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  1. Hi I would be grateful for help / suggestions. Cross-posted in flightsimlabs forum. I was suffering from NTDLL.dll and Terrain.dll crashes all of a sudden and read the Crash to Desktop guide. I updated my drivers through Driver Booster and now I can only changed speed manually in the FSLabs A3XX in units of four eg by +/- 4 knots, 400 or 4000 feet. I re-installed the P3D V4.4 client and the aircraft but the problem remains. No obvious changes in Win 10 or P3D setup either. Any ideas? Many thanks Stewart
  2. http://togaprojects.proboards.com/thread/750/envtex-sp2-released Uninstall and reinstall is their advice
  3. http://togaprojects.proboards.com/thread/750/envtex-sp2-released Uninstall and reinstall is their advice
  4. Uninstall Envtex then reinstall. It's in the documentation.
  5. Sorry I use PFPX not Simbrief. I store the PFPX route in P3D V4 which I import into my plane. In ProATCX I make a route then edit if not the same as PFPX. If not identical I edit the route and copy and paste in my PFPX route so they are the same removing the SID and Star as above ie all waypoints up to the end of the SID (GIRLI) and just put DCT (eg EGNT DCT GIRLI) instead. EGTT is not an airport therefore is not used in route planning. ProATCX will then assign the SID before departure based on GIRLI and a STAR on descent based on KIDLI. Hope that helps.
  6. Use the edit function in ProATCX route planner. Remove it's route and paste in yours without the SID (GIRL1T) and STAR (ASTR2B). eg EGNT DCT GIRLI UP18 POL MCT LISTO UL612 HON UN859 KIDLI EGKK. ProATCX will then assign SID and STAR depending on runways in use.
  7. Thanks for replying. Yes I did a full reinstall of both with the new patches.
  8. Hi Unfortunately an uninstall and reinstall of the client did not sort the problem and neither did a full install of all my orbx products. Any other ideas other than a full reinstall of P3D? Thanks again. Stewart
  9. Thank you for your help, will try this evening and report back. Help much appreciated. Stewart
  10. I would be grateful for any help / suggestions. I updated 4.1 to 4.2 by removing client, content and scenery then re-installed in that order and validated. I updated ASN, Envdir and Orbx to V.2 versions deleting and rebuilding shaders but I am left with see-through terrain. My scenery library is fine. https://imgur.com/hxFwzB4 Any ideas? Thanks Stewart
  11. I use AutoHideMouseCursor (google it) in FSX. Solved the issue for me.
  12. I am about to upgrade my PC for XP 64 bit and Windows 10. Will 16Gb be enough for sim only or should I go with 32? Thanks Stewart
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