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  1. Quite awesome. The only thing you need to do is approach Asobo to use LNM by default in MSFS!
  2. Thanks for the link to the Nexus mod. Free = better
  3. Understood. I know that Navigraph is doing the best they can. Reinstalled the Navigraph data after the last patch. Flew an IFR into KSFF and I'm still getting the "USER" waypoint bug, but the waypoints were there and I was able to fly a successful ILS approach into Felts. Pretty much gave up on RNAV approaches. I was very happy to hear that MSFS is taking responsibility for improving the G1000 and G3000 instead of waiting for a 3rd party. Hope to see some improvements soon.
  4. I deleted my Navigraph data and was able to fly a reasonable approach into CYYJ this AM. The GP marker was a bit funky but it did capture the GP at the FAF in a pretty nasty storm. Unfortunately, one of the reasons I installed Navigraph to begin with was the incomplete NAVBLUE data set. Most of the smaller airports I fly into in FSE have a few RNAV approaches that are not there by default in the sim.
  5. Hey Bert. Thanks both for the info. I actually had the opposite problem. I was at the intercept height (1600 ft) flying along and the diamond never came down. It staid pegged to the top and I just had to abandon it and fly a visual approach.
  6. Not sure if it is the aircraft, the sim, me, or some combination. I have Navigraph data installed. When I get to the final approach fix, the G3000 does not recognize it. For example, at KNQX, once I get to WEBUN, the GPS still shows that I am on the DEMTE to WEBUN segment, and never changes even after touchdown. The GS indicator shows that I am above the glideslope even after touching down on the runway. I am having this behavior consistently with all RNAV approaches. Anyone else having similar issues?
  7. Sorry guys, was not updated to the latest client. Seems to be OK.
  8. Anyone else getting a crash when using FSEconomy. Seems to be related to simconnect. Anyone else having an issue?
  9. Great explanation, thanks. I guess the GNS 530 isn’t working correctly. So I would need to fly to somewhere along the final approach course before activating the approach? What does “vectors to final” really mean, guess I have been doing it incorrectly the whole time??
  10. Dropped in the GTN 750 in the King Air 350 and had an issue. Loading up an approach and activating it, the GTN always points me to the second approach point, instead of the first like the G1000 and GNS 530. For example, activating vectors to the ILS 8 approach into EGHH, the GTN shows the active waypoint as FF08 instead of CF08. Also, the course to that fix is incorrect. It shows the desired course to be to be 76, which is actually the course from CF08 to FF08, not the course from my current position to FF08. Not sure but it seems that when I activate an approach and vector for finals, the GTN thinks I am at CF08 heading to FF08. I hope that makes sense...
  11. Using X-Europe with Ortho4XP tiles and it looks good in most of Europe. However, I have Orbx True Earth for GB and I believe I am getting X-Europe objects in GB as X-Europe is at a higher level of scenery (or at least I believe it is). I have also noticed a significant slow down of FPS that I never had before. When flying around GB, I can disable X-Europe in X-organizer, but it's tough on my England-France and England- Ireland routes. Anyone think of a work-around for this? Last question, that I still quite understand after reading the manual. What does it mean that I need to change the library.txt file when using othoscenery? Thanks in advance!
  12. I had another airport installed over the demo scenery. When I deactivated via Xorganizer the test ran without any errors. Copying the folder didn't help. Even if I clicked the second xplane.exe, the first opened with all of the original settings. I'll just plan to deactivate plug-ins/scenery via Xorganizer when running the benchmark and call it a day.
  13. Thanks again. I was actually asking if you knew where I can download the files, as there seems to be objects missing from it. Running the X-plane FPS benchmark test as seen here:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/71725-x-plane-benchmark-charts-fps-tests/
  14. Thanks Paraffin. It looks like the benchmark uses the KSEA scenery, but when I look at the log file, there are a number of issues with objects not being found. Do you know where I can find the KSEA scenery that is used in the FPS benchmark? Chuck
  15. Interested in creating a "clean" copy of X-Plane on another disc for benchmarking purposes as I am planning on doing a number of system upgrades and some overclocking. I tried to install just the demo but it wants to install the full version, but I don't have a activation number as I (unfortunately) purchased the Steam version. Anyone know how I can install a second version of X-Plane via Steam? Thanks.
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