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  1. I have TS KABQ installed with Orbx FTX Global. Everything is great except the airport background polygon has a desert color that does not blend with the Orbx scenery or default scenery. It shows from miles away and looks artificial. You say this airport matches up with SimWest's KABQ. But that is airport scenery and I am unclear how to blend it with Tropical Sim KABQ. I would appreciated any help. Steve P
  2. I do not agree with comments about low quality visuals. They look good to me. I have not yet flown them. SteveP.
  3. Perhaps one of you can help me on the performance question. I have had the PMDG 737NGX for some time and its performance is OK. I would like to believe the NGXu will be no worse. I purchased the PMDG 737NGXu but have not activated it. I loaded the NGXu cold & dark (which is all you can do if it is unactivated) and its FPS (Pilot VC view) is the same as the NGX cold and dark. At take off state the NGX loses 2 FPS compared to C&D for the VC view. If I activate and fire the NGXu up should I expect it will be no worse than the NGX? I do not think if it has poorer performance it will work for me. Thanks all. Steve P.
  4. Here is the reply I got from Bill Otis: Hello Steve, The only files I know it would overwrite that is shared with other developers is one, the GaugeSound or SoundGauge DLL file. They are all the same one, so it wouldnt matter. Good to ask. Kind regards, Bill LHC I hope this helps someone. I am off to install the Trinidad. Steve
  5. I decided to install into my FSX (since I no longer use it) to see what happened. Same “overwrite” warning ..I accepted and it looked fine. Then I ran the uninstaller and it told me it wanted to delete three write locked files in my P3D\Fonts folder. Did I want to delete them anyway? They were quartz.ttf , LCD.ttf and a third one. I think you do not want to delete these as other cockpits need them. So I guess it is OK to overwrite what you have on installing the Trinidad. Anyone know different please say. SteveP
  6. When I tried to install to P3Dv4 I got message just before clicking install button: "One or more files are write protected. Do you want to overwrite them anyway?" I never saw that before and I had no idea of the consequences of proceeding so I aborted. Can anyone please clarify what this is. I have never write protected anything in my P3D root folder. SteveP
  7. Pardon for misinforming you. Steve
  8. I do not think I can use SIDs or STARs with my Carenado aircraft either with a Navigraph subscription or with the Carenado addon. That is true of the Embraer 300 for which I have both. Steve
  9. Dave, I use my Navigraph subscription for all Carenado aircraft that have an FMS. No need for the addon. Steve Paradis
  10. Yes, indeed. And this is a good looking scenery without an effects and a scripts folder so no add-on xml needed. Just put it anywhere and edit your scenery.cfg. Just like in the good old days. Steve
  11. I bought the Xtreme version of Glasgow last year. I think the HD upgrade has always been available to me at a 25% discount. With this sale I can now get it for 25% off but no credit for the earlier purchase. I like Gary’s stuff and I will get it anyway but it seems odd. paradisca1
  12. I received a very rapid response and the problem was caused by me. I have never been treated better by a developer. Steve P.
  13. It looks like Bill is not available at present. Does anyone know how to download his complete Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0. This web page seem to say its no go. Steve P.
  14. Right. Shipping to the US is as costly. What happens if you buy 5 boxed products? Do you pay 30 euros shipping for the lot?
  15. Al, I tried a fresh install ... no leftover folders or files Engines are running with BAT1 and both generators on and Chaseplane not loaded. Tested using GNS530 panel and not GTN750. Wx Radar is updated to P3Dv4.5 Testing on ground mostly..have not paid close enough attention to what happens in flight to accurately report but it looks similar. I noted the same behavior but I have also discovered that quadrant switch will always retract the spoilers but will not extend them except for the first cycle. "/" both extends and retracts if spoiler switch in EXT. Conclusion: There is a glitch somewhere in my system. I may not be able to find it. Thanks for a wonderful model. Steve
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