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  1. Hey! iniBuilds is also into the game with their sale. I mentioned it because it's not too easy to find, because it seems to be only discounted on their own website: https://store.inibuilds.com/ In any case, I will grab Heathrow and KLAX, and maybe a lot more 😛
  2. Well, I also had DD KORD before I used the FSDT one. But to be honest, it didn't convince me at all. It was made for performance (understandable in the Chicago city environment) and FSDT was made for quality. And the two sceneries look exactly like that. Not that the DD version would be "bad", but at least for me, when I saw the FSDT in the test version in comparison, I didn't hesitate at all and bought it. I personally would rather try to get the elevation issues fixed with the help of the FSDT forums (hopefully). But that's just me.
  3. I can also recommend NYC for P3d (in my case v4.5). Of course you can notice a performance decrease, but compared to what is displayed, it's awsome. Note that I also have their KEWR and KTEB installed, as well as ImagineSim's KLGA. And still I got the biggest difference in performance by setting road traffic higher or lower. DD NYC isn't what you are used to in MSFS (ground image and autogen), but it's probably the best you can take out of P3d visually while maintaining a reasonable performance. The same can be said about Chicago City IMO.
  4. Hi together, I thought that would be worth mentioning. They have some discounts here and there, but only on Black Friday, they offer 50%: https://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design.mhtml As always: Check additional vendors (ORBX,...) as the exact prices may vary. Cheers, Dominik
  5. I recently bought their new Orlando version, and I might upgrade LFPG one day to their newest version as probably my last investment into P3d. Since upgrading would be cheaper than the discounted full price, I don't have to do it now. But I still find their sceneries pretty good in P3d (v4.5), even the "older" LFPG P3d version, which was already upgraded before (with the exeption of their relatively poor night lighting there). Wheather you still want to invest that amount of money into P3d is your choice. But in terms of quality, there is very little to complain, IMO.
  6. So far, I can only speak for P3d (v4.5). Performance is very good, and I've never experienced any errors, crashes, and no flickering textures or something like that. Quality is OK. Here and there, it looks generic and "painted", especially when you look at the letters on some terminals. All in all a bit old-fashioned. But at the end of the day, you get pretty good value for money. And you get a big collection of accurate airports at important places, where nobody else has created any reasonable scenery. I have almost all of their Latin American sceneries, and I really like them! Hope they keep on with their concept to make exotic airports.
  7. Thanks a lot. I'm confused about the prices that are indicated. Are these the original or the discounted ones? OK, meanwhile it's October, but I'm really not sure if the sale is still on or already over. As a reference: NZAA for MSFS is indicated for 13,95€ here, and the Prepar3d version for 11,95€ - the latter (which I already have) seems very cheap to me. Are those sale prices?
  8. Yes, I wasn't happy at all about that. But at least the app is relatively easy to install and does nothing else than installing the products, if you want to. But I agree: Why the hell do we need so many apps just to be able to copy a folder into another [community] folder?! Installation has never been so easy in flight simulatur history.
  9. Great! Got my first batch of big MSFS airports now.
  10. Hi everyone, MK-studios are offering their products for 40% off at simmarket for the next few days: https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=4115 I'm not sure if all of them are included, but at least this time even Lanzaronte for P3d is among them, which for any reason has always been excluded at the sales in the past years. Thought it would be worth mentioning, as MK certainly isn't the worst scenery designer. Regards, Dominik
  11. Yes, including me. But given that they have discounts at all from time to time (years ago, they never had any), I think it's still OK, even more so if you purchased the newer P3d version early and got the 99$ voucher as they promised at that time.
  12. I rather take it as a little launch discount to tell people: Buy it now, it will only get more expensive. Maybe another one is coming at any time. But if you take into account what the planes costed for P3d, it's still OK, IMO - at least with the fact that the cargo and BBJ versions are already included and you can now choose every variant seperate rather than the need to buy any base package. This way for example, I personally could save the money for the -600 that I really don't need.
  13. And that is what many, or at least some developers don't understand and don't believe. When Aerosoft really had a 50% sale, they got about 120€ by me - exclusively for P3d stuff, and I was happy. Had they done a 20% sale like all the time before (or even none at all), they would have got 0€ and I wouldn't have been pleased! And in contrast to physically delivered products, they don't have to pay for ressources for each individual product (like a car manufacturer for example). Or at least, it can't be that much (?). I'm not a developer and have no clue about the numbers they are selling, but I simply can't imagine they make more money by leaving older products smoulder at its original price, than trying to sell them for a lower price and at the same time please some customers and thus potentially making them more generous for future products. That's at least how my mind is working. And I can't be the only one who thinks that being too mean doesn't pay out in mid-term. The argument Aersoft stated might count for top notch developers, who do something in extraordinary quality that nobody else would do like this. But that's very few aircraft developers (FSL, PMDG, Leonardo...), and definitely not Aerosoft's 😉 I'm not even counting PacSim too much into that category, because they also do exotic places in good quality, but I'm sorry I already have everything I was interested in. Only Cleveland might have been an option, but really no urgent one - even if quality is certainly good. Too many other sales at the moment or in recent time (LatinVFR 50%, ORBX,...) that I couldn't resist to complete my P3d collection.
  14. BTW, I remember years ago, when the new P3d version of the 737 came out, the page stated something like "If you buy your P3d copy now, you will get the upcoming 737 for MSFS for free. Later, Mr. Randazzo said in a comment in the forums, that this announcement was one of those bad decisions that they would regret having announced. However, I got to know them as a company that holds on to their promises or announcements. Does anyone know, if that offer has really materialized? And if yes, is there anything special that we have to do? Didn't see a single comment about that in their forums since the release of the MSFS version. Or at least I didn't see it at that time.
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