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  1. Hi I found a -30% sale for aerosoft's A330 and 318/319/320/321 (also the bundle) at pcaviator.com Cheers, Theo
  2. I have the MU-60 and I love it as much as the Dash 8 from Majestic. Really accurate, especially the engine simulation which is top notch.
  3. Anyone flying Madeira evolution. Thinking about that or Pilot's FSG LEAS. Difficult
  4. One of the best sceneries ever made for FSX/P3D (LEAM) and many more for -25% at: https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?mID=167 A pretty rare sale thb. cheers Theo
  5. Latin VFR holds a sale with everything -30% untill 3rd april https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=2069 https://latinvfr.com/collections/fsx-p3d-products/products/latinvfr-madrid-lemd cheers Theo
  6. I would not recommend you to buy a bizjet from Carenado. I have heard rumors of them being even more dissapointing system wise than the props. Try flightsimware. They have new hd textures on the learjet and falcon + often hold a -40% sale. 😉 And if you fly pax jets, the qw 146/avro is the best under 20$ ac ever made. I also love the tdfi 717 (now when it is polished) and would recommend the iFly 737 -series, also including the BBJ 🙏
  7. And a tip. Simshack usually has a Carenado sale, the prices are 10-20€ less.
  8. I have many Carenado aircrafts, including pc-12, Saab 340, Do-228, Grand Caravan, B1900D. Texture quality 5/5* System depth 2-2,5/5* So if you want visual fidelity and something to make a quick hop, Carenado is for you. If you want something more realistic, get the Majestic dash Q400. My favorite Carenado is the pc-12 and Do 228. Saab 340 is also nice,. but really light system wise.
  9. My shopping list 1) MKStudios Helsinki 2) Digital design Salzburg 3) Orbx Scandinavian mountain airport 4) Digital design Lyon The 5) & 6) is more of a challenge. Belgrade, Costa Oblia, Reijka are on my list, amongst others.
  10. FTX Norway one of the best regions Orbx has made. I use it more than the TE regions. It's FPS friendly, great looking and has one of the best approaches in the world. Not to mention AS and Orbx has made stunning and challengying airports. Narvik is one of the best scenery made for p3d. Tromssa, Alesund, Bergen are all fun to fly. Also AON freeware pack covers the whole nation, in semi high quality. Top notch.
  11. This sale seems to include Digital design and Mkstudios, FlyTampa etc. This is a real shark bargain... Thank you orbx, will get ten more 😄
  12. Any opinions on Zurich and Geneve? Thinking about those or the Basel/Mulhouse airport which is newer.
  13. This is a hard one. I already have the iFly 737 and Tdfi 717, and CS 757.. call me a Boeing fan.. I really want to buy this, but I aim to get 777 or 787. Difficult says my wallet.
  14. Mailsoft.com and Simshack have had sales including FSDG products. Cheers Theo
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