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  1. Trie battery first as well as ext power then apu nothing.
  2. I have the IRS switched on. The panel should light up when there is power to the aircraft. No avionics switch.
  3. No other mods installed. Never even flew these aircraft before the updates.
  4. All, has anyone had trouble with aau2 and Kuro mods for the 787’s. I cannot get MFD’s and CDU’s to start up on the -10 and on the -8 none of the screens start. I do not have any other mods installed for these aircraft. I have power to the aircraft via the apu, however using ext power is the same. I have deleted and reinstalled both and tested the -10 without the -8 installed with same results. any suggestions are appreciated. thanks Phill Dant
  5. Thank you very much. At this point I think I’m going to pass. It seems like I spend more time messing around with the sim than flying it.
  6. So citing a response that is 18 months old is not relevant to my question. If it was I wouldn’t have asked again. thanks for nothing!
  7. Has anyone used poly voices in p2a? Is it cost prohibitive or worth the money? Thanks Phill Dant
  8. Every time I start a flight or change aircraft I have to go into the weather settings and set the button to real time. I set it in options as a custom profile but it doesn’t work. How do I default to real time? thanks Phill Dant
  9. Do any of you spad users know if you have to meet spad running in the background while running MSFS?
  10. Ok, I believe that I have figured it out. I copied my Baron profile to have a starting point for the King Air. I needed to change delete the ‘mixture’ settings and replace with “condition lever” settings. It started properly but while I was checking something else I forgot to increase my throttles a touch so the engines died but I think I have it solved. Will test again in the am.
  11. No active failures, I will try again to mess with the throttles. The bravo quadrant has been pretty reliable in the past.
  12. I do have fuel. I have tried with battery on, tried with ext power, tried with ignition armed and not armed. I have nothing on except the beacon light. I am considering uninstalling and trying the stock KA
  13. I have purchased and installed thr King Air by Black Square. I have watched many videos pertaining to cold and dark starting. I am following the included checklist, but no matter what I cannot get this aircraft started. I turn on the starter, watch the turbine rpm gauge and move to low idle. This is where I have my issues. The IT temp gauge remains at zero, from what I’ve seen this should spike then settle and the turbine rpm should increase but it never goes beyond 20 and the engine shuts down. can anyone see what I am doing wrong here? I have uninstalled and reinstalled just in case but as of yet I’ve only seen it run in videos.😩 Thanks Phill Dant
  14. All, I have been able to find the issue. After going over the guide again I noticed that in the pictures in the atc chatter section that the root folder path was blank in each picture. In my configuration it was populated with the root path for p2a. I cleared this and voila I now hear chatter.
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