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  1. Should this switch be on the box ?? Thank you Paul12
  2. I downloaded FlightSimulator X Deluxe Edition from a DVD Installing was no problem and the product is running fie. Engine runs I can take off. However there is a big problem since the CDU screen remains black and I wonder how to activate it. Can anybody help ? Thank you Paul12
  3. I installed the PMDG-737.which works fine,engine running My problem is that the CDU screen remains black. Question: how do I make active ? Thank you Paul 12
  4. How can I unlock the menubar in the PMDG-737 ? Thank you Paul12
  5. I installed the PMDG-737 and I wonder how to unlock the menu bar ? Thank you for your help Paul12
  6. I purchased a DVD Microsodft Flight Simulagtor Deluxe Ediition.With this DVD I installed FSX
  7. I installed and down;oaded FSXEverythins wogrks except for the UDU.For what ever reason it remains black and shows no activities. Can anybody help ? Paul12
  8. I encounter two problems with my FlightSimulatpor ( Flight Simulator Deluxe Edition ) 1) When I load PMDG-737 thje plane shows as skeleton only 2) I cannot open the MewnuBar Can anyubodyu help ? Thank you Paul12
  9. Is there a way to make the MenuBar visible ?? ( in PMDG-737 Thank you Paul12
  10. I am not sure is this is the rigjht forum to post I take pictyures iwith my Samsung Gaolaxy A20 The pictures go into tjhe Gallery from whre I wiah to email them Cananybody give me a clue to do tjhat ? Thjank you Paul12
  11. Is it possible to iimstall the PMFDG-=737 into Prepare 3d and if so,how is it done ? Thank you Paiul12one ?
  12. As my tit;le says I plan top buy a PMDG-737 but Ii cannot find a source. Can anybody help ? Paul12
  13. How can I install the PMDG-737 into Prepar3d Thank you Paul12
  14. I installed the PMDG-737 on my computer ( Windows 10 ) When running the program the aircraft shows like a skeleton How do I correct this ? Thank you Paul 12
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