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  1. When I select a waypoint on a star to go to direct it turns my plane around and flys to the previous waypoint. This is a know bug. Please tell me how to get around this.
  2. I really was just curious. No one was talking about it. Yeah I know I threw gas on the fire. But I though it would come out tomorrow was just wanting confirmation and my frustration came out. I'm ok with deleting this thread seems like almost every thread now has become a grip thread I apologize for starting another bad thread. Regards
  3. Short hops without sids and stars overlapping are hard to find. I'm not sure since this was a problems in the alpha we will every see it fixed. Not sure what I'm looking forward to based on previous patches. But you know It will probably make Xbox users happy.
  4. Is there a new patch coming out Thursday Sep24 or do we know yet. Regards
  5. Im having similar problem. Since the last patch my Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle is sometimes not working in MFS. When I exit MFS and go to the Thrustmaster Calibration app it shows it there but none of the Controls are active. I have to reboot and then it is working again. Another bug in MFS. At first I thought its was a USB boot error I have had those and solved them by turning off the computer and switching usb connections with another port. I those cases Windows could not find that controller. In this case the controller is still showing up in Windows with all the buttons and axis there but they do not respond to input. So may be MFS is turning them off like you think. So many bugs I worry this game might go down in flames. We need to see some sort of Light at the end of the tunnel. I hope the next updates will solve more problems than its creates. Regards
  6. I have tried to fly five complete short hops 150-200 milesi inthe last two days and had these errors All flights had uncontrollable pitch up on take off that led to stalls and recovery Most flights blew through altitude restrictions Using stock navaids and MFS planning impossible to fly stars and approaches using approach mode, will not decend using fmc altitude restrictions, erratic speeds, turning around on stars, Does not fly to current waypoint always next waypoint Fly to direct causes the plane to turn around to the last waypoint Most or all of these ocurred with or without a320 mod No comments except I worry that all of this might be a bridge too far for Asobo
  7. Don't shove thrust to the stops set it on Flex mode one notch past climb thrust. already programmed on the Takeoff page to temperature of 20 degs. It allows a derate of the engines.
  8. Three things 3d party developers all took advantage of in previous versions of Flight Simulator were Weather, AI Traffic and ATC, it remains to be seen how much further development Asobo will implement. Do they want to improve these to a point there are no need for 3d party developers to improve them. In the future would Asobo create addons for extending the realism of the sim Right now its way to early to be throwing cash into addons
  9. I have the same problems with my frames locked at 31 in MFS very stuttery, In DCS completely smooth I quit using Track IR in MFS .The combination of saved views and the 8 position POV on my TWCS Throttle provide me great situational awareness
  10. We bought the DCS modules knowing they we not fully implemented yet. I don't recall Microsoft saying the weather or the seasons or traffic were not fully functional yet
  11. Members 4 21 posts Location:Southern Indiana So many things that are truly not working Im not sure if they will every be fixed. Take Seasons for example. Everyone says when bing updates the planet we will have seasons. I have interstate constructions projects on my Scenery that were completed over a year ago. How are they going to update the seasons. And the trees are evergreen all year around. There are no trees without leaves. Perhaps I dont understand. My Only reference is DCS. When DCS released a DLC as beta everything worked correctly except those things they clearly stated are not integrated yet. There are very few bugs and they are addressed very quickly. I know its all been said before and I know most people are tired of hearing about it. And its only been a couple of weeks since release. But right now after the new wears off except for VFR the immersion is not there yet at least for me.
  12. When I say I give up I mean I give up for now. I think I just need to go back to DCS for a while.
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