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  1. Such a weird decision to release it without pg I would have just paid someone else to deal with the exclusion stuff lol
  2. There's some decent ones out there If i were getting something prebuilt i would probably go with https://nzxt.com
  3. Loving this definitely getting this bird hopefully it does well so we get more aircraft like this instead of the same boeing and airbus aircraft all the time some old classics.
  4. Don't forget the Coolsky d-9 https://www.coolsky.no/aircraft/dc-9-classic As for qualitywings kinda shocked that the guys would just go dead silenet and not say anything it doesn't make sense.
  5. Waiting for the quest 3 lol pimax is way to much for my budget unfortunately hopefully someone from avsim gets to try or buy and let us know if all the youtube videos are true. its kinda ridiculous we still don't have something good and at a good price Chris what did you have before the pico4 ??
  6. Looks great! good price too...signed up... we really need more of this stuff for the sim would be amazing seeing a boeing and md-80 versions also.... I really hope one day we get a the full size versions without having to pay 100s of dollars.
  7. This is just my opinion but from what I have seen around its these 3 for me. 1: 7800X3d 2: 7950x3d 3: 13900K
  8. Hi all here's 2 reviews so far on the new cpu very interesting fps compared to the 5800x3d and the 13900k. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-7-7800x3d-cpu-review/4
  9. Very interesting thanks for the tests especially with the fenix and iniscene scenery I just hate it when people only show default stuff no wonder amd put the 7800x3D till april lol. but 7950x3d is still a great chip for everything and less power then intel.
  10. Great shots! love the old livery...hate the new one.
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