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  1. My understanding from the videos is that the sim will tweak itself on the fly based on your internet connection. So, if you are Mach 2 over New York, it might throttle back the scenery. But if you are at FL570, it might not matter because the building/land detail is so much lower. And, as a last point, this is probably where flight routes and use of cache will help. You can cache the data of a route on your computer locally. So if this is a typical route that is cached, it’s probably just up to you rig to run it.
  2. I encounter the same problem with landings. I use Xenviro for weather and WT3 (both, the latest/updated releases). When I land at Midway (KMDW) I'm frequently on short final with an AI aircraft also on short final on the opposite end flying towards me.
  3. My understanding is that there is not a simple .exe version of it yet. You need to download and install all the python files to use it. I haven't attempted that yet.
  4. I read that Ortho4XP v1.30 is available...although its described as a "pre-alpha" release, so not as stable as 1.20b. That said, has anyone tried it? One of the features is it brings back sloped runways.
  5. Has anyone tried to make the Main Panel DU and Lower DU knobs functional on the 737-800? (I'm using the Zibo mod, but he hasn't worked on this yet, so I assume it is the same as trying to do it on the default aircraft). I was looking at one of the aircraft config files and it appears they are coded in there.
  6. there are some pictures on facebook with xEnviro purportedly rendering winter/snow.
  7. Looking forward to this... thanks for all the hard work. As for all the individual parts... why doesn't someone just download them all and seed a new torrent with the entire thing? Should be easy enough.
  8. I remember changing the cloud shadow setting and could get some darker shadows. I can test it out later. Do you need HDR lighting on?
  9. I have the recently updated Chicago scenery I downloaded from the org. It includes the entire downtown area and is quite nice. However, the scenery has animated coastal waves coming in from Lake Michigan, that I'd like to disable. Any way to do this?
  10. Not sure if anyone can answer this but... would this add-on provide gradual changes based on longitude? In other words, if I take off from Miami in December, will it be green there and gradually turn snowy as I fly north?
  11. I'm interested in getting an "electronic flight bag" program for XP11. I primarily use the IXEG 737 or modded 737-800. Paid software is fine, and decent freeware would be nice to test first. My main computer is fairly old at this point so I try to off-load as much as possible. I'd like to be able to run the EFB on my laptop via a network connection with XP. Any suggestions? Thanks-
  12. Are there landmarks added now? (hoping for a Chicago update)
  13. I'd also disagree with this. I came over from P3D in the past year and my computer is older than yours (both the CPU and the GPU are older, but I do have quite a bit more RAM). I'm able to fly it with the IXEG 737 (PMDG quality plane), ortho scenery (photo real add on scenery) and some traffic, and keep it pretty smooth. That said, X-Plane can overpower just about any hardware with everything cranked up. X-plane is sort of a different animal in terms of graphics. To eyes, the LOD is vastly larger than P3D (although I never purchased v4.0). Like people said, turn everything down to min and start from there. Also, make sure that reflections (its a check box) is turned off. That will kill your system. Also make sure there aren't a ton of processes running in the background that you're not aware of.
  14. I've never used WT2, but was wondering...what sort of FPS impact can we expect from WT3?
  15. I actually don't use shortcuts. I use sim links through the ortho4xp program. It is much more efficient for me. I tried shortcuts once but it was a hassle.
  16. I recall trying to use shortcuts as well but ended up ditching that idea. I think the issue was if you have a lot of ortho files, it becomes very tedious (I recall having to rename each shortcut and take out the actual word "shortcut" from the filename).
  17. The other day I was flying the IXEG 737 (current version of XP 11) into Chicago's Midway (KMDW). Default ATC cleared me for a visual landing on runway 31C. I noticed in the approach page of the FMS that 31C has an ILS approach. So, I selected it and punched in the appropriate course heading, ILS freq., etc. The plane intercepted the ILS beacon and turned toward the runway. However, it never descended on the glide slope down to the runway. I assumed that I configured the plane correctly for a CAT III auto land (as I've done it before), but it didn't work. I'm wondering--if ATC says I'll be performing a visual landing, does XP11 disable the 'virtual' ILS beacon such that a CAT III isn't possible (even though it is a runway listed as having precision approach equipment?) (Sorry if some of my terminology is off....just an armchair pilot).
  18. I don't think you're the only one. I looked at the before/after pictures and my immediate preference is before...with the green yards.
  19. I keep everything except my ortho files on the main drive. My ortho's sit on a couple of 6tb internal drives. Use simlinks to point the orthos to the custom scenery folder on C:
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