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  1. Paul12


    Yes,I had FSX installed.The DVD are used but in good shape. Why does it matter thjat FSX was installed ? Thank you Paul12
  2. I purchased Flight Simulator Deluxe Edition on DVD. When running the DVD I get following error messages. See attachments Can anybody give me a hint how to proceed? Thanks you Paul12 e:
  3. I use ImgBB toi run a screen shot for a forum post.See attached screenshot) The problem I have that I cannot do anything.ERx: how to get cockpit viw with all the buttond and controls ? Also to be full screen ?
  4. I need to ad a screen shot to my subjsct.How is it done ? Can anybody exp;lain ? Thank you Paul12
  5. Would anybody know where to buy FSX Deluxe edition,other then Amazon or Ebay I appreciate your help Paul12
  6. Any body know what the diferenc is between FSX Gold and Deluxe Edition ? Thank you Paul 12
  7. I need to unckude a screen shot to my question but don.t know how to do it Can anybody help Thank Pail12
  8. I just downloaded and installed P3D.I wonder if anything went wrong.I tried to get a full screen cockpit view of the Piper and then taxi down the runway or taxiway. How can I achieve this ? Thanks for your help Paul12
  9. Can one have the two softwares on the same computer,FSX and Prepare3d ? Is it possible to get problems ? Thank you Paul12
  10. When auto landing I notice that FLARE turn from white to green. Do I have to do anything when that happens or is this only an indication that FLARE starts ? Thank you Paul12
  11. I made a PMDG-737 flight plan.When running the flight I do not get LAND in the CDU,including FLARE and ROLLOUT.A few weeks ago it worked.What could the problem be ? Thanks Paul12
  12. Would it be feasible to land on grass,assuming the concrete rwy were out of order for a few days. What is your opinion ? Tks Paul 12
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