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  1. Well, I tried this but Virtuali is rather ignoring this problem. Now - while I posted information on the discount I think it is fair to also warn that P3D offer suffers from irreparable problems. &
  2. Yes sir. Yes sir, we do. Thanks! This is how we learned that the elevation issue exists in P3D v5 in multiple airports from your company. And from the forum we know the issue exists for many months already. Hence the question - will it ever be fixed or you decided to end the development and bug fixing? &
  3. Be aware that most of FS Dreamteam airports in P3D v5 suffer from an issue where your airplane is floating above the ground. It impacts couple of airports I own and at east one I was planning to buy. Check their support forum as the issue seems to exist for many months. That Virtuali guy with his typical manners and attitude is hinting that this has little priority for him if any. &
  4. Hello Umberto, Good to see you here. Any comment on floating aircrafts in P3D v5 on several airports? I see from FSDT forums it was reported several months ago and they mention KMEM, KCLT, KIAH to name few. Is it safe to assume that you do not have any plans to fix that and P3D is dead for you by now? &
  5. In case you wonder full announcement here: https://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=28486.0 I plan to get KMEM in the hope of PMDG sale of 747 😉 Good hunting, &
  6. 4070 miles 😉 What have I won? Increased discount would be fine. &
  7. Hey, Bunch of their titles discounted. I wonder if Charles De Gaulle or Hamad are worth it. They look so FSXish to me on YT videos. Is that correct impression? &
  8. Ah, for future reference - by mistake I got EHAM and not KBOS. Good news - EHAM does not seem to suffer from VRAM issues (despite what other users are reporting on FlyTampa forum). HOWEVER obviously it's only true for my config - mobile RTX3060 6GM RAM on Legion laptop. &
  9. Thanks! I was torn between Amsterdam and Boston, but seems like EHAM has some unfixed issues with VRAM and I have only 6GB, so picking up KBOS. &
  10. This is fantastic addition to the "onboarding" to A320: https://www.amazon.com/Airbus-A320-pilot-handbook-techniques/dp/146095551X Not only it tells you what to do in great details but also explains why. You may want also to googleA320 Family instructor booklet and detailed type rating program. I think both are on smartcockpit. &
  11. I remember Aerosoft stating openly that they do not lower P3D prices since the sales are so low, they do not care anyway (obvioulsy actual comment was much more polite). They claimed that their assumption is that if someone still wants to get P3D add-on, he would buy it regardless of the price. I am not "everybody" of course, but my feedback to all add-on publisher is that If PacSim, FlyTampa or even FD Dreamteam (I hate their approach towards customers BTW) would drop their P3D prices by 50% I would by ALL their P3D sceneries before end of this calendar. In other words - some amonut of $$$ would move from my wallet to theirs. With current pricing strategy money stays in my pocket. Sorry. &
  12. Yup, same here. I addedd Incheon P3D to a basket and then casually checked value in my currency - Polish Zloty. I am sorry, but these days even discounted prices if too high for P3D add-on. &
  13. Well, I understood that we were getting credit for MSFS version when buying P3D version until some point in time. Not sure if that materialized or not since I got mine NGXu too late to get that credit. I do not plan to move to MSFS with big iron anytime soon though. Taking advantage of this sale now to get 747 however 😄 &
  14. Isn't it that beautiful place where 'Kindergarten cop' took place? &
  15. Done 😉 Reno for V5 being dowloaded. Thanks! &
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