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  1. Same question here, as I use Little Navmap for planning, P2A as ATC replacement (but for P3D). In Little Navmap, I set "Save waypoints for approaches" and "Save waypoints for SID and STARs" to load the flightplan in P3D. P2A loads the flight plan, throws some errors for Little Navmap created own user waypoints unknown to P2A (to represent SID/STAR/Intercepts) but I can file the flight plan in most cases. Although it's not easy to understand why in these 38 years after the first release of a MS Flight Simulator neither Lockheed Martin nor MS/Asobo have enhanced the old point-to-point flight plan definitions...
  2. As I read the web about P3D V5 and MSFS 2020, most discussion talks about the viewing aspect: nice sky, nice clouds, wonderfull landscapes. Comparing both sims, what about the flight engine, navigation, ATC ? Example 1: P3D V4 doesn't support ATIS over VOR frequency (comes through NAV audio), asking Skyvector: YPDN: DARWIN ATIS: 112.60 on VOR DN YMML: MELBOURNE ATIS: 114.10 on VOR ML KBWI: BALTIMORE D-ATIS: 115.1 on VORTAC BAL couldn't be used in P3D V4, possible in P3D V5 / MSFS ? Reading Flysimware Falcon manual, searching for "limitations": - Due to simulator limitations both batteries will charge/drain at all times. - MAG/TRUE swap: Due to flight sim limitations these buttons are not independent. Same for the compass card. - PITOT (Pilot and copilot pitot switches. Due to limitations both are synced together) Can I expect such limitation resolved in the newer sims ? Or runs a decade old engine under the hood that no one likes to touch - not in the past, not now and not in future ? Compared with a car getting every year a new body but runs with a twenty year old motor (=FSX) ? Helicopters: in FSX,I bought the Dodosim that gave me many helicopter-specific enhancements of the flight model. There are enhancements as HTR. Anything of this integrated into the new sims ? Integrated support for Navigraph updates ? Do I expect too much ? 38 years after FS 1.0, 14 Years after FSX ? In five years: P3D V7, MSFS 2025 - but the same old limitations ?
  3. I've learned three lessons over the years: - Never touch a running system - Don't fix it, if it ain't broken - Never be the first, let others get a bloody nose So I wouldn't recommend neither MSFS nor P3D to the thread creator, instead stay on P3D V4.5 some time until MSFS and P3D V5 are more stable. As the thread creator owns P3D V4.5, I think there's no absolute necessity to upgrade to P3D V5. And MSFS is a very new thing and may need a little more development. Just my opinion...
  4. After some research in the web, P3D V5 and MSFS seem to be the same choice regarding - stuttering - crashes - hardware problems If you find a real reason, say "a pilot's must have" for P3D V5 or MSFS, please post it. Until then, I rely on P3D V4.5 HF2 as it run solid and allows me more flying than fiddling 😁 (and all my addons are already paid 🙃)
  5. Hi, until recently, I used Plan-G, now I'm in the transition to Little Navmap and look for a function to highlight or filter my preferred airports. What I mean: In Plan-G, it's possible to create a list (.txt file) with ICAO IDs that will be marked (means: highlighted) on the map with another color as the other airports. I read the topics "Add Custom Airport?" and "Show only addons (airport)" and excluded fsAerodata, ORBX Vector and ORBX Germany North/South (otherwise every german airport is marked as "add-on"), but still see many "add-on airports" around the world that I didn't buy and would never fly to, maybe they come from some ORBX regions or whatever. Excluding the complete ORBX stuff isn't appropriate, as ORBX stores its airport BGLs (e.g. ORBX LOWI) below their top level directory. So can I mark or filter or highlight my preferred airports in Little Navmap ? Maybe I've overseen something in the manual ?
  6. Maybe useful for you: Dassault DA50 Falcon 50 Checklist and Performance
  7. Unfortunatly, setting SW_TAXI_LIGHTS alone doesn't help. But I found formerly your hint "with respect to the beacon and strobe lights" in another thread: So, I checked fsuipc.log and found another control call as I switched on the taxi lights in VC: 344622 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66240 (0x000102c0), Param= 0 (0x00000000) TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS So I changed my coding and the combination of setting SW_TAXI_LIGHTS and calling ipc.control(66240) shortly after each other seems to work now: ... -- -- Parm 7/8 : Taxi Lights ON/OFF -- elseif ipcPARAM == 7 then taxi_lt_switch=ipc.readLvar("L:SW_TAXI_LIGHTS") -- get current taxi light switch value:0=off, 1=on if taxi_lt_switch < 1 then ipc.control(66240) -- Toggle Taxi Lights ipc.writeLvar("L:SW_TAXI_LIGHTS",1) -- lights off ipc.writeLvar("L:XMLSND68",1) -- switch sound end elseif ipcPARAM == 8 then taxi_lt_switch=ipc.readLvar("L:SW_TAXI_LIGHTS") -- get current taxi light switch value:0=off, 1=on if taxi_lt_switch > 0 then ipc.writeLvar("L:SW_TAXI_LIGHTS",0) -- lights off ipc.control(66240) -- Toggle Taxi Lights ipc.writeLvar("L:XMLSND68",1) -- switch sound end elseif ... Just to explain: for the lights, I use the On/Off-Switches of a VRInsight Tact&Toggle , so I cannot toggle, instead I have to separate the ON and OFF part. (For me, it's a shame that most/all "aircraft manufacturers" 😉 don't give specifications for their internal whistles and bells (LVAR and controls), as many "pilots" 😝 have external hardware...so we have to find it out the hard way...). BTW: your setting of XMLSND68 shed some light to the sound mechanism. So I will replace by the your inline setting of XMLSND68: function SwitchClick(fswsound) wavname="SND" .. fswsound .. ".wav" sound.path("FSW") SNDREF=sound.play(wavname) -- ipc.display("Playing " .. wavname) end ... SwitchClick(68) Thanks !
  8. I try to switch off the taxi lights by FSUIPC LUA (triggered by an external switch) with the following sequence: dummy=ipc.clearbitsUW(0x0D0C, 0x08) -- Clear Taxi-Lights Bit ipc.sleep(500) ipc.writeLvar("SW_TAXI_LIGHTS",0) -- Set Taxi-Lights Switch to OFF The switch changes its position and the taxi light goes out but one second later goes on again. So, how could I switch off the taxi lights correctly by FSUIPC ? Is it possible ?
  9. Not to forget: if NVIDIA Profile Inspector was used before, its settings have to be re-applied in the new driver (as you mentioned AA - in my case SGSSAA).
  10. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...and never touch a running system 😁
  11. Calvi LFKC and P3D V4.5 HF2 - does it work ? I installed it the last minutes, there's no scenery entry at all. Target folder is C:\...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\Calvi Sainte Catherine FSX3D It seems, I have to add it manually...
  12. BTW, regarding your AS_P3Dv4_Log 05/12/2019 00:54:09: Messages 21:09:49:0743-Adjusted windows firewall rule (AS_PIPE_PORT) ... 21:09:52:0456-Prepar3D connection established! make me think, you started P3D first, then AS. As I remember, it's recommended to start AS first, then P3D. As I do my whole startup with a small Windows script, every plugin and P3D itself in the correct order and timely separated (Win command CHOICE /T is the choice 😉) , in my setup it's done automatically. Maybe that's the reason ? Nevertheless, I experienced in testing situation where I start P3D manually, then later on AS, I remember it needs 1-2 minutes until the weather changes. From your log: 21:10:22:0471-Set mode to historical What I don't understand: 21:10:04:0646-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = N41° 17' 26.07" lon = E02° 04' 36.41" alt = 26 feet If I load EGNM, I see the message 19:18:18:0138-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = N53° 51' 31.36" lon = W01° 38' 58.30" alt = 686 feet. From Google Maps, with right mouse click, I see EGNM at 53°52'05.8"N 1°39'35.8"W, but 41°17'26.0"N 2°04'00.0"W is somewhere in spain ? BTW: check FSUIPC for its weather settings so it doesn't overwrite AS. The same for other plugins that change weather outside of AS. If nothing else helps, it may help to make screenshots of AS options, completely uninstall and reinstall AS, then check the former options and set them if necessary.
  13. I miss the following message in your AS_P3Dv4_SimConnectionLog.txt, maybe it's not pasted in the post: 20:50:59:0052-Post Connect P3D_Connected = False 20:51:08:0960-Pre Connect P3D_Connected = False 20:51:08:0960-P3D Connect Pre Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 20:51:08:0963-Sim general message:Sim Msg: fsx_simconnect is NOTHING ... 20:51:08:0964-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connection request sent ... 20:51:08:0966-Sim general message:SimConnect Msg: Data request sent ... 20:51:08:0967-P3D Connect Post Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 20:51:08:0967-P3D Connection Attempted 20:51:08:0968-Post Connect P3D_Connected = False 20:51:09:0163-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connected to FS 20:53:31:0515-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connection closed 20:53:31:0517-Sim general message:Sim Error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00000B0 Explanation: I started AS for P3D, then P3D, then loaded the scenario, at 20:51 I was in the VC. At 20:53, I stopped P3D, after P3D was down, I stopped AS for P3DV4. Did you install AS_Connect ("Hifi\As_P3dv4\ASconnect_p3dv4_install.exe") ?
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