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  1. Pete, can you tell me where you uploaded the UT2 updates? It sounds very interesting.
  2. HARDWARE os: Win8.1 cpu: 4820K, 4.5 Ghz gpu: GTX770 4GB screen resolution: 2560x1440 INSTALL fresh/patch: fresh 2.0 + 2.1 patch List of other Flight Sims Installed: FSX, P3D 1.4 I/O controls: Saitek x52 pro, Saitek throttle quadrant THIRD PART INSTALLS USED: FTX Global, Simcheck A300 (INS) through EMT, Opus, REX4 (clouds only), FS Global 2010 ROUTE, TIME AND WEATHER: EBOS-EGNX, realtime (08:00Z, 16-12-2014), few clouds NOTES: * Simcheck A300 (INS) works excellent, smooth trip. I tried the new FMC upgrade too, but I couldn't get the AP follow the NAV. * VC between 30 en 50fps. * No blurries: cfg tweaks AM=85 (HT on); BATCH_LOD=3; TextureMaxLoad=30 * No NvInsp tweaks except power management. SETTINGS Graphics +-- FXAA: Off, MSAA: 4 Samples, Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x, Texture Resolution: Ultra +-- VSync: Off, Target frame rate: Unlimited +-- Tessellation Enabled: Ticked +-- Wide-view Aspect Ration: Ticked +-- MipmapVC Panels: Ticked Scenery +-- Radius: High, Tessellation Factor: Ultra, Mesh: 5m, Texture resolution: 30cm +-- Land detail textures: Ticked +-- Complexity: max +-- Autogen vegetation: normal +-- Autogen building: Dense +-- Water Detail: Ultra, Reflections: Clouds/User Vehicle +-- Bathymetry: Unchecked +-- Special effects detail:High, Special effects distance: medium Lighting +-- Landing-lights illuminate ground: Ticked, Lens flare: Ticked, HDR Lighting: Ticked +-- Shadow Quality: medium +-- Internal(Cast,Receive), External(Cast,Receive), terrain (receive) Weather +-- Cloud draw distance:60mi, Thermal visu: None, Volumetric Fog: Ticked +-- Detailed clouds selected, Cloud coverage: max Traffic +-- Airline: 0%, General aviation: 0%, Airport Vehicle density: none +-- Show aircraft labels: Unchecked +-- Road vehicle: 0%, Ships: 0%, Leisure boats: 0% And... I screwed the approach (too high, too fast), overshot the ILS but managed somehow to land.
  3. I have that combo (770 4Gb with Dell 1440p monitor) and it runs great with good fps and AA (FSX and P3dv2).
  4. I went from an IB 3570K 4.3Ghz to an IB-E 4820K 4.5 Ghz (1,34 Vcore). Temps with a Corsair h80i are about 10c cooler in a maximum heat stresstest (92C->83C with OCCT linpack). I haven't had the time to tweak it further, I think I can bring the Vcore and max temps lower. Temps with normal use in FSX is about 55-60C. Note that I use hyperthreading (4820K) and 3570K not. The 4820K is 4-core. I guess the average temps are about 10-15C lower than the IB on the same OC.
  5. I tried it, but unfortunately it's crashing P3D direct upon (d3d9.dll CTD). I did some searching on the net, but I didn't find a working case. I would be glad to hear too when someone got it working. Regards, Jeroen
  6. I bought it through Simmarket. In my account there's still the previous release (8-30-2012). Could Milviz say something when I can expect the update there?
  7. I have the same config (Dell u2711, 27" 2560x1440) on a Asus GTX670 2Gb. It runs fine on 16xS AA.
  8. Thanks, it works great! Very nice functionality for scanning for errors. I'm just looking for a complete airlines.cfg file. The one in the FSX folder only contains the default FSX airlines. Regards, Jeroen
  9. Hello Jeff, Can you elaborate how you can use ACA2005 in FSX? Thanks
  10. I've recently upgraded from a Eizo 22" (1680x1050) to this Dell 2711U. Both were IPS panels anyway, because I use it too for photo editing. I have nearly the same config, only a slight better GPU (GTX570) and 4.7 Ghz 2500K.Image quality is very good and the wider view is very nice.I had a small frame rate hit (3-5fps), but it depend very much on your AA settings and settings. Now, the nice thing is that the dot pitch is much finer (more dots per inch) so I can live with much lower AA settings. On my 22" i used 16xS + 2xSparsegridSampling , on the Dell I get a nice quality with 4x + 2x SparsegridSampling.I guess that you will do fine with the 560 Ti if you keep the AA on a decent level.No problems with stretching of panels.
  11. Chris_FL, I can replicate this too thanks to your comment, even after an fresh install of Win7 and FSX. I 'solved' it by tweaking the null zones in the Win7 joystick control panel, so that all (slight) movement is in the null range. That solved the crashes for me. Jeroen
  12. @PF772: I had exactly the same problem as you describe. See this thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/343443-crash-to-desktop-when-loading-ngx-my-solution-x52-flight-sysstem That was an solution for me, for now. At least when you happen to have an Saitek x52 joystick too. You have to unplug until a flight is complete loaded and presto. Regards,Jeroen
  13. Hello all, Marcel, thanks for the golden tip! I struggled two days with the same problem and tried everything (reinstalls of NGX, VC's, DirectX). The strange thing this problem only occurred after a few days of fine running... In my case it seems to be triggered by an install of a livery. I'm in contact with Ryan about it. I'll hope they can find the real cause. Regards,Jeroen
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