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  1. Has anyone noticed that since the latest update that the map display doesn't fully occupy the space that it should? I noticed a gap near the top of the MFD and I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? I reported it to Carenado but it may be a VERY long time before it is fixed...
  2. Ron, Might you consider a Planesense livery?
  3. Thanks, I'll give this a try.
  4. Anyone able to fit the GNS430 into the Carenado Cessna Caravan HD?
  5. Hi, Any of you painters out there willing to try painting a Planesense livery (N391AF) ? Lots of photos online.
  6. There is a possibility that they included it with the last update of the Caravan.
  7. Western Airlines - N93117 Continental Airlines Captial Airlines Eastern Airlines
  8. If anyone is currently painting DC-6 liveries, here are a few for consideration. 1. Trans Caribbean Airways 2. Trans Continental (DC-6 Cargo) 3. Florida Air Transport (N70BF) 4. DHL Island Airways (N3443F) 5. Aerial Transit (N93BL) 6. Trans Air LInk (N874TA) 7. Northeast Airlines 8. Caicos Caribbean Airways
  9. In addition, it would also be nice to offer support for the RXP GTN650.
  10. I was finally able to give this a try and it worked quite nicely. However, I also tried doing this with an older Carenado aircraft (Cessna T210 Centurion) and the textures for the radio panel went black. Any suggestions on applying this to older products?
  11. Hi, For those using the new RXP GNS V2, is there a way of installing the new GNS gauges when using the RXP option?
  12. Has anyone been able to install the GNS430 in the PMDG DC-6?
  13. In comparison to the GNS units, the GTN units don't seem to be very "fluid" with respect to performance. Will there be any performance improvements in the next update?
  14. I'm also experiencing the same issue. This typically shows up after I select the 744 panel state. I haven't tried other panel states but this message appeared after the most recent updates. I'm using FSX SE along with GSX, Chase Plane and AS16.
  15. Was this issue reported to Alabeo? If not, please do so.