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  1. Thanks, Dan. I think I will get a Texas airport or two so I can do shorter flights across the state. You meant KCRP for Corpus Christi I believe. But I am thinking El Paso and/or San Antonio. I’ll check you mod out. Cheers. Steve
  2. Can anyone offer opinions on these sceneries? Steve
  3. Go to the old Milviz forum and find the download for the PC -6. It is for P3Dv4. No password or proof of purchase required. Steve
  4. I have heard that an outdated MilViz weather radar can cause a CTD in P3Dv4.5. The file in question is MV_WX.dll in your P3D gauges folder. I have file version Before I updated to it I had the same experience.I thought the included Milviz WX Radar v1.191023.exe found in the installation package was supposed to update correctly but I got mine from Just Flight where I bought the radar. Steve
  5. The Porter PC-6 model says it is for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. But the installer I downloaded was only for P3Dv5. Have I missed something? Steve P.
  6. Until Nov. 29, 40% off except some partner products. https://orbxdirect.com/orbs?utm_source=OrbxDirect Users&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Black Friday Sale 2022 (01GJHE02B1WFFXSNA9NKMR1BVZ)&kl_pid=01FBK9VDM5TPXWPVT889QVSAAH&kl_eid=&_kx=8xSeOUf5mnykdmsju9-AkcJwyZvdzIMwjhGFSVfS3Q6NGWHV3_ZAx19YeDgVKqzj.T76ue4 Steve
  7. Hello All, I wish to confirm that Cloudberry KOAK v1.1 with Ripcord's 000_EXC_Oakland_Stadiums.BGL000_EXC_Oakland_Stadiums.BGL exclusion file placed in the Cloudberry scenry folder fixes the double coliseum problem with Orbx FTX_NCA regional scenery. The other compatibility fixes are turning off the two files: CVX_KOAK.bgl and LC_1518.bgl in the scenery folder which repairs ground textures near the coliseum. This is good news! Thanks. Steve P.
  8. Mark, Many thanks. I have yet to try it but am anticipating success. Steve
  9. No one responded to medx421’s post re double coliseums which I also see with Orbx FTX NCA. With the default regional scenery there is only one set and that is so if all default scenery is loaded. So the Coliseum is LM’s and, it seems both Cloudberry and Orbx load a copy in slightly different locations. I have not found a fix except not loading Orbx. Steve
  10. Has anyone tried to install the KA350 in Windows 7. Milviz does not support this model in Windows 7 because of incomplete Microsoft support of Direct X 11 but that does not say it will not work. Anyone know? Thank you. paradisca1
  11. They work very well for me in my P3Dv4.5. Good frame rates and 500 MB install sizes as well as good looking scenery. Steve Paradis
  12. Thank you for your helpful reply. I did mean the Flight1 GTN 750 but you are correct that I will not be flying a Bonanza into LTFM. Flight1 has not provided a Garmin update since mid 2019 so they are due. As to AI, I use ( and like) AIGAIM. I am going to check their forum and see if they have already solved the problem for their Turkish Airlines flight plans.
  13. Thanks very much Dominik. My only remaining concern is that the airport is too new to appear in my P3D. I have never dealt with that before. I suppose updating my Navigraph data will include LTFM. But the Garmin data for the GTN 750 is not updatable without buying a very expensive subscription. Have you found a way to handle this? Anyway you have convinced me to buy it and try it.
  14. Thank you. And it costs less than $10 US on sale. I think I will try it.
  15. Can anyone say how well SCENERYTR - İSTANBUL AIRPORT - LTFM P3D4-5 performs and how well they like it? paradisca1
  16. I have TS KABQ installed with Orbx FTX Global. Everything is great except the airport background polygon has a desert color that does not blend with the Orbx scenery or default scenery. It shows from miles away and looks artificial. You say this airport matches up with SimWest's KABQ. But that is airport scenery and I am unclear how to blend it with Tropical Sim KABQ. I would appreciated any help. Steve P
  17. I do not agree with comments about low quality visuals. They look good to me. I have not yet flown them. SteveP.
  18. Perhaps one of you can help me on the performance question. I have had the PMDG 737NGX for some time and its performance is OK. I would like to believe the NGXu will be no worse. I purchased the PMDG 737NGXu but have not activated it. I loaded the NGXu cold & dark (which is all you can do if it is unactivated) and its FPS (Pilot VC view) is the same as the NGX cold and dark. At take off state the NGX loses 2 FPS compared to C&D for the VC view. If I activate and fire the NGXu up should I expect it will be no worse than the NGX? I do not think if it has poorer performance it will work for me. Thanks all. Steve P.
  19. Here is the reply I got from Bill Otis: Hello Steve, The only files I know it would overwrite that is shared with other developers is one, the GaugeSound or SoundGauge DLL file. They are all the same one, so it wouldnt matter. Good to ask. Kind regards, Bill LHC I hope this helps someone. I am off to install the Trinidad. Steve
  20. I decided to install into my FSX (since I no longer use it) to see what happened. Same “overwrite” warning ..I accepted and it looked fine. Then I ran the uninstaller and it told me it wanted to delete three write locked files in my P3D\Fonts folder. Did I want to delete them anyway? They were quartz.ttf , LCD.ttf and a third one. I think you do not want to delete these as other cockpits need them. So I guess it is OK to overwrite what you have on installing the Trinidad. Anyone know different please say. SteveP
  21. When I tried to install to P3Dv4 I got message just before clicking install button: "One or more files are write protected. Do you want to overwrite them anyway?" I never saw that before and I had no idea of the consequences of proceeding so I aborted. Can anyone please clarify what this is. I have never write protected anything in my P3D root folder. SteveP
  22. Pardon for misinforming you. Steve
  23. I do not think I can use SIDs or STARs with my Carenado aircraft either with a Navigraph subscription or with the Carenado addon. That is true of the Embraer 300 for which I have both. Steve
  24. Dave, I use my Navigraph subscription for all Carenado aircraft that have an FMS. No need for the addon. Steve Paradis
  25. Yes, indeed. And this is a good looking scenery without an effects and a scripts folder so no add-on xml needed. Just put it anywhere and edit your scenery.cfg. Just like in the good old days. Steve
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