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  1. @Flysimware I just read the change note there. I truly you hope you don't take the commentary about the sound personally. You made a very good sound environment overall and it's clear that it was an effort...there are so many atmospheric effects that sound great. Broadly, the issue seems to be editing the recordings of the engines, and understandably that is pretty difficult. People just wanted a little more "waaaaah" and a little more drama in the ol' cochleas. There is a tool that can extract sounds from the Wwise .pck. I used it because I was curious. I can say that all of FSW's recordings are of very high quality, so I think the only problem was having too few engine samples across the RPM range, and maybe not loud enough.\
  2. That's smart. I wouldn't have thought to use SimBrief with GA airplanes...will start doing that in the future for longer IFR flights in the C414 or Arrows.
  3. It’s not possible unfortunately. Reality XP could not make this work with their GTN units either (P3D/XPlane), as it’s a limitation of the Garmin Trainer. I know that RXP has a working relationship of some sort with Garmin but there has been no indication that X-fill is ever coming to the RXP or TDS GTN’s….🥺. @Lerxtwood
  4. @Steve Dra Wow, I'm excited for that paint! (But I'm guessing not as much as @capceo) I would suggest checking out "av-fonts.zip" here in the Avsim library for the tail number. Looks like the Cessna factory font, but also perfect for many other GA/corporate aircraft.
  5. The phasing knob is not modeled. As far as what you are reporting about the props sounding more out of phase with prop sync ON, a possible explanation is that the prop sounds are slightly out of phase by default. i.e. When you are tweaking the RPMs manually you have synced the sounds but, the RPMs are not actually matched. This was something that had to be done with FSX/P3D legacy sound packs to prevent weird artifacts resulting from having multiple instances of the same sound effect playing at once. This trick theoretically should not be needed with Wwise sound packs but, as we know, many devs are still figuring out the new sound system in MSFS.
  6. The strobes are very dim during the day. If you zoom in on the light you can see it strobin'. They could be brighter I guess.
  7. I guess that checks out with the statements made elsewhere that fuel flow is reading 30-40% higher than the book.
  8. There might be some confusion here because red line shown on this airplane's airspeed indicator is not stall speed, it is Vmc. Vmc is the lowest speed at which directional control can be maintained with a failed engine (without considering specific factors)...it has more to do with running out of rudder and does not mean the wing is stalled. The blue line is Vyse, best rate of climb on a single engine. Actual stall speed is neither of these marks, and in general, would depend highly on actual conditions. I have not tried to fully stall the 414 yet but your flight test data doesn't seem too far off the mark.
  9. I don't agree with that...checking feathering, driving the pilot valves full open and filing the domes in the propellers with oil, is a different operation than retarding the levers slightly until there is a controlled drop in RPM. Both should be checked. I am willing to be wrong, but I would be surprised that the props on a 414 can't find the governors at wide-open throttle while on the ground. Yes, good point. The sounds need more work IMO. Most of the atmospheric sounds, switches etc., are pretty satisfying but the fuel pumps do not get drowned out by the engines. I also understand that MSFS sounds are a pain point for devs moving over from other platforms because WWISE is completely different in principle from the FSX sound system. Seems like it's easier to create 300 sound effects for switches, etc. (because those are single events) than it is to make engine sounds which involve a smooth transition between multiple samples and must consider multiple variables.
  10. Congrats on the new release, FSW! It seems there's a good buzz around this one. I have noticed a few things: Props: At the moment you can't check the prop governors on the ground, pulling the levers back (even at full throttle) has no effect. The prop governors are not effective until you are at flying speed. You can check feathering on the ground...that part works okay. With regard to feathering though, the normal "reduce prop pitch" commands don't seem to work to pull the levers into feather. I can only get an engine to feather by clicking and dragging the lever to the min setting, then clicking a second time to pull into the detente. Manipulators: When using legacy cockpit interaction mode (I never use "lock" mode), the direction of all 3-position switches is reversed. i.e. if I mouse over and see an up arrow, clicking makes the switch go down. Same for the mouse wheel. Flight director: In the GNS versions (only versions I have tried so far), G/A mode does not seem to raise the FD pitch. Moving the pitch wheel on the autopilot doesn't affect it either. I can only change the pitch by syncing pitch after rotation.
  11. The model is beautiful, although it is a mish-mosh between a G2 & G3 version...this probably doesn't matter to 85% of the users. The sounds, like most of the other MFS planes I've taken up so far, are an incredible replication of the real thing. As noted by @mad axeman, the mixture in the MFS SR22 only seems to function as an on/off control. It acts like it has auto-mixture on full-time. I think the devs may have been confused by the fact that the Cirrii have an altitude-compensating device in the fuel injection servo, but you still need to adjust the mixture for different phases of flight. Physics-wise, the drag from flaps is excessive. In the real thing, you use about ~15% for a stable final approach, but the MFS model needs like 45%. There is no trim indicator. The stick should move fore and aft as you adjust the pitch trim, and the trim scale is a decal on the shaft of the stick where it goes into the panel. However this animation is not modelled, so you have no way to set the trim properly for takeoff. That's not true. Although they work via different mechanisms, the mixture control in a fuel-injected engine works the same as carbureted.
  12. I can’t reproduce it when I deliberately try to do so. I can say that it always involves the element of a delayed start. Either because I selected the aircraft and then tabbed-out to fiddle with the weather or flight plan, or because I started the flight loading and walked away for a while. I think the bug is only showing up due to certain user habits. A clean re-install hasn’t fixed it, nor can I explain why it would as the aircraft is 95% XML. For now, my workaround is to load the flight with a default aircraft and switch to the Lear after. I have only done a couple flights with that method but will report back.
  13. Hi there! @MatzeH84 has already painted many of the aircraft you are searching for. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=&Author=Matthias+Hanel&CatID=root I've seen an ADAC livery here as well
  14. I'm pretty burned out after this one. I think it was worth it, though. I'm still not sure if the design was meant to be patriotic, or perhaps the owners attributing their wealth to stardust. Anyway, lots of work and details here that I hope will be appreciated. (Real aircraft)
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