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  1. one of them builds airports for the game. He told me that was his life. He takes weeks off, then gets an all-access pass to an airport, takes 40,000 photos, and then builds on it for a year. Bizarre, that's so great! That's exactly the kind of people we want. off course this must be the talented one and only Mir from Flightbeam??? really glad they're in talks with developers hopefully every addon that we like is available from day one!
  2. Please show us Asia and Middle east and off course the night lightning and airport ground operations
  3. My thoughts.... I believe movie studios can make movies using MSFS especially aviation movies and even documentaries imagine we get a remake of Air force one, Sully using MSFS or even air crash investigation series aircraft manufacturers and airlines can use MSFS to advertise their product for example an american airline flying over a detailed american city generated by azure or even an airline flying high above the clouds like in most airline ads but this time using MSFS we know MS is listening to our feedback to win us hardcore simmers but they spending big for MSFS to be modern and fancy so they can attract non simmers as well so I am sure they're projecting a lot higher sales than ones quoted above.
  4. One of the features I wanted to see was car dynamic headlights and after watching the video it seems like it has that feature!
  5. Road traffic would play such an important role in the immersion aspect and this can be further made realistic by having road traffic depend on time so more busy during day time but as it gets later at night less traffic. They should also take a step further and have more heavy trucks at night with their hazard flashing lights. Not sure if they have already done this but implement ai ships with dynamic lights so while you're cruising at an high altitude and the ocean is pitch dark you can make out those ships. I am also seriously hoping MS would make the night colorful so far I am only seeing orange lights everywhere from roads to buildings. Do they not have some sort of night data for roads and buildings that would help Azure place lights in correct areas and correct light colors?
  6. Orbx terrain products will become irrelevant for sure and I am happy because now they can focus all their time and resources on developing airports which translates into airports being developed and released quickly! I am also wondering since microsoft already had the photo scenery in place all the developers need to work on is improving the airport ground textures and also add the 3d models would that result in faster production times because I have read it takes longer to get the ground stuff done
  7. Hello, I just checked Asobo website and they are hiring and for those of us wondering if missions will be included the answer is YES just check the careers page they are looking for a mission designer for MFS 2020! and looking at the other job opportunities some of you can pickup more hints of what is to come https://www.asobostudio.com/careers
  8. is that p3d? if it is can you please tell me what addons youre using?
  9. working car headlights real vector night light including correct color hazard flashing lights on airport vehicles and even trucks on roads smart airport vehicles that stop when aircraft crossing avatar mode with flashlight like p3d
  10. Like many of you I also suspect MS team reading through these forums so until they open their forums and while they are still here....MS team I kindly request your team to get in contact with major developers release SDK and work with them so by the time MSFS is released most add on developers will already have learned the SDK and converted scenery or aircraft instead of us waiting for MSFS to release then wait until developers get SDK, learn SDK then publish this will result in customers not buying MSFS straight away until developers learn the SDK which can take ages. I know some companies may already have access to SDK like Aerosoft but please don’t ignore flytampa, flightbeam, fslabs, pmdg etc but please ignore some of the shady companies that release scenery that looks like it’s made for fs2000.
  11. For those concerned serious simmers are not Microsoft target read my previous posts and another point I would like to bring up is if this was for casual gamer that have no interest in simulating a real flight then it would include missions but there was no mention of any missions? what would most gamers that have little interest in flight simulator gain from flying randomly with no objectives it would get boring pretty quick. I have asked many people to try flight simulator they were fascinated by the scenery but they got bored within minutes lol another point that others have noticed as well just look at the difference in titles. The previous one was called Flight but this has simulator added to the title.
  12. MAYBE JUST MAYBE this will be geared towards serious simmers and also sell licenses to military, airline companies etc or else why would they invest so much money and incorporate satellite data and Azure AI? clearly, they want to show off technical advancements they have achieved in this arena and win contracts maybe they are planning to go the Lockheed martin route with this one except this time we can call this one a game and casual gamer can play as well. If this was for random gamer with no interest in flight simulation they would not bother with all the new technologies all they would have done is make it similar to previous version or make it similar to their other franchises but this seems to be big!
  13. What if they were working with developers for many years behind closed doors? Aerosoft did mention a while back they were working on a secret project and upon checking their forums work finished a few days ago coincidence? Is that the Aerosoft Airbus and Orbx Australia v2 in the trailer? also read JV post on orbx forums about future of flight sim last year where some of the stuff he said seems to apply to the direction Microsoft might be taking with this sim. I just hope Microsoft learned from their past mistake with flight and this time around did really collaborate with big name developers if not then they really need to learn from Lockheed martin and work with developers to make FS 2019 a success! I am of the opinion that a lot of people will withhold purchasing any new addons for P3D, FSX and maybe even xplane until Microsoft releases FS 2019 which will affect addon developers pockets so I hope we could hear from Microsoft soon to see if this is really the future sim or we could all go back to our ugly sims very hard after watching that trailer lol and if addon developers have been working with Microsoft I hope they can remove NDA so they could release statements about their plans.
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