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  1. Class refers to the type of airspace. Class G and E airspace tell you cloud clearance and visibility rules. Class D and C airspace require 2 way communication with ATC to enter, and class B airspace requires explicit permission from ATC to enter.
  2. Have you checked the audio panel to see if it is powered on. I have to manually power it on before it works for me. Even when using the RXP 750.
  3. I use the pop out, position and size it over the one in the panel. The touch screen does not work in VR while the pop out touch screen does. I've also edited the config file so the pop out does not show the bezel only the screen.
  4. What I do is to use the pop out window and position and resize it so it covers the 3d model in the panel. Then you can use the touch screen
  5. Here is a link that you may find useful. Go to "Sample 2: Making It Feel Real" for suggestions on joystick sensitivity. https://www.pilotworkshop.com/gsws
  6. First, thanks for this great product! Would it be possible when landing at a towered airport under VFR for the tower to assign the pattern entry based on direction of flight? This would involve adding some additional calls that would be recognized as valid. Entry points could be: Left Downwind, Right Downwind, Left Base, Right Base, Straight In Reporting points could be: Midfield (for Downwind entries), X mile base or X mile final Calls to add: <Tower Name><Call Sign><Distance><Direction from Airport><Current Altitude><Landing Intention>with<ATIS Code>/weather I don't think there would a way to validate the ATIS code unless it was stored somewhere in the sim that you could read, but it is required IRL so it would just be there to reinforce correct behavior. It would be cool that if the pilot left out the ATIS/weather at the end of the call that Tower would respond asking the pilot to verify the ATIS code or having the weather prior to giving him the pattern entry. Example: Approaching KSBP (San Luis Obispo) From the North East landing runway 29 Pilot: "San Luis Tower, Skyhawk 123AB Ten miles Northeast at Three Thousand Five Hundred landing with Bravo" (This could be used instead of the existing call "Skyhawk 123AB inbound at Three Thousand Five Hundred feet for VFR pattern entry 29") Tower: "Skyhawk 123AB enter Right Base 29 report 3 mile base" Pilot: "Enter right base, report three miles, 123AB" Pilot: "Skyhawk 123AB Three mile right base" Tower: "Skyhawk 123AB cleared to land runway 29" Pilot: "Cleared to land runway 29, 123AB"
  7. Here is a link to some scripts I created for VFR flights. They cover most of what you'll need. There are still a few things i'm trying to get down before I add them. VFR Scripts (Work in progress)
  8. I was able to see ground traffic at LPPR with the following settings. Matched Departure Time to current Sim time as shown in the Key Command Menu - Display Flight Info for Airport Max Number of Flight Plans - 10000 Traffic Density - 100 percent Percentage of Gates With Parked Aircraft - 0 percent Flight Plan Load Radius - 100 Nm Auto-Gen Ground Routes - Checked Auto-Gen Flights - Unchecked Add GA Flights - Checked Add Military Flights - Checked Number of GA flights to add for Dep and Arrival - 140 Number of Military flights to add for Dep and Arrival - Auto In the Key Command Menu under Enable/Disable Regions I have AFRE_Real_Traffic as the only region active. It did take about 5-10 minutes before I saw any planes pushing back from gates. Hope this helps you some.
  9. What airport are you starting at? If it is a stock one, I can try loading up there to see if I can get traffic to show. It wouldn't be until later tonight until I could try.
  10. In order to have traffic on the ground, the airport needs to have a valid taxi network defined. Open the airport in WED and see if it has a valid taxi network with ramp starts where you would expect them to be.
  11. rastpb, When you were having the issue, did you call ground first and get a taxi clearance. I think I had a problem similar to yours a while back and I think it was because I didn't get the taxi clearance prior to calling tower. Tower kept telling me to contact ground. I have had instances when P2A seemed to get hung and then all at once I would get replies to the last several calls I made. I just attributed it to P2A downloading weather at the time.
  12. This thread has some VFR scripts specific to pilot2atc. VFR Scripts (Work in process)
  13. rastpb, Checkout this post, VFR Scripts (Work in Progress). It may be of some help. When I do closed traffic I don't setup a flight plan in P2A.
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