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  1. Paul12

    Green flashing bar in CDU

    Sometimes I get a green flashing bar at the bottom of the CDU ( I do not know what causes it ) Question: what causes that and more important how to get rid of it ? Thanks Pauil12
  2. I am about to learn the PMDG-777 and so far so good. Except I am not sure what to do after I get the message RESET MCP ALTITUDE. I lower the altitude according to the charts and then what ? What do I have to do in order to get the descent ? I appreciate your help. Paul12
  3. Paul12

    VOR question

    I need some assistance using a VOR approach. First of all some terms ( see attached screen shot ) a) what is the name and purpose of the green arrow on top of the ND pointing to 048 degrees. b) what is the name and purpose of the dotted magenta line also pointing to 048 degrees. How do I get the exact location of the VOR ? Do I leave the A/P on ? Can it be done with the VORLOC ? I appreciate your help Paul 12
  4. I have ActiveSky 2016 for FSX and ActiveSkyNext on my desktop. Something is wrong with ActiveSkyNext as it indicates wrong temperatures. Ex: for CYUL is always indicates 22 degrees which is wrong as the temp is 4 to 5 degrees. Same for some other airports. I removed and reinstalled both programs but nothing changed. Any idea what the problem could be ? As I really like ActiveSkyNext I wish could get it right as it was a few months ago.. Thanks Paul12
  5. Paul12


    Many years ago I had a program which called for check lists. ( For the PMDG-737 ) It seems I lost ( deleted it ) and cannot remember anymore what it was. Can any body help ? Paul 12
  6. Paul12

    Need version 1.10.7025

    In order to get that version I have to access Precision Manual.However,it seems they made some improvements to log in ( see attached screen shot ) and I cannot access them anymore. What do I have to do to reset the password ?? Thank you Paul12
  7. Paul12

    Problem with Yoke button

    The way I set it up: Option / Settings / Controls / ButtonKeys/Evenets = APU AutopilotMaster ( on/off ) I assign a YorkButton. Result: Does not switch the A/P on,however if A/P is on ( Light green ) then activating the Yoke key disconnects the A/P It should be the reverse !! What is the problem ??? Thanks again
  8. Paul12

    Problem with Yoke button

    No,I am not saying that.As a matter of fact I would prefer to achieve it without FSUIPC. But again,how ? May be you can give me a hint . Thnks
  9. Paul12

    Problem with Yoke button

    How can I program a Yoke button to perform certain tasks,such as engage the autopilot,switch on lights and many more. What I did was going to Option / Settings / Controls / FlightYoke / ButtonKeys / Autopilot / Asign a button ( in my case F9 ) then press OK. To my surprise nothing happens when I press the Yoke button and I wonder what went wrong ? I appreciate your help. Thank you Paul 12
  10. Paul12

    Glide Slope not working

    Please disregard as I just found problem Paul12
  11. Paul12

    Glide Slope not working

    I used the PMDG-737 for many years and never had a problem with the G/S not activating. VOR LOC activates,however I get no G/S indication anymore. I deleted the 737 and reinstalled it but had no success. Anybody can provide a hint as to what to do ? Much appreciated by Paul 12
  12. I created a waypoint called DISEN and I tried to change the coordinates. See attached screen shot So far I did not achieve,my new coordinates are 50 degrees north and 8 degree east. How can I do this ? Thank your for your help Paul12
  13. What is the correct procedure to get dead on over a certain waypoint or airport ? See attached screen shot. 1) To follow the magenta line ? 2) To bring the green vertical bar into the center of the green triangle ? When bar is to the left make a left turn,when bar is to the right,make a right turn. 3) To adjust TRK to DTK ? 4) Other methods ? I appreciate your help since I never achieved the specified goal.
  14. Paul12

    Installation question

    According to the PMDG-737 manual one should not install FSX into the default directory Therefore I created a folder called FSX1 to install FSX. How about other program like Switzerland Professional,Frankfurt airport,Electronic Flight Bag,Navigraph,PFPX etc Where to place them ?. Thanks Paul12