwys.exe output to FSMOVMAP2 output (XML conversion). After makerwys.exe extracted the P3D airports and the script converted it to FSMOVMAP2 format (replacing the "Create..." button), you can transfer the new airport list with the "Transfer..."button.
  7. Are these texture updates in addition to the older ones ? Or will I lose the older ones ? I like especially the sharky grining one...
  8. Removed 4.1, downloaded and installed 4.1a : - clock works as in V3 - "Options 2D" (Shift-2) clickspots work again Thanks for such immediate correction, especially on weekend 😎 The left GPS button seems to consist of 5 zones. I took some screenshots how the GPS knob functions change with the position of the mouse pointer: Left knob: outer area sets COM Middle area 1 sets NAV Middle area 2 sets COM Middle area 3 sets NAV Bottom area sets COM It doesn't matter if the COM or VLOC field in the display is activated, in both cases the knob consist of these five zones alternating betweend COM and NAV setting, so it's nearly impossible to change for example NAV because with a small tremble of the mouse cursor, I slide into the next zone that changes COM and vice versa. The zone in the 2D popup GNS530 work ok, so I have a workaround, but setting NAV or COM in the cockpit panel itself is impossible.
  9. Regarding the initial post: The Lear needs some seconds to recognize the trim, but during takeoff, the target IAS varies (my experience). This leads to the mentioned oscillation. In addition: if ENG, then NAV, then SPD is pressed in a very short time, the lear isn't in a very stable manner (NAV may need lateral correction that leads to changes in pitch/speed). That's why I first fly with HDG in runway direction to concentrate on pitch and throttle. Then, after a stable time of trim over 20-30 seconds minimum, I press SPD, keeping manually pitch for some additional seconds. Only after this relaxation time, the Lear AP takes over stable IAS control. If I do not wait but only press the buttons, the vertical oscillation happens. In my opinion, the Lear should be flown manually as far as possible - as you said: the AP controls only pitch but not throttle. As i have to control throttle anyway, I use VS on descent, keeping an eye on my airspeed. What I like in the Flysimware Lear: it's an aircraft that should be flown by pilot, not by automation 😉.
  10. Removed V3, installed V4.1 and found 3 issues: - the Astrotech clock cannot set to timer mode, it displays only the actual time. Also, pressing OAT shows the temperature but the clock cannot be reverted to displaying time. - the left knob of the builtin GPS in the VC consists of 5 or 6 very small zones (like rings), alternating between frequency change of "COMM" and "NAV". Turning the knob, either COMM or NAV frequency is changed, depending of the exact position of the mouse in these small zones. In V3, I select COMM or NAV by pushing the button, then either COMM or NAV were changeable, in V4.1, pushing the button switch between COMM and NAV, but the knob ignores this. The popup (2D) GPS knob works correct: either changes COMM or NAV, depending on the selection by the push button of the VC GPS. - The Shift-2 main panel shows clickable fields for the payload manager and instructions, but these fields do not work in V4 anymore. Direct invocation by Shift-7 of the payload manager works, but not the link from the Shift-2 main panel (while calling the GPU by Shift-2 works). Any thoughts for solving these issues ?
  11. You talk of ALT SEL ? I experienced the same behaviour with SPD. What worked for me (actually pre-4 version): Speed about ~180-200 KIAS, aircraft kept trimmed out by stick, climb a minute with stable speed and stable climb rate, then select SPD and don't touch the throttle for a further minute. Pushed SPD too early, I got this "self oscillating" roller-coaster (speed decreases -> nose down -> speed increases -> nose up). Btw I "engage" the AP on the ground with only ALT SEL selected, after being airborne, I hit HDG, so the plane climbs in a straight way: I think, SPD (in the initial phase) don't like changes in any direction (up, down, left, right). When the plane climbed with SPD one or two minutes in a stable way, I change the heading to intercept the next leg, approaching it, I hit NAV. The lateral correction tends to overshoot and oscillate in the same way, this can be damped by the "half angle banking". I don't know how the new 4.1 version will behave (currently downloading ;-), but the former version 3 is very sensitive, especially on takeoff and approach and will be flown with all your mind and heart 😁
  12. Did an update from P3D 4.3 to 4.4 the last hours (client-only). The same audible problem (Robinson Heli - the rotor rpm seems to get down after switching from a nearer point to a farther point, say tower, and back again). After entering the mentionen time_constant=0 in the [sound] section of prepar3d.cfg, the issue disappeared.
  13. Same problem running a 4790K, not overclocked but "Multicore Enhancement" (all cores up to 4.400). Cinebench R15 single core values of 170-180. Similar differences in other single core apps compared to 8700K. For 8700K, I find values of 190-200. So comparing the Cinebench single core results, I will gain 25-30%. Running a complex aircraft with a complex airport, limited by CPU, I would expect an increase in fps from 20 -> 26 , from 25 -> 32. Concerning the additional costs (RAM, Mainboard, bigger PSU, GPU - as my GTX 1070 isn't actually limiting the 4790K, but has to be replaced by a 1080 or 2080 for the 9900K), the increased heat dissipation (CPU & GPU), I will have to think about an upgrade many times in many sleepless nights 😉 BTW: there's no "good CPU once and for all" - especially for flight simmers with the exotic need for super single core performance. The way CPUs go is more and more cores. The way simulators have to go is to use more and more cores. And use more and more GPU power.
  14. The default FSUIPC functions don't work with every aircraft. RealAir, A2A, Aerosoft a.s.o. work mostly with their own LVARs. That's the reason why you don't see some instruments moving while in replay mode. As I remember, my problem wasn't to inc/dec the VS but to show it also on the display in the same way as shown by pressing the buttons in the VC.
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