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  1. McLaren

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Downloading now. Hope the FSLabs update comes shortly!
  2. Hi Cliff, I believe you already submitted a support ticket and we will continue troubleshooting there. Thanks!
  3. Are you running any scaling on your desktop resolution, if so can you set it back to the default value of 100%. As Rob mentioned please open a support ticket if you still have issues/scaling is not applicable. Thanks!
  4. Hello, what exactly is your issue as this is a very old post you responded too. Thanks!
  5. Hello, in a nut shell Global will provide more variety and full will provide better performance. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Are you using Windows 8/8.1? There is a bug with the UI we are working out. Please see the below beta version and try those: AS16/FSX: AS16/P3Dv3: ASP4/P3Dv4: Thanks!
  7. Hello, Make sure that you are in "live Real Time Mode" in the top left corner of the AS client. If it says anything else go to the "WX Control" button and select live weather and that should do it. Thanks!
  8. Hello Gianluca, If both programs are installed there is no way to disable the auto launch. Thanks!
  9. Pleas ensure that you are running AS in "live Real Time Mode". If you continue to have issues please see our KB for common troubleshooting steps: Thanks!
  10. Hello, We are going to need some more information. Can you please let me know the Build number for AS and ASCA (if you are using it) as well as your P3D version. And if you can post a screen cap of the error that would be helpful too. Thanks!
  11. Hi Gilles, If you can please see if you can recreate this at a default airport using real or custom weather. Thanks!
  12. Hello Richard, Can you please make sure that your ASP4 client is in Real Time mode and not custom or historical mode. If you continue to have issues please submit a support ticket at the link below and we will be happy to take a deeper look. Thanks!
  13. Hi Gilles, We will need some more information. Can you let us know: Where and when this happened (and the METAR) what build of As and P3Dv4 you are using what addons are in use Do you have any custom effects installed (I.e FSFX)? Thanks!
  14. Hi Mike, I think this is the same topic I replied to on the HiFi offical forums so lets continue our discussion there. Thanks!
  15. Hi Mark, This is normal. Click on the "MAP" tab at the top, and then right click anywhere on the map and select "add custom Weather Area". Thanks!