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  1. At lease we can simulate a PC configuration which can handle our simulators 😄 &
  2. I own KMIA and it's OK, especially with some elements of the city. I would say $20 is right price, anything less is a good deal. &
  3. QQ - does anyone know how far from real life KPHX currently is? I wonder if Flightbeam's Phoenix is by now still in the shape where I can use RW charts? I think runways of course stays the same, but how about terminals? &
  4. I know the question is one year old, but still no answer :) Answer was given several years ago here on Avsim and I believe it may be worth reminding for new generation of PMDGers. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/437266-touch-and-go-in-the-ngx/ Have a good line-training :)
  5. Still better than default 😉 And if you have FSDT KMIA it enhances overall experience I would say. &
  6. Hi, I just got a PMDG 737 NGux and would like to buy F2Crew. I realized now you are only selling pack of everything for P3D but not individual products. Is this permanent state? I have almost all other products including even the one for CRJ Pro, whcih I got by mistake. I do not feel like spending 50 EUR just to get 737 product, especially with that recent CRJ Pro mistake 😉 Any chance to get 737 individually? &
  7. Three questions guys as I am on the fence if to get nothing or 747 or 737 or 777 😉 1. Which performs best of of three? I am running P3D v4.5 on gaming laptop. QW 787 and AS A320 are running somewhat OKish. Are PMDG planes better/worse/same? If so, who is least heavy on the hardware with small VRAM? 2. Which is best simulation? I like all 3, but wonder which one has most bells and whistles? Which is newest addition? &
  8. I was to scared to play this while I had Game Pass to test MSFS but I'll get it anyway 😄 thanks! &
  9. Just got KMIA and it's great. Thanks for notifying 😉 &
  10. Now, how to get that aerial imagery? "It will work if you have your own Aerial imagery" &
  11. So, let me report - KACK is good but you can clearly see it's dated. Either way - money well spend when it's discounted. I can recommend for the price, however phototextures are clearly not up to 2021 standards. & PS Sadly Bill W. was not Wings fan - neither Aeromass nor Sandpiper Air parked 😞
  12. Thanks! As I am re-watching "Wings" with my kids I wonder if anyone has anything to say about Nantucket Memorial (aka Tom Nevers Field). Cheers, &
  13. Sadly link to that dropbox is dead 😞 Can you please re-share? I am lookng for some Chaseplane profiles for AS A320 and QW787 from people amarter than me. Cheers, &
  14. Hmmm, I am running P3D 4.5 on laptop on 4GB GTX1050M on Medium settings. I tried P3D 5.1 and with same settings it was smoother but kept crashing due to lack of VRAM. So, I requested refund. Now I wonder if 5.2 made things any better and I can hope it'll work OK. Cheers, &
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