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  1. oh great so i have to empty it again.
  2. it is totally unplayable after the last update i'm not even sure i'm getting 1fps
  3. we need ai air traffic now its not the same without it
  4. well it must have been a bug because i know what i saw
  5. i had contrails before and now i don't have them its weird
  6. anybody else not have any contrails
  7. i am british and i love the luftwaffe markings they had some of the best looking aircraft
  8. i didn't think intel had made a cpu that works with pcie4 only 3
  9. i think once we get cpu's that support pcie 4 it will be better
  10. pmdg 747, captain sim tristar, 767 and 737, quality wings 787 and the fslabs concorde
  11. ah ok i see but i would still rather have the sdk fixed
  12. they need to fix the sim instead of making it worse get the sdk working so we can have proper aircraft and ai traffic then they should fix stuff like water masks
  13. would be good if they could make everything to be seen more from a distance
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