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  1. LIve and breath the Hind in DCS now and for the Last few weeks. Keep MSFS updated and and made a few flights but I'm absorbed in the Mi-24P on the Rotorhead Server (Weedr 66). Regards
  2. They have a tiger by the tail barely holding on to it. We have already seen the best times for MSFS on a PC. Based on their record so far I expect nothing to get any better.
  3. How can any game franchise last for 10 years. With constant free server support for weather and Navdata. I think not! Don't kid yourselves after Xbox sales dry up so will MSFS. Flight simulators have always been a fringe industry. Nothing has changed. We simmers that will buy hardware and PC's and support MSFS for the foreseeable future are only in the tens of thousands world wide. What is the average life span on any XBOX game. The grand experiment of "You can fly over your house" will only support XBOX Sales for so long. Add to that the many little things that add to the immersion like, ATC, Traffic, Ground Traffic. Melted buildings. Coastlines, Water mask, Icing, on and on. At this rate many will never be fixed. Enjoy MSFS for what it is right now. These are the best times for this software.
  4. Look at upside DCS World 2.7 is out tomorrow
  5. They have been fixed! Ooops that's only on Xbox
  6. I have moved on currently delegated to another steam app that takes up space on my SSD's The only reason I come here now is hoping, hoping something positive from Adobo. I see nothing positive.
  7. I read an article that they did test on some 3080's that were used extensively at overclocking rates 24 hours a day and notice a decrease in performance over time. Beware of buying a used, Open box , As New piece of junk (anything) off of ebay when bitcom mining does crash. You are libel to get a mining rig that is burnt out. In fact when all of these tens of thousands of 3000 cards are no longer needed EVERYBODY will be trying to sell them as New or almost new used lightly never used ect. Im not sure who I would buy from. Regards
  8. Didnt know that. Sorry T how bout this one. These are all 3080's. Tell me this guy did not have connections with Newegg Oh but we can go to Newegg and get a lottery ticket to get the chance to buy one.
  9. Sorry Video wont show up because my work has youtube locked. But thats how I feel about the Nvidia anyway.
  10. Give me a break. I'm tired of Nvidia releasing vapor cards that nobody can get unless they have an inside angle or pay three times the retail that Nvidia is helping to scalp, Releasing word not allowed 3060s, stopping productions of the 2000 series cards and allowing elaborate bots to buy up all availability for overpriced resell and bitcoin mining. Nvidia is almost the only game in town but I don't have to like it. This is why we cannot get any 3000 series cards
  11. I cannot count how many times I have tried to add procedures with Navigraph navdata in my community folder only to find they do not exist for many of the large airports. Got out of MSFS started up again without Navigraph and the procedures are back. To many conflicts with freeware and payware airports. Something about if runways are not correctly added and the layer numbers in the XML files are not in a certain order MSFS with not use the Procedures. I made the fix work posted by Navigraph for KORD. The other day did not have Stars for KATL with same chgs to xml Just not worth the hassle. With default MSFS data I never have any problems. There may be a few procedures or Approaches missing sometimes but not all Sids or Stars Regards
  12. I started to get CTS's and Breakpoint errors before loading to airport was complete yesterday. Thought it was a mod. So I removed one mod at a time, same errors sometimes it would load and fly not very often though. I finally went down to just the C208 with nothing in community folder. Same Errors. I'm thinking what did I change DCS worked great, not the new video drivers. Then I realized that I was going thru Windows performance Sat night and noticed I had a 48gb custom paging file. I removed the swap drive and left it at No Paging file. I never swap mem to hard drive with 32gb memory so I thought this was ok Changed back to System Managed Size rebooted and no more CTD's or Breakpoint errors.
  13. Adobo needs to get this fiasco behind them. Marketplace will dry up, Developers will think three times before putting any resources in this, You tube videos have already come to a halt. There are only so many first time buyers out there. I really wanted this to be the ultimate SIm and it looked like just that when it was released. I built this computer just for it. I really don't see much of a path forward for MS2020 if past history is any indication. All we can do now is wait and hope for the best. No complaining or voting will do any good. They either have the ability or not to keep this franchise going for another few years. Regards
  14. Nope bad stutters on approach to ksan. thought it was a fluke. got on here and saw i am not alone. The sim has seen its better days
  15. Looks like I was dead wrong. But being the eternal pessimist that I am. I hope I am wrong in the future. Perhaps Ill shut my trap. May be people like me are need to get people off their butts and get things done. Cheers to Asobo and their efforts. Regards
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