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  1. ive ditched p3d already it is to outdated now in performance and visuals
  2. Yeh i know because it isn't a real airport today lets hope fly tampa can do it but they will need to make it look alot better than there current version.
  3. no 747-400 but i think in any aircraft that would be awesome on that simulator
  4. i just hope we can have kai tak on there imagine landing on runway 13 in a typhoon.
  5. didn't they used to realease flight simulator in october.
  6. i won't be buying it the ground textures still look awful the clouds look better but still nowhere near as good as ms2020
  7. im still using 4.4 sorry.
  8. looks like p3d will be dead when this comes out.
  9. my main wish is the pmdg 747 without that i won't buy it.
  10. i have a 7700k cpu with 16gb ram at 2400mhz so is it worth it.
  11. is it worth upgrading my gtx 980 ti to a rtx 2080 ti for p3d v4
  12. where can i find these also i noticed vtbd doesnt have shadows either does it fix that.
  13. the bdoaviation kansai is excellent would definately recommend it.
  14. Does anyone know if VTBD and Wmkk is going to be made for p3d v4.
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