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  1. Al, I tried a fresh install ... no leftover folders or files Engines are running with BAT1 and both generators on and Chaseplane not loaded. Tested using GNS530 panel and not GTN750. Wx Radar is updated to P3Dv4.5 Testing on ground mostly..have not paid close enough attention to what happens in flight to accurately report but it looks similar. I noted the same behavior but I have also discovered that quadrant switch will always retract the spoilers but will not extend them except for the first cycle. "/" both extends and retracts if spoiler switch in EXT. Conclusion: There is a glitch somewhere in my system. I may not be able to find it. Thanks for a wonderful model. Steve
  2. Thank you. It is a new install on Windows 7 with P3Dv4.5. I do use Chaseplane . So I will try without Chaseplane and consider moving to Windows 10. The switch always continues to move with mouse clicks but there is no other reaction. Incidentally I find after the first cycle if the switch is in the extend position the standard keypress "/" then works to toggle the spoilers. If the switch is moved to the retract position "/" no longer works. I hope I am clear. Steve
  3. Hi, I have tried the spoiler toggle switch on the quadrant, the G1000 assignment and the Lua script. They all work perfectly for me and regardless of the view. But they only work for one cycle. After I extend and retract there can be no further extensions. I can't find this issue anywhere in the forum so I am thinking a reinstall. Anyone have a different idea?
  4. At Simmarket, PCAviator, Just Flight and other Flysimware vendors. All products for it looks like next 7 days.
  5. On the Carenado V35B Bonanza (in P3Dv4) I find that the tuning knobs are not functional. But the mouse wheel does work on the numerals and the frequency swap button also works. So it is possible to tune the ADF. Steve
  6. KMSY is clearly marked as for X-Plane 11 but there do not seem to be any flight sim requirements for the others. paradisca1
  7. In 2018 I bought an earlier Pacific island airport originally designed for FSX but now advertised as P3Dv4 compatible. And it mostly is except aircraft shadows on runway and taxiways are wrong. You either accept it or turn shadows off. I do not think this will ever be fixed. Steve P.
  8. If your currency is not GBP Paypal charges 4.5% conversion fee. My Visa charges nothing.
  9. I believe I was wrong about the further discounts. They are correct. Steve P.
  10. UK2000 has announced its annual sale. Except the site offers the baseline 25% discount but no more for purchase of two or more products. Perhaps this will be corrected in a few days. Also I think the 4+ 40% discount is meant to work for 5 or more products, not 4 or more. These are fine sceneries. Steve P.
  11. For the old timers out there PC Aviator has the GAS fleet discounted 50% and then 10% additional at checkout. Several are specified as P3Dv4 compatible while others just say P3D. If you like 1920-1930 radial engine tail draggers there are 12-15$. Steve P.
  12. They are, for the most part, well done. But comparable work from first rate developers are available for under $20.
  13. Jim, Thank you for your suggestions. I do have Lorby and it is good. Do try Hawaiian Photoreal and do not pass up George Keogh's smaller Hawaiian airports. They are jewels and can be freely downloaded at; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FINK6_EHG3_4vktzzwRQRAkgMgY9Vuwk/view I have found they work with default scenery. Steve P.
  14. HPS is Hawaii Photoreal Scenery.
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