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  1. I had a great turn from/to ORD last night in the snow. Very happy I stumbled upon this gem!
  2. Hello All, I found that after applying both the exclusion and disabling the APX25160.bgl I was still getting white bands around the Taxiways and runways with "cloud shadows" on, but a clean/proper look with "shadows" off in P3Dv5.3HF2. Cloud Shadows on - https://imgur.com/a/ZakcwPb Cloud Shadows off - https://imgur.com/a/ZakcwPb I found the issues was with the "Snow Hills.bgl" file in the Winter scenery folder. I disabled that file and now see the proper taxiway and ground textures with winter textures enabled and shows on. Cloud Shadows on with "Snow Hills" removed - https://imgur.com/8NODNqK Now were back in business and looking forward to some hops in and out of GRR> Hope this helps anyone else with a similar issue.
  3. Interesting observations, I am running 3 different refresh rates and have this error regularly. I am going to try setting all to 60Hz and I'll report back. Do you have any further information/documentation on varying refresh rates being a known cause?
  4. UPDATE - It looks like the 411.63 drivers are too old for my current Windows version. I guess I need to go back down to B1904 which will require a clean install. Not sure if I have time to do that so going to have to hold off. There is a long thread on the MS support forum about this, 6 pages and no input from them yet... One of the reports directly specifies P3D, but seems to be a larger NVIDIA/Windows issue for all #D applications. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/event-65-appmodel-runtime/a2bfa9b8-f270-49e1-a20b-7ae513421743
  5. I am having this exact issue with my ROG RTX2080Ti. Currently using the Latest Nvidia Driver and W10B2004. I am going to try dropping back to the 411.63 Drivers now, I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. I do not have the iniBuilds profile for IAH but I do have it for other airports. I made the following change in regards to how many "light objects" are drawn and have had better results. I can't remember if this was a suggested change by iniBuilds or something I found elsewhere: [GRAPHICS] MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=1000 MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=1000
  7. Downloading now. Hope the FSLabs update comes shortly!
  8. Hi Cliff, I believe you already submitted a support ticket and we will continue troubleshooting there. Thanks!
  9. Are you running any scaling on your desktop resolution, if so can you set it back to the default value of 100%. As Rob mentioned please open a support ticket if you still have issues/scaling is not applicable. Thanks!
  10. Hello, what exactly is your issue as this is a very old post you responded too. Thanks!
  11. Hello, in a nut shell Global will provide more variety and full will provide better performance. Thanks!
  12. Hello, Are you using Windows 8/8.1? There is a bug with the UI we are working out. Please see the below beta version and try those: AS16/FSX: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/publicdownloads/hotfix083117/ActiveSky2016_FSX_Update.exe AS16/P3Dv3: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/publicdownloads/hotfix083117/ActiveSky2016_P3D_Update.exe ASP4/P3Dv4: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/publicdownloads/hotfix083117/AS_P3Dv4_Update.exe Thanks!
  13. Hello, Make sure that you are in "live Real Time Mode" in the top left corner of the AS client. If it says anything else go to the "WX Control" button and select live weather and that should do it. Thanks!
  14. Hello Gianluca, If both programs are installed there is no way to disable the auto launch. Thanks!
  15. Pleas ensure that you are running AS in "live Real Time Mode". If you continue to have issues please see our KB for common troubleshooting steps: http://hifisupport.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/List Thanks!
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