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  1. any one have Heathrow? Thinking of it now since I bought te south and have cardiff and Southampton 🤔
  2. tktheo93

    ORBX May sale on

    The only issue that I have with orbx is that there are to many destinations that I wish to fly. Like, I have two hours, Helsinki to Stockholm, Cardiff, Southampton.. No maybe Dubronik (haven't flown there once). No Lowi 🤔 Or perhaps Visby or Kiruna.. 😓 1h Left, Wait I have tons of other stuff, maybe Fly tampa athens... 😂😂 30 Min Left, oh lets see the aircraft is .... 10min left, the weather on route is, oh, GSX is boarding. Oh the sim crashed lol.. Ended up with TE South and Southampton during this sale 🙂
  3. tktheo93

    a2a Sale

    Which a2a would you guys recomend? Usually like to fly planes that can transport passangers, from the Turbine duke, BN2-islander to big birds as tdfi 717 🤔 Comanche 250 🤔
  4. tktheo93

    a2a Sale

    a2a holds a -25% sale this weekend :) Cheers, Theo