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  1. Hello, I come across so many airports that have interior modelling but missing one thing for that extra immersion and that is airport announcements including not leave bags unattended lol and maybe add passenger ambiance sounds as well Is is possible with current sdk?
  2. @Aamir Hello, One thing that FSL got right that no one else has ever in the history of flight sim is the soundset! its so immersive! Its mainly the cabin sounds that make it immersive and I am not sure if they're planned but below are some ideas from FSL add the mic option in the cockpit so we can make an announcement and when we move to the cabin we can hear it? Passenger chatter and movement sound and have the option for announcement recordings played during different stage of flight just like FSL They also recently implement a window shade logic which is cool One suggestion I have that can make it more immersive is to have a view with a tv screen that will show flight map something that the progam feelthere map did. Thank you 🙂
  3. How do I get in touch with the dev team? I would like to suggest some ideas for sound
  4. Flight simulator can get boring at times and Asobo needs to come up with new ways to keep the players entertained and I have this idea for a long time and not exactly sure how to put it in words so maybe start off by watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGkwu3TxuoE How awesome would it be to have similar challenges within the sim? I understand there are programs like Air hauler but my whole idea is for flight simulator to take the next step and for the player to see everything instead of just a few mouse clicks but rather visualise the whole thing in game and be able to interact with everything maybe even go further and you can enter the warehouse and select the pallets and decide how to load them and then even have an option to drive the loader vehicle to the aircraft. This obviously will require 3PD to create animated open hangars, model cargo bay of aircraft etc.
  5. Hello Everyone, I would like to thank everyone involved in making this flight sim possible including all the beta testers. This piece of software is truly a work of art! and every work of art not matter how magnificent will have its flaw < Asobo can you please quote me in Thursday update :P It is very obvious as others have stated that this was not ready for release but off course the bean counters at Microsoft are clearly not passionate about flight simming. I truly hope they fix the bugs or this could be a big PR disaster from closure of Aces team then failure of Flight in 2012 and then comes 2019 and many of us were being cautious but then came every Thursday update and the PR machine was on, telling us how they love and care for us and they have let down many people but its not too late as it just released I am optimistic that they will iron out the bugs as I can see that Asobo studio is very passionate and capable team and if they can please work on below as well. Night - Night is very bright and higher you climb it doesn't look nice - Red splashes on roads look ugly and I am hoping in the future update they could reduce it. - Ships are not lit at night? the ocean is vast and pitch black at night it would be wonderful if we could make out ships at night while cruising at high altitudes. - Autogen buildings look like Christmas trees at night -The overall night feel of default airports is very unrealistic AI - Dubai autogen buildings are so high you cant really approach from runway 12! -In Sydney AI has placed construction cranes instead of container cranes or maybe they have not created any assets for ship ports? that would be silly as so many airports are close to ports. - Why are all the cars in a rush? are they all ubereats drivers? I wont discuss default plane issues as that has already been discussed many times. I would also suggest Microsoft to mail out sorry cards to people who are upset :P Thank you.
  6. Restarted again and now it’s back to downloading but stuck at 45% like before 😔
  7. I live in Australia and got a $1 game pass to try out MSFS and started downloading it as soon as hit 12am here and left the pc on whole night to download. I wake up around 9 and it has only downloaded 3gb and there’s an error code anyways I start download again and it would constantly freeze and I had to pause and restart and finally it downloaded I think around maybe 30gb and it got stuck again. i restarted it and this time it allows me to enter the game menu but won’t let me fly because obviously it didn’t download the whole game so my question is has anyone experienced this and how do I download the whole game instead of the actual game launching? please don’t tell me I have to download whole game again I really don’t want to go through this horrible Experience again
  8. are you saying orbx knew about msfs before the announcement june last year and have been working on addons since then?
  9. Can we get sticky and list 3pd that have announced and shown photos of products in dev for msfs? since NDA has been lifted for 3pd far flytampa, FSDT, Iris, big tire production etc we can update as more 3pd show off their work
  10. I hope they do but considering it’s already in beta I don’t think they will further refine the area so hopefully in a future update :)
  11. I played the trailer and paused it frame by frame until I saw an airport overview and a few airport buildings look accurate but the rest are not accurate at all another thing that caught my eye was those buildings on approach to runway 12. Those buildings seem to be very brown, ugly and tall even the ones close to the airport? in real life its mainly 3 storey buildings and then warehouses as you get closer to airport but from this angle it looks like those buildings are obstructing approach into runway 12 lol and those buildings behind terminal 2 well there are a lot of high rise buildings in real life yet in the sim they're missing. I can also see a lot of important land marks are not modelled. I sincerely hope Flytampa will convert their Dubai city since comparing Dubai footage from initial trailer until now its mainly ugly brown buildings again I appreciate what Asobo and MS are doing and I understand they may have limited data on Dubai so hopefully in the future to have better access to make it more accurate. If anyone wants to see the screenshot I will upload it somewhere as I cant attach photos here.
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