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  1. Does anyone have a Silver Airways livery with a real registration number?
  2. Update - there was no change to the log after changing DebugValue to 3.
  3. Ok, I will give this suggestion a try and report back. The laptop has an AMD card.
  4. I'm using a temporary laptop at the moment and it has an integrated card. I'm guessing this might be the issue so perhaps I'll just wait for my new PC to arrive.
  5. I just gave it a try but it still doesn't work and this is all that shows up in the logs. 19/07/23 12:04:36.287 01712 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 19/07/23 12:04:36.285 01712 INFO ] 19/07/23 12:04:37.719 01712 - ] # rxpGtnSim32.dll version 19/07/23 12:04:37.714 01712 INFO ] 19/07/23 12:07:09.266 11120 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6620 19/07/23 12:07:09.870 11120 WARN ] GTN 650.1 process is running as-admin
  6. Adding and setting the permissions for the username for the sys_nandi file. Here is my log file for the GTN 19/07/21 19:57:41.222 09612 - ] # rxpGtnSim32.dll version 19/07/21 19:57:41.220 09612 INFO ] 19/07/21 19:59:49.721 05584 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6620 19/07/21 19:59:49.779 05584 INFO ] C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\Packages\GTN\Bin 19/07/21 19:59:49.823 05584 INFO ] C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\Packages\GTN\data 19/07/21 19:59:49.889 05584 INFO ] C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases 19/07/21 19:59:49.932 05584 INFO ] C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\GTN\nonvol 19/07/21 19:59:50.056 05584 WARN ] GTN 650.1 process is running as-admin 19/07/21 20:00:04.984 05584 INFO ] GTN: 00 ..\..\lib\acl\tsk\uncertified\tsk_sim_win_crash_rpt.cpp(141) Line #141 Windows crash handler called.
  7. I've just tried the suggestion outlined and I've also updated to the latest version of the GTN gauge. Now, instead of being stuck at the "starting" screen, the screen remains black. The GNS gauges still work just fine however.
  8. If I may, I'd like to request these two liveries LIAT - Registation V2-LIA Caribbean Airlines - Registration 9Y-TTE (The most resent livery omits the "air jamaica" logo on the from if you are looking at google images)
  9. My FSX is working but the GTN gauge is still stuck on the black screen with "starting" shown on the lower left corner. The GNS series works perfectly.
  10. I've tried to delete the registry entry in question but this didn't have any effect.
  11. Just an update from my previous post, I was able to resolve this issue. Please disregard.
  12. I've just reinstalled the latest version of the GTN gauge and I've also reinstalled Garmin Trainers. Now I have a new issue. FSX SE won't start and I am now getting MFC80.dll , MSVCP80.dll and MSVCR80.dll errors
  13. I Can confirm that all files are located in these folders
  14. This is what my reg looks like (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) BinPath REG_SZ C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\ Bootstrapperlocaion REG_SZ C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{0cf89a63-832f-4334-96d5-45ff0c3bfff7}\GarminTrainerSetup.exe DataPath REG_SZ C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers DBDataPath REG_SZ C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases ShortcutkeyPath REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1)
  15. Are there significant differences with the GNS vs GTN installation process? Seems like this is specific to the GTN so with some guidance, I don't mind trying to solve the issue on my end. Are there any specific user account settings you will like me to change? I also haven't gone into the registry as yet. Norton antivirus is always disabled when installing products and no Garmin or RXP files have been flagged.
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