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  1. Remember how much faster the 3080 was going to be than the 2080? Smoke and Mirrors In real life increase in speed remains to be seen Regards
  2. Any Ideas how to use Pilot2atc in vr. Regards
  3. So I have My HP Reverb G2 working wonderfully In Steam DCS Using Opencomposite, OpenXR Tools for Windows, OpenXR Toolkit and WMR. My question is what the most efficient way to Start Steam MSFS in VR ? Regards
  4. I purchased his lessons and was disappointed in many of the lessons most were 2- 5 minutes long not enough information. They helped me but for $50 us I got a lot more out of utube for free
  5. In ten Uh, Long before ten years Microsoft will pull the plug, no more server, no more weather, no more.. and finally no more beta's
  6. More info it works if you click test on voices page. But if you try to use say it with the ivona voices it will crash p2a to desktop every time
  7. If i turn up ivona voices from default 75% to around 90 or above it crashes P2A. This happens in both current and beta versions
  8. LIve and breath the Hind in DCS now and for the Last few weeks. Keep MSFS updated and and made a few flights but I'm absorbed in the Mi-24P on the Rotorhead Server (Weedr 66). Regards
  9. They have a tiger by the tail barely holding on to it. We have already seen the best times for MSFS on a PC. Based on their record so far I expect nothing to get any better.
  10. How can any game franchise last for 10 years. With constant free server support for weather and Navdata. I think not! Don't kid yourselves after Xbox sales dry up so will MSFS. Flight simulators have always been a fringe industry. Nothing has changed. We simmers that will buy hardware and PC's and support MSFS for the foreseeable future are only in the tens of thousands world wide. What is the average life span on any XBOX game. The grand experiment of "You can fly over your house" will only support XBOX Sales for so long. Add to that the many little things that add to the immersion like, ATC, Traffic, Ground Traffic. Melted buildings. Coastlines, Water mask, Icing, on and on. At this rate many will never be fixed. Enjoy MSFS for what it is right now. These are the best times for this software.
  11. They have been fixed! Ooops that's only on Xbox
  12. I have moved on currently delegated to another steam app that takes up space on my SSD's The only reason I come here now is hoping, hoping something positive from Adobo. I see nothing positive.
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