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  1. Since a couple of months VNAV does not angage anymore. Any idea what the reason could be Thanks Paul12
  2. When opening a flight simulator I notice the following items on top: Flights,Aircraft,World,Options,Views,Help How can I get an adon,any adon ? Thank you Paul12
  3. When loading the 8737 it shows like a skeleton.Why ? Thank you Paul1
  4. I intend to ad the PMDG-737 into Prepar3d. Since all my attemps failed I hope anybody can help. Thank you Paiul12
  5. I uise thje PMFDG-737. My questoion ffor tje ,real pilots: Is the plane aligned onve a day or prior to everyh take off' THank you Pauil12
  6. Hello: I need Windo7 7 which I downloaded.I have a problem to imstall it as I get error message 0x6. How can I remove this error message ? Can anybody help Thanks Paul12
  7. Is it possible to riun FSX with Woindows 10 Home edition 64 bit ? I tried it but cannot actiovate the product . Can anybody help / Thanks Paul12
  8. Can anybody tell me from where to download thje PMDG 737 ? Thnank you Paiuls 12
  9. Is there a flight simulator for Airbus aircrafts ? Hopefully the quality similar toe PMDG-737 What would you recommend ? Thanks Paul 12
  10. How do I install add ons in the FSX ? Thank you Paul 12
  11. Anybody knows from where to download the B-737. I read at PMDG that this product is not available anymore. What to do ? Thank you Paul 12
  12. I made a flight plan and saved it in the panel state with a name ( ex abc) The problem is I cannot load the plan from the panel state. Any idea what the problem is ? Thank you Paul 23
  13. When I run FSX I see the Menui Bar hidden and I wonder how to make it visible Thank youy Pail 12
  14. I had to buy a new MFS Deluxe Edition since my previous one got damaged Installation went fine but running the FSX causes problem: It says Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 720 required. Question: how to get that resolution ?? Thank you Paul 12
  15. Paul12


    Yes,I had FSX installed.The DVD are used but in good shape. Why does it matter thjat FSX was installed ? Thank you Paul12
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