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  1. EGLL seems to have pleny of negative comments on performance. Is it solved by now? &
  2. First things first - thanks to the OP for brining our attention to that sale! Secondly, some question: I plan to get AS EBBR and FT KLAS. Is there anything I am losing if getting these airports via ORBX? I know in some cases some developers have full feature list only available from their own home page. Is that the case here with any of the two? &
  3. On ORBX they on sale are too. You have to go to the specific item though. &
  4. Ha! If you're saying the sound had been improved I need to check. Actually I loved the plane back in P3D and I do not consider my money wasted here in MSFS. While I love Kodiak and from my POV TwOtter is kind of redundant - STOL with floats avail., flying low and slow in remote places allowing to enjoy landscapes - I would not say I feel I wasted my money 😉 My reco as somebody owning the plane in question - regardless of the sound, if 23 EUR is not big amount for you - definately go, get it! &
  5. Well, I would say that if you liked their P3D version, this one is slightly better looking, behaving similarly but has worse sound. I got it on sale too but prefer to fly Kodiak most of the time. &
  6. Now I feel informed. Thanks. &
  7. Is there anything worth the money? &
  8. Hey, but they DO HAVE KSLC for P3D. Source: I own it and I like it. BTW MSFS Incheon - is it great or just port from P3D? Thanks! &
  9. So, thanks for input. I got both Miami and Barca. You’re spot on - LEBL looks great along with some 'elements' of the city. Full price is great deal too. Miami indeed one tier lower. The discount makes it good deal though. &
  10. The sale is on again 😄 Are Barcelona and Miami worth it in MSFS? I had KMIA back in P3D but not enough VRAM so never really used it, even on my RTX3060 😞 happy hunting, &
  11. Well, I tried this but Virtuali is rather ignoring this problem. Now - while I posted information on the discount I think it is fair to also warn that P3D offer suffers from irreparable problems. &
  12. Yes sir. Yes sir, we do. Thanks! This is how we learned that the elevation issue exists in P3D v5 in multiple airports from your company. And from the forum we know the issue exists for many months already. Hence the question - will it ever be fixed or you decided to end the development and bug fixing? &
  13. Be aware that most of FS Dreamteam airports in P3D v5 suffer from an issue where your airplane is floating above the ground. It impacts couple of airports I own and at east one I was planning to buy. Check their support forum as the issue seems to exist for many months. That Virtuali guy with his typical manners and attitude is hinting that this has little priority for him if any. &
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