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  1. I've never used WT2, but was wondering...what sort of FPS impact can we expect from WT3?
  2. I actually don't use shortcuts. I use sim links through the ortho4xp program. It is much more efficient for me. I tried shortcuts once but it was a hassle.
  3. I recall trying to use shortcuts as well but ended up ditching that idea. I think the issue was if you have a lot of ortho files, it becomes very tedious (I recall having to rename each shortcut and take out the actual word "shortcut" from the filename).
  4. Sounds like I better check my procedures. Good info guys.
  5. The other day I was flying the IXEG 737 (current version of XP 11) into Chicago's Midway (KMDW). Default ATC cleared me for a visual landing on runway 31C. I noticed in the approach page of the FMS that 31C has an ILS approach. So, I selected it and punched in the appropriate course heading, ILS freq., etc. The plane intercepted the ILS beacon and turned toward the runway. However, it never descended on the glide slope down to the runway. I assumed that I configured the plane correctly for a CAT III auto land (as I've done it before), but it didn't work. I'm wondering--if ATC says I'll be performing a visual landing, does XP11 disable the 'virtual' ILS beacon such that a CAT III isn't possible (even though it is a runway listed as having precision approach equipment?) (Sorry if some of my terminology is off....just an armchair pilot).
  6. I don't think you're the only one. I looked at the before/after pictures and my immediate preference is before...with the green yards.
  7. I keep everything except my ortho files on the main drive. My ortho's sit on a couple of 6tb internal drives. Use simlinks to point the orthos to the custom scenery folder on C:
  8. Besides what has been stated above, I think you just have to watch out for any paid add-on (IXEG 737, for example). I think those have to be uninstalled first.
  9. does anyone use this with the IXEG 737? Would it add anything to that?
  10. Got it working last night. I was entering my computer's IP address that's setup statically in my router (192.168.x.x). That is supposed to work but was giving me errors. I tried the address and it worked. Also pulled up the map on my networked laptop and could watch my plane's flight path while sitting downstairs. Pretty cool app.
  11. hmmm, I'm going to try it again this evening. Besides entering your computer's IP address and the data send port (49003) did you change any other ports or settings?
  12. Has anyone been able to get this map to work in XP11? (See link above). I keep getting an error that "more than one instance of XP is running" (when it is clearly not).
  13. As to the first point, I do tick the checkbox to generate overlays during batch tile generation. Admittedly, there have been a couple of times that I've queued up a large overnight batch and forgot to set overlay generation. So, that's my first problem. The second is that I've used multiple computers to generate tiles. Ultimately, all the tiles make their way to a centralized storage system, but some of those "other" computers didn't have the overlay source data so, I couldn't generate overlays. At this point, I've generated ZL17 orthos for the entire continental USA, Hawaii, the Caribbean islands and a chunk of Europe. I'd estimate that at least 60% has overlay data, but there is no way to easily tell what does and what doesn't. Also, I've discovered the "decal" setting and would like to add it to all tiles as well (there is another quick python script to just add decals). The Ortho4XP.exe program can certainly do all of this, but it takes a ridiculously long time for what is actually just a singular task. These python scripts get to the point and apparently work extremely fast. As you mention, running overlays when I want to may be an option (one I have not explored) but if I don't have the overlay data to begin with.... I'm not familiar with python and just need someone to enlighten me how to run a python script. Its syntax is completely new to me. Once I get that GUI open, I should be set.
  14. I've been filling hard drives with photo scenery using Ortho4XP...works great. But I want to go back and quickly add overlays to a large number of tiles. I have a python script to do just that specific task (which apparently runs a lot faster). Could someone help me get this going? I can't get the gui window to open. Here is the script: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37102-overlays-batch-builder-for-ortho4xp/ "Requirements notes: you need a fully working python environment with all the Ortho4XP dependencies installed. If you are just running the Ortho4XP executable, you may need to install these dependencies. Installation: Drop this script under the Ortho4XP folder Running the script: Run the python interpreter in the usual way: python Overlays_batch_builder_4_Ortho4XP.py"