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  1. C525B

    P3Dv4.4 Bug?

    No ideas, but that would be really annoying. I haven't installed V4.4 yet so I can't confirm this but if you did a full reinstall that would seem like the most likely issue. Tell Carenado through their ticket system...that's all you can do at this point. Don't a expect a fix from them any time soon, though.
  2. C525B

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    "Improved ProLine"....😝 I guess I'm just a big cynic. I'll believe it when I see it...their current PL21 is broken in P3dV4 in all the aircraft that have it. All map and waypoint icons are missing, but they didn't even bother to acknowledge my support ticket.
  3. C525B

    Systems issues -- submitted to Carenado

    Thanks. I have given Carenado-Alabeo plenty of my money over the years. In fact, their aircraft make up a majority of my active stable of aircraft. So, I'm fine with an expectation of "lite" or "basic" systems. The King Airs, AC690, Cheyenne II, Citations, Premier...at the very least the switches are all there and they have the correct positions. That's my basic expectation of them...I think it's pretty fair. I don't need the ability to simulate emergencies or abnormals. The problem for me is that they're inconsistent, even as far as a "lite" aircraft goes. When they get basic switch-ology (I don't even mean the workings of the systems...the physical controls, their labels, etc) wrong in a way that is glaring or silly, I think it's too much for me. The overhead on this Shorts is all messed up in a fundamental way. This is the aspect that makes me question if they have any respect for their customer base at all. Of course...if you go on their Facebook page, 90% of the comments are DEMANDS IN ALL CAPS THAT THEY MAKE THIS AIRPLANE OR THAT AIRPLANE so maybe they do know their base and there's a huge swath out there beyond Avsim users.
  4. FYI for anyone considering this product or otherwise invested in it... There isn't a ton of information readily available about the systems operation of the Shorts. Not that Carenado is known for making a grand effort, but there are a number of glaring issues that make it very hard to pretend that you're trying to follow a procedure. I spent some time with the only readily available POM I could find here (linked elsewhere in this forum...h/t whoever it was that posted it first): http://www.avialogs.com/viewer/avialogs-documentviewer.php?id=2513 . As it is a POM, it is not a full training document, but a general overview of systems. However, I was able to glean some basic points that I sent to Carenado. So the systems are horrendous, but I mean..It's a really nice model of a mostly un-loved workhorse...and they animated the fans! ----------------------------------------------------- Exterior model: the left landing light has its lens illumination tied to taxi lights by mistake. Engines: -The RTOP/AUTOFEATHER buttons above the engine gauges should not be buttons. They are just indicator lights and the top and bottom halves are separate lights (i.e. ARM vs. ON). -Autofeather is always available in the SD360 as far as I can tell. The only switch it has is the TEST switch on the co-pilot's side, but otherwise it's always on, so the autofeather ARM/ON lights should be working as they would in a King Air (for example). -RTOP ARM should be displayed when the respective RESERVE POWER switch on the overhead is turned on and both engines are above 88% Ng (so basically the same conditions as the AUTOFEATHER ARM light). If there was engine failure, RTOP ON would illuminate on the good engine side, and the dead engine side would go blank. If both engines are off and you turn the RESERVE POWER switches ON, then both RTOP ON lights illuminate...this is the pre-flight test for this system. Bleed air/environmental: -The bleed switches are the two small black buttons at the top that light up "P2.5/P3" when they are pressed. Right now the MAIN FAN switch is controlling the bleed valves (or at least the two valve indicators)...that's not right. The manual says that the P3 valves should take a few second to open, so I bet the P3 text inside the button wouldn't light up for a few seconds after each button is pressed to turn the bleeds on. -The valve indicator for the MAIN FAN/RAM AIR switch and the two indicators for the GASPER/RAM AIR switches are showing the valves are open when the fan is on. The valves should ONLY show open when these switches are placed in RAM AIR. Hydraulic: The hyd. press gauge is always showing 3000 psi. It should only show pressure if at least one engine is running & the hyd pump on the running engine is on. Lights: The emergency exit lights switch is missing its labels. As with most planes, there is a little light above the switch to show that the lights are on. That light would only come on if the emergency lights switch is ON...or if the switch is ARMED but you lose all electrical power (both generators and battery). Anti-ice: Why is all the anti-ice equipment is "EQUIPMENT DEACTIVATED"? I guess we have an airplane that's only flying around the Caribbean islands. The bleed air SHUT/NORM switches only control is bleed air is available to the de-ice boots. The 5 green lights on that panel show when each section if the boots is firing based on the timer. The TIMER switch is what causes the boots to activate in sequence. The TIMER switch has three positions 3 min cycle (UP), 1 min cycle (LEFT), off (centered). Right now it has no effect. [[The way it looks now...you open the air supply for your boots and the wing boots all inflate continuously and nothing happens on the tail...yep, that's definitely not airworthy and should be MEL'd, but they think people want to pay for surprises like this?]] Fuel: The three valve indicators on this panel should also be clickable push buttons as well. The first is the CROSSFEED button that's down near the bottom of the fuel panel. The two button next to the fuel gauges are the levelling valves...right now, the indications there are linked to the BOOSTER PUMP switches, which is not right. You open/close the levelling valves independently by pressing the on the button/indicator. Electrical: There are a few problems here. -The two Volt/Amp meters next to the left/right gen switches should always show battery voltage as a minimum. Same for TAIL BAT voltmeter. These go to zero if the generators are off, so right now you have no way to see battery voltage. -The GROUND SERVICES & RIGHT SHED BUS switches are normally left in NORM. In that case, the indicators below each switch should show that the bus is connected (green) only if the respective generator is online. If you put the switches to O/RIDE, then that forces the bus to connect, even if the generator on that side is OFF. EMG always forces that bus to disconnect. -The bus tie indicator at the bottom of the electrical panel appears to be blanked out at the moment. It should be controlled by the COUPLE position of the generator switches. If one of the generators is placed in COUPLE, then the bus tie should close (show green along the line) and the working generator will power everything. This situation would also bring power to the GROUND SERVICE/SHED BUS on the other side, assuming that its switch is in NORM. Right now, the COUPLE switches do nothing except turn off the respective generator...COUPLE controls the bus tie, but it should leave the generator online.
  5. C525B

    First impressions

    That's great info, Andi. So how do you lean this airplane, in real life? Does the fuel servo incorporate the steep fuel flow curve you described...or do you have to lean significantly for climb and cruise?
  6. C525B

    GTN 750 integration

    If you're already having FPS issues with the Citation, the GTN might be too much for your system. But....it depends on which GTN version you have. I have both the Flight1 GTN and the RealityXP versions and I find the RXP is much more performance-friendly. Honestly, I really have no more use for the Flight1 Garmins now that RXP is back in business. RXP's performance and integration options are so much better.
  7. C525B

    Update for C90B HD P3D4

    I mean, if Carenado had to re-work the whole panel to add a GTN bezel, the inertia probably would have been too much for them to do any kind of substantial update. FWIW, I installed the first P3Dv4 update they provided for the C90B, and the exterior shadowing was all messed up. The model clearly needed some adjustments, so I'm really happy to see this update. They added their signature fresnel-ramped reflections and light blooms to the exterior. In real King Airs from this vintage, the spot where you see the GTN is where the FMS would be located, if equipped. I suppose if you had an airplane like this in real life and wanted an easy all-in-one WAAS + ADS-B solution that didn't require sending the whole panel to the machine shop, it might make sense. Not saying it's ideal but, if it helps the whole thing make more sense... Check the cockpit photos of this aircraft. Lest we forget that you can still use the GNS430...
  8. Yeah, that's the general idea. One difference vs. the Lear is that you have to turn the ignition switches ON in the Cheyenne to have ignition during start. In the Lear, that system is enrgenized automatically by the starter circuitry.
  9. I don't think you would hear the igniters ticking at all from the cockpit (unless you left the storm window open or something). A realistic effect for small turboprops would be the beeping that you sometimes hear in your headset or over the cockpit speaker when the igniters fire...it comes from electrical interference between the ignition system and the audio system in older aircraft. I have a file I can send you that simulates the above...the only problem is that since the ignition switches have gone wonky in P3Dv4, you sometimes can't turn off the ignition and you'll be stuck listening to the sound.
  10. The different avionics options install different model files, as well. There are potentially 6 different model files out there, i.e. lite/full versions for the standard, GNS, and GTN. This came into play with the AC690 where they had panel lighting bugs in 2 of the 6 model files.
  11. C525B

    Repaints available

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoy N31BV...that was the most time-consuming out of all, although I think N690CF is still my fav. FYI, there's a neat scenery for N31BV's home field. (Also a video of the real airplane there). Pretty fun trying to get in there after clearing all the trees...you better be right on speed!
  12. C525B

    690B Discrepancy List

    I think the quote being referenced by @rightseat is this: My reaction was not quite as dramatic, but I did find it ironic in the sense that Carenado's interpretation of systems and avionics is frequently and obviously wrong. Many community members spend time acquiring and pouring over real manuals for the aircraft in question, but Carenado's devs don't make any attempt to discriminate between the feedback of a knowledgeable vs basic user. I have had interactions with Carenado developers where they remained incredulous in spite of clear evidence provided. An example of this would be the Phenom 300 Navigraph Extension...the GPS CDI aligns itself to true course vs magnetic, even in the latest update. I thought that was a laughable and easily-fixed mistake, but when I wrote them about it ad nauseum, I was blown off.
  13. C525B

    ENVSHADE released.

    I don't think you'll find a consensus in this thread without starting more arguments... try the URP shaders first (free) before you buy anything. I've tried all three and these are my thoughts... PTA - probably tried 20 presets, didn't find anything that provided the balance I want. I think if everybody took the time to learn the tool and spent the hours & hours & countless sim restarts it takes to make a personalized preset they would eventually make something that suited their taste, but that's a huge commitment. EnvShade (without EnvTex). EnvShade seemed to be a good improvement over stock and better than most of the PTA presets I tested, but I haven't tried it in all conditions yet. URP - heavy on the contrast and all the presets have a heavy sepia tone, but I love the aggressive shadows, sunset/sunrise colors, and the look of haze. I edited some of the shaders manually to dial back the sepia and I haven't found anything better since. Still has some artifacts/glitches...some you will find with all shader mods (inherent to P3D, cloud-induced shadows disappear/reduce at certain camera headings) and some seem to be unique to the particular settings URP uses (miniature cloud shadows that chase the camera...occasionally) URP is free, PTA is cheaper than buying an aircraft add-on, EnvShade costs less than lunch.
  14. Was anyone an early-adopter of the FSX PILOT "INTL SALES" (no VAT) and purchased at Simmarket? I remember buying that the first week the Q400 was out, >4 years ago. I never upgraded to the PRO version previously, but am interested now. This "INTL SALES" version is obsolete now, I think, because of improvements to Simmarket's store, and you can't find it in the catalog any more. I figure I can save ~20EUR if I upgrade to the 32-bit PRO version, then the 64-bit PRO version...the only problem is that Simmarket shows the "INTL SALES" version as ineligible for any version of PRO. Their support people will not acknowledge the problem. I'm not mad about having to give Oleskiy & co. a little more money for a great add-on, just about the failure of Simmarket to acknowledge a clear oversight. If I go straight to the 64-bit PILOT EDITION, it shows the discount. Does anyone have some insight if this is related to the way Majestic specified the discounts to Simmarket, or Simmarket itself?