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  1. The aerosoft island sale includes some FSDG products, which I highly recommend.
  2. Simmarket hosts a sale with a few Fly Tampa gems; at least Copenhagen, Vienna and St. Maarten are on sale for p3d. Best, Théo
  3. You need to create a dummy P3Dv5. However, I would recommend you to upgrade to v5. I did it after a long long consideration and it was almost as beneficial as my marriage is. Definitely a strong recommendation if you have a system with a gpu of 8gb ram. I have every slider to the right and seldom use over 8gb of ram. Sorry for the off topic Théo
  4. Nuecta is a rip-off. My friend and I are creating accurate autogen for the whole US. It takes time. So far Ohio is done. Moreover, there are 15-20 states which has proper autogen created as freeware. Nuecta is really just a few inaccurate generic houses here and there. No use at all. I'll gladly provide more info, send me a pm. :)
  5. Aerosoft & FSDG sale for P3D. On simmarket. Cheers, Théo
  6. I'm 100% a P3D user, but FSDG has nearly never any sales going on. That said, FSDG is a ***/**** developer for p3d. Same level as Taxi2gate; however, not Fly Tampa-level.
  7. Simmarket shows = 20-25€ for p3d. US sceneries were around 32€ Bargains! Cheers, Theo
  8. Includes DD Design and Fly Tampa (Sydney and Boston)
  9. Dear Everyone, I discovered a wonderful bargain. FS2Crew All Access Pack FSX/P3D for 29.99€ (120€ at simmarket) https://fs2crew.com/product/fs2crew-fsx-p3d-all-access-pack/ Cheers, Théo
  10. FYI, Permanent discount can be found at their website.
  11. That can be the case yes. However, MSFS is not as excellent as it should be. It is a hyped sim, but once those gamers move on to the next Xbox game, the market will shrink. P3D has a future, or at least I want to believe it has. 🙂
  12. I hope that this sale achieves two things: 1) more Aerosoft -50 % sales 2) Some life for P3D from Aerosoft. Perhaps they still realize that there is a market for their products in p3dv4-5. Happy flying!
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