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  1. FYI, Permanent discount can be found at their website.
  2. That can be the case yes. However, MSFS is not as excellent as it should be. It is a hyped sim, but once those gamers move on to the next Xbox game, the market will shrink. P3D has a future, or at least I want to believe it has. 🙂
  3. I hope that this sale achieves two things: 1) more Aerosoft -50 % sales 2) Some life for P3D from Aerosoft. Perhaps they still realize that there is a market for their products in p3dv4-5. Happy flying!
  4. I went a bit crazy due to the rarity of this sale. Anyway, I purchased: Heathrow, Cologne/Bonn, Eufurt, Chania, Gibraltar, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Ibiza, El Hierro, Liepaja, Bratislava, Poprad-Tatry, Reggio Calabria, Naples.. And on top of that, I bought the Twin Otter which I enjoyed in FSX. P3D is not dead for me. 😉
  5. Feelthere E-Jets for v4/5 are currently -50% at Feelthere's webstore. Cheers, Théo.
  6. Did you buy it from Orbx or Simmarket? Edit: You might have to create a dummy p3dv5 folder. I can check if that is the case with EKVG next week. I'm currently on holiday in Tenerife. A nice Mk Studios airport btw, especially with v2 and TF Norte. 🙂 Cheers, Theo
  7. Most v5 sceneries work in v4.5, I use a lot of v5 sceneries in v4.5. I bought the v5 Vagar and just installed it into v4.5 😉
  8. Even lowering the screen reso from the 757 "app" and selecting the light bulb looking option from some menu in the sim. Those alone gave me 20 fps.
  9. have you disabled the virtual cabin and lights?
  10. I'll try that. Lol, I buy Carenado, no wait. xD
  11. Why do people buy Carenado? I mean from a simulaton point of view they are not that fancy. Before you ask, I have the c208, B1900HD, DO228, SF340, PC-12 and a few more. Only the DO228 and the PC-12 is ok. The SF34 is really light regarding its systems but flies ok. The 1900D is just all over the place.
  12. Eeh, humm, Simmarket is the vendor store.
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