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  1. Starting on page 59 of the manual is the description of the runways and gate tab. It shows airlines at the arrival airport in the drop down under the filter box. Mine is empty and even after I type in an airline code I get nothing and it doesn't save for the next trip. Is there some database that I should load to get this function to work.I choose KATL because I know it is a DAL base. It would be nice to pick a gate that is normally airline specific. Thanks My version is I may have answered my own question. Further in the doc it talks of taxi maintenance. it looks very labor intensive.
  2. Thanks Dave that makes sense.
  3. I am finding that I am constantly steep or late approaches because of late TOD's. Is there a way to fool the system into giving me an earlier descent or can you request descend now? Thanks
  4. Anyone know where to store the Simbrief plans in order to load a company route in the FF 777?
  5. Hi sorry if this has been asked before. Can you designate an arrival gate in your plan.
  6. I am using the file structure as found on page 108 user guide April 2019.. sent you a picture in an email
  7. I had atc chatter working in the past but recently I had to reinstall P2A and now the chatter doesn’t work. I have verified the folder structure and have played random chatter files. I was wondering if maybe it is a com selection issue. Does chatter play only on one com radio? As a backup I have been playing these through my plugin files.
  8. I can’t find the response from Dave right now but he had said that non towered airports will not support the unicom. I hope that I am remembering that correctly.
  9. Hi Dave, set this up as directed and choose the United States folder. I used this because it was working before. I used the “Country Folders” radio button and also tried “Controllers Folders” neither worked. Let me know if I may have missed something. BTW P2A sees my location and did play the atis upon connecting. Thanks
  10. Outstanding! That is what I was looking for. Thanks
  11. I have purchased and downloaded chatter. I understand how to install the controller files into P2A from watching the tutorials. I routinely switch from US flying to other countries and it looks I can install all of the folders into P2A but I am not sure of the the file structure there. In the manual regions are defined for the US as K1, K2 etc but looking inside of the chatter folders I only see US titles. How do you separate these into the “K” regions or is that necessary? Same pertains to the other regions, Europe, Africa etc. From the manual and tutorial I believe that I need the following: P2A..Sounds..ATC-Chatter..US and then copy the files from the Controller directory into the US folder and the same for the remaining Region folders. Doing this will then pickup the correct chatter no matter where I am flying? Thanks
  12. Ok thanks Dave. I will watch for this during my next flight.
  13. After many tries and failures with P2A, more than likely my fault, I have finally had a nearly successful flight. My question is about the differences in the altitudes in the plan versus what ATC assigned me. I received a descend to 5000 but the plan showed 12000 and I never received any instructions for transitioning to the ILS altitude of 2000. I assume it is something I did but not sure what. Lastly even though the plan showed the ILS24 approach the nav did not assign the correct frequency. I use navigraph and my data is current. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  14. issued solved, had to remove the local sql db, reboot and start p2a.
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