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  1. so pf3 sounds bad aswell i did notice that when my flightsim went offline before it had much better voices but i don't kniw how to make them stay
  2. it would just be good if msfs just made more realistic sounding voices
  3. i hope you make make traffic from the 90's so we can have concorde back
  4. when will they release other databases like 2019 and will we get classic traffic aswell from the 80's and 90's
  5. i really hope they make classic aircraft and liveries
  6. Brilliant aircraft and the cabin looks amazing pmdg are going to have to get there skates on this is my new favourite plane for msfs beats having 500 versions of the 737 would be better if they got the 777 and 747 out
  7. does anyone know if there is a jfk airport being made for this sim i just flew from there so i really want to see a good version of it
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