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  1. The model is beautiful, although it is a mish-mosh between a G2 & G3 version...this probably doesn't matter to 85% of the users. The sounds, like most of the other MFS planes I've taken up so far, are an incredible replication of the real thing. As noted by @mad axeman, the mixture in the MFS SR22 only seems to function as an on/off control. It acts like it has auto-mixture on full-time. I think the devs may have been confused by the fact that the Cirrii have an altitude-compensating device in the fuel injection servo, but you still need to adjust the mixture for different phases of flight. Physics-wise, the drag from flaps is excessive. In the real thing, you use about ~15% for a stable final approach, but the MFS model needs like 45%. There is no trim indicator. The stick should move fore and aft as you adjust the pitch trim, and the trim scale is a decal on the shaft of the stick where it goes into the panel. However this animation is not modelled, so you have no way to set the trim properly for takeoff. That's not true. Although they work via different mechanisms, the mixture control in a fuel-injected engine works the same as carbureted.
  2. I can’t reproduce it when I deliberately try to do so. I can say that it always involves the element of a delayed start. Either because I selected the aircraft and then tabbed-out to fiddle with the weather or flight plan, or because I started the flight loading and walked away for a while. I think the bug is only showing up due to certain user habits. A clean re-install hasn’t fixed it, nor can I explain why it would as the aircraft is 95% XML. For now, my workaround is to load the flight with a default aircraft and switch to the Lear after. I have only done a couple flights with that method but will report back.
  3. Hi there! @MatzeH84 has already painted many of the aircraft you are searching for. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=&Author=Matthias+Hanel&CatID=root I've seen an ADAC livery here as well
  4. I'm pretty burned out after this one. I think it was worth it, though. I'm still not sure if the design was meant to be patriotic, or perhaps the owners attributing their wealth to stardust. Anyway, lots of work and details here that I hope will be appreciated. (Real aircraft)
  5. Well, then here's one more 😄
  6. I always appreciate a note from a prolific painter like yourself! Hope you're well, Tim. Two more flavors coming up. The old paint and the current scheme of N93LE, which appears to be configured for medevac. Again, both these have a metallic paint effect on something. Once you see it...
  7. Some of these 2-tone schemes are really catching my eye. I have another one after this.
  8. @Flysimware @ark It's not volts...as indicated anyway. I have the bug right now, but the voltmeter is showing >24V. It's possible the cockpit gauge could reference a custom Lvar, but Mark would know that. The set-up was: Loaded P3D with default F-22 flight as always. Selected the Lear (one of my repaints) and KSMX as the start point. Walked away from PC while it loaded, came back probably ~5min after it finished loading. Set "all systems off", then turned on Batt1 and AP lights were unresponsive to all three tests.
  9. @ark @Flysimware Flying the Lear a lot this week, trying to find the exact conditions that duplicate this bug. I have been trying all 3 methods to show the AP lights that Mark described above. It has been slippery...but I can tell you that it only happens if I you use the "all systems off" feature, even if it's not 100% of the time. If I had a guess, it has to do with some element of time. Either the amount of time the airplane sits before clicking "all systems off" or the amount of time it takes to start powering stuff up after clicking the shortcut. Maybe something in the "systems off" script gets stuck in a loop (under certain conditions) and forces the lights dark? It looks like one of your visibility triggers is (A:ELECTRICAL MAIN BUS VOLTAGE,Volts) 3.0 >...so maybe something is causing the battery to deplete?
  10. You are using Tomatoshade, though? A proper PBR treatment like the Lear has and a reflection profile from tomatoshade are different and incompatible. Have you tried what I suggested above? Restore the Lear's model from backup (if you applied a tomato profile to it), untick all "Advanced Reflections" options in tomato, re-apply the profile.
  11. Honestly man (I mean this to be helpful), I think you're setting an overly high bar for this add-on...especially if you're still using FSX. The LD767 was a remarkable add-on, but the only aircraft that are directly comparable are also airliners. Think about the effect of diminishing returns: the code required to make the last 1 or 2 systems work realistically (i.e. the reversers or the sound of the EPV) may be 100x more complex than the rest of the airplane, and that's why you see people talking about "sim limitations". Corporate aircraft just don't get that much love. Trust me when I say the FSW Lear has far more going for it than its competitors (Carenado). Plus, the Lear was released in 2015 and the dev is still here pushing out big updates.
  12. You need to load a tomatoshade profile that has the dynamic reflections disabled.
  13. I'm having trouble re-producing it on a quick flight, but it honestly feels like I'm encountering this one on every flight where I do a realistic cockpit set-up. I set up my weights, get everything ready to go, program the GTN etc...but when when I hit the AP test after starting, I get darkness. AP power switch was always verified on. Perhaps it has something to do with the time frame it takes before I start the engines (although I do have FSUIPC's infinite battery option checked, and I've used the Lear GPU on several of my flights). I will try a clean install and some more testing. I originally installed v4.2 as a clean install but it can't hurt to try again.
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