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  1. What really puzzles me is that they have this 'Partnership Series' videos published on YT. There is whole bunch of test pilots, aeronautical engineers, and software developers telling us stories of their cooperation. And of course how realistic are results of this cooperation. Yet in just couple of weeks some random amateurs are able to correct stupid mistakes and omissions made by international teams of aviation experts and professional software developers. I WOULD LOVE to be able to ask this question to somebody from Asobo - how come?!?!?!? But of course I know that even if I would be able to ask the question and somebody would answer, the answer would be of this kind of smooth, nice PRish BS. Like in the Reddit AMA with Lockheed Martin's P3D team some time ago: & &
  2. Same here - is there anyone who has that TCA Aiirbus and reversers work OK in MSFS?/ Thrustmaster claims it supposed to work 'natively' but neither Mode 1 nor Mode 2 allows to activete reverser in the sim. It took me some time to make it work in P3D, but no luck in MSFS so far. &
  3. Naaah, I have mid-level gaming laptop and I am able to play P3D in medum graphics settings and MSFS in 'low-medium' area. P3D is not even close to MSFS in terms of graphics, even despite I have most of ORBX, ASP3D etc. Yet MSFS runs with much more fps and less stuttering. So, no, you do not need to have correct hardware to appreciate MSFS. &
  4. I do not expect PMDG/FSLabs quality. Not even Aerosoft's 😉 The question is - what is 'decent'. I am aware about mods, but still I wonder how Caravan - my favourite plane is doing in that regard. &
  5. Well, on Flightsafety or Simcom manuals I can only tell you - keep looking. On eBay you can sometimes get unbelievable deals with some luck and patience.I got unused Flightsafety manual for Twin Otter for $39 and Dash-8 POH for $45. Bizjets, B200 & B350 have best deals. CJ4 applies here. This is a category to watch: https://www.ebay.com/b/Aviation-Repair-Manuals-Literature/50453/bn_583687, filtered for Citation: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=citation&_sacat=50453&_sop=15. Just drill down from cheapest 😉 &
  6. Well. I wonder if anyone has INFORMED opinion on which planes are worth a try from default library? I am not talking obviously about these already modded. Any thoughts? &
  7. Side question - what are your sailing sim recommendations? Thanks! &
  8. Have not read entire thread yet, but... I have a gaming laptop which runs P3D v4.5 on Medium settings in 2-25 fps. I was obviously playing around with MSFS for last couple of weeks. Sightseeing, doing some bush flying, I was missing Aerosoft's A320 and Majestic Q400. SO I came back to P3D v5. Oh, boy... HOW CRAPPY P4D LOOKS NOW!!! Yes, IFR - great. But day or night final approach to 90% airports I own, be it Drzewiecki or Flightbeam or ORBX.... I am wiping my tears off. On my relatively mid-to-low-end rig, MSFS looks like P3D with all the addons on a $2000 gaming rig. Tough to come back. & PS To be clear - yes, I am staying with P3D until MJC Q400 and AS320 are there along with Polish airports, but still. Crying....
  9. Veeery useful! I only seen it today but it made my user experience 70% more "fullfilling"! Cheers, &
  10. Out of curiosity: is this impacting P3D load time? I mean - if I install ALL USA and European airlines for example. &
  11. Guys, Let me ask this question - I am after reading most of the thread BTW - is the performance of CRJ Pro same/better/worse than original release? I am very happy with original one, had little issues with that however I use the following laptop 'ASUS FX503VD-E4082T Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ - 8GB RAM - GTX1050 3 GB' and with CRJ runs on the edge of the knife 😉 Majestic runs so much better, if that matters. Side notes: 1. To AS guys on this forum - tell Hans that I love the machine (maybe because I got it when it got mature). 2. I had already a chance to fly 550 IRL and I loved the space and novelty, so I am inclined to buy AS depiction even if you tell me performance is poor 🙂 &
  12. Thanks anyway, sound helpful. I was hoping they did it a bit similarly to some other devs, which pick specific plane to model, ie. Aerosoft's Twin Otter. :D &
  13. I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I wonder what year is "source" aircraft? On eBay and some other sites you can fine various copies of C421C manuals. Typically you can choose a year of make. Hence before investing $30+ I would like to make sure I buy the one I have in my hangar 😉 I know there's one version circulating online but it's poor quality xerox. Cheers, Andrzej
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, Does anyone has by any chance has C185 Pilot's Guide Book which @Beaverdriver posted 9 years ago? This was discussed in the topic below but all sources dried out 😞 Cheers
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