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  1. Hi together, I've been using MSFS here and there for a while, while my main simulator remains P3d v4. One thing that prevents me from using MSFS more, is the camera system and the absence of ChasePlane. Why? Because I can neither save, nor load custom camera views in the aircraft. Normally that should work using Ctrl + Alt + <number> to save a custom view, and using Alt + <number> should load a custom view. However, that has never ever worked on my system, even if the keyboard assignments reflect exactly that. What is working, is Ctrl + <number> to load a view inside the cockpit, and saving views doesn't work at all. Shouldn't that be the case in the "instrument view" only? I've got the impression, that I'm in a wrong "mode", which sets the Ctrl + <number> option free, and doesn't support the Ctrl + Alt + <number> option. If I switch to cockpit view in the camera menu, the same happens. Could anyone imagine, what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Dominik
  2. Very cool. I still use P3d v4 a lot, but rather for airliners. For anything that is offered here for free now, I really use MSFS. But why not do some P3d flights with the Kingair or the 732 🙂 Too bad the P-180 is only for P3d v5, and not for v4. BTW, are you able to download the files? When I click download, nothing happens at all.
  3. I haven't bought it on principle so far: Many months ago, Mathijs said they would order new records for a better sound set. From the videos, the sound records (the files) haven't been a problem at all, but the way the transition between them were handeled - and I mean the way how the frequencies are pitched up and down in contrast to the original file pitch, not the volumes. And that's something they've never even understood as a problem, and I believe they didn't even want to. Now, they've come up with a new sound set. Whatever they have paid for that, it didn't fix THE main (and to me the only real) problem with the sounds at all! It's the same strange crossfade between the two sound files with different rpm's, and thus different pitches, that won't even nearly match - thus resulting in two propeller sounds simultanuously at certain stages, and a ridicoulus spool up sound on takeoff. You just need to watch newer youtube videos of it after the sound update. That's something you could fix pretty easily in P3d times, if you had enough patience, by tweaking the corresponding parameters at the config file. I've done that a few times for some Carenado planes that had the same problem (for example the old C206 and the Pa-34 II). But now that everything is (probably??) coded, you can't access those files as a user. Maybe there is a chance as some say there would be a mod at flightsim.to which fixes that (?). But honestly, I'm not willing to spend any money into a product of a company that makes so much noise about their products in advance, but then still don't do the simple homework. In P3d, ground steering has been the killer for the DHC-6. And for the A330 and the CRJ (P3d), the missing compatibility with FSUIPC axes are a pain in the neck, alongside with months and years of bugs and CTDs after release. Now, I'm finally done with Aerosoft planes. Never had one that I could simply without problems since the Pa-31 by Digital Aviation. There are other planes that can do the Twin Otter's missions pretty well, such as the Black Square C208. And unless I would have to land at Saba (which I don't have to), that's the far better choice to me. I'm sure the Twin Otter may be a good choice for many, but not for me as a musician.
  4. System depth, nothing else, but enogh if you're used to fly airliners that can handle at least normal procedures correctly - for example independant VOR and ILS recievers, correct VNAV,... I don't remember exactly the limits, but for me personally, they were way too low. It's a completely different concept than their 787. I don't know about the BAE because I never had it.
  5. In the past I remember that they did an Alabeo sale a week after the Carenado sale for some time. Now that Alabeo is merged again with Carenado, maybe they do something similar to the different platforms? Not that I could recommend their P3d planes, but for everyone who is interested, I would keep an eye on their website in the next weeks.
  6. True, but just imagine, that while your coffee is on the way, they suddenly close the bar and let you there with a cold, half done coffee and move the whole bar to another location. That wouldn't make the past coffees worse, but would make a very bad impression on the company.
  7. There is one single example that I remember: The Cessna 172 (Steam Gauges) by Justflight. I uses the C172 from the Premium Deluxe version as a base, so it needs the Premium Deluxe in order to work. I've thought about it for a while, but decided against a huge upgrade just for a better C172 that again would cost additional €€.
  8. Wow, what a deal for such a new scenery. I already owned EGLL and KLAX - got KDTW now!
  9. I can't even say much against the 757 and the 767 for P3d. They are solid planes, nice to fly, and in terms of systems a big effort compared to what they brought out for FSX before. Yes, no ACARS, and no FS2Crew support, but concidering I got one at full price and the other one for 9.99 years ago, it's OK in the average. But I rather have a big problem with the company itself, and there really aren't many of such: First that joke about the 767 GE without GE sound + Cargo without cargo door expansion 😜 (...because as we know the fast dollar should always be more important than any trust of the folks that would be willing to spend quite some money for quality in future^^), and then this nasty move to threaten Flightsim.to with legal action because they allowed to load up liveries for CS planes. Just imagine I would try to sue someone for helping me for free sell my products and make more money?! Disgusting! And no idea how someone can make such efforts, and then flush it all down the toilet.
  10. OK, thanks for that. So I will be more careful in investing into FSDG MSFS sceneries. Seems I was lucky enough and only got their best ones so far.
  11. OK, I just bought FSDG Cuzco to try them out in MSFS. All I can say: it's absolutely stunning!! I think I have to go shopping again within the next 3 days 😛 If you look closely, it seems the only bad review refers to Mauritius. No idea, to me it seems that sceneries at arid desert areas are a lot more atmospheric than those in rain forests in MSFS... but that might also be a personal taste. However I guess Sharm-el-Sheik and Agadir will be my next destinations, and probably not the last.
  12. Well, so far I only have some of their P3d sceneries. And those are absolutely stunnung, some of the best on the market IMO. I can't judge for the MSFS ones (yet), but I would be very surprised if they were suddenly bad ...maybe some people feel uncomfortable that FSDG is one of the very few developers that charge more for MSFS products than for P3d products and almose never have any sales??
  13. Hark hark! Some Aerosoft products have secretly been put on sale at Simmarket, including many FSDG products, which I personally see the first time ever on sale. As the latter are not the worst ones, I thought it would be worth mentioning. Hurry up and enjoy. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php
  14. Hey! iniBuilds is also into the game with their sale. I mentioned it because it's not too easy to find, because it seems to be only discounted on their own website: https://store.inibuilds.com/ In any case, I will grab Heathrow and KLAX, and maybe a lot more 😛
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