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  1. Thanks for the spelling correction. I mean that I have bought sceneries from UK2000 and recently, LLH (great French airports). Both sell from their own servers and never charged a VAT. So what is different about Hungary?
  2. Thank you, Aharon for your attention to this. We may be looking at different sites. https://lhsimulations.com/webshop/ has no option except Pay Pal as far as I can tell. It looks to me that ihsimulations passes me off to Pay Pal with the VAT included. Pay Pal has nothing to do with the VAT. What's more if you go to the VAT policy link on ihsimulations page it does not say anything. It is looking to me more likely that there is no mistake in inclusion of the 27% VAT.
  3. My Pay Pal page shows €9.99 (not €7.99) and I think if I go further the transaction will go through. 2 € will not ruin me but the idea rankles.
  4. Thank you. But why does the cart page show the VAT after it knows I am in the US?
  5. I can do the math. I don't understand the VAT. Never happened before.
  6. I say that I am a US customer and the cart says 20% VAT. So it is a 30% discount?
  7. Here is a record of support at Logitech. They indicate their driver software can be completely uninstalled using the method they describe. Logitech Apologies for the delayed response as we are currently experiencing high volume of email. We are afraid we can not confirm if our drivers will work properly with FSUIPC. However, you can try to install the software and if in any case it does not work for you, you can always uninstall the drivers. You can find instructions on how to completely uninstall the drivers from this link*. Please refer to 'Uninstall a Logitech controller driver' article. * https://support.logi.com/hc/en-001/articles/360025178334-FAQ-X52-Space-Flight-H-O-T-A-S- StephenParadis 3048 4 days ago Thank you. The instructions are clear. Some flight simmers have indicated that the Windows drivers are not completely reinstalled. Are you certain your uninstall removes all registry entries? Or is there another reason for their complaints. Thanks again. Steve Paradis Alyzza 3 days ago Good day! Yes, the instructions provided in that article completely uninstalls the Logitech drivers. Should you encounter any issue with the device, please let us know and we would be glad to assist you with your concern.
  8. I have my Logitech G X52 Hotas working well in P3Dv4 using FSUIPC to assign and calibrate axes. I have not installed the Logitech software and am reluctant to because I am not sure that the drivers will cooperate with FSUIPC. I am also not sure they can be readily uninstalled and the Windows drivers reinstated as others have reported problems trying to do so. So why am I writing? Its the lights. You can't control them without the Logitech software. And the mutifunction display is not backlit so I can't use the timer. The mouse joystick does not work either. So can I install the Logitech software and still use FSUIPC with the stick? Thanks Steve P.
  9. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=398 30% off all products until?
  10. I will try Bob's suggestion. Nothing to lose although I suppose I could use autorudder and taxi with aileron. This happened after 13 months and the warranty is 1 year. It seems flight sim hardware is disposable. Steve
  11. I have just connected a new Logitech G X52 to P3D 4.5 with FSUIPC 5 and without installing Logitech software and drivers. Everything works well except I cannot vary the LED lighting and the MFD is not backlit. Granted these are small issues but the lights are too bright and the stopwatch would be useful. You cannot install the software without the drivers. Does anyone know if I can install both and safely uninstall the drivers and just use the software with FSUIPC without the problems discussed here. I have Windows 7. Thanks. Steve P.
  12. My problem is with the z axis which has worked OK in P3D until today. Now it goes full right but no left or a noisy partial left. Same signals in FSUIPC, Windows calibration or P3D. Am I correct in guessing I have a faulty sensor?
  13. After installing the v4.5 client I got a message on loading any aircraft with the Flight1 GTN 750 to run the Flight1 Updater which I did and it indicated sucess. Well, the GTNs seem to be OK but I still got the Updater message. I recall reading that the v4.5 Hotfix would correct the error message so I installed it. Then after 1 minute of splash screen the sim did a CTD. So I am back to v4.4 which seems good enough for me now. BTW I had to reinstall my Milviz Otters because I had updated them to the v4.5 WX Radar and they crashed as well. A cautionary tale. Steve P.
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