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  1. Paul12

    Glide Slope not working

    Please disregard as I just found problem Paul12
  2. Paul12

    Glide Slope not working

    I used the PMDG-737 for many years and never had a problem with the G/S not activating. VOR LOC activates,however I get no G/S indication anymore. I deleted the 737 and reinstalled it but had no success. Anybody can provide a hint as to what to do ? Much appreciated by Paul 12
  3. I created a waypoint called DISEN and I tried to change the coordinates. See attached screen shot So far I did not achieve,my new coordinates are 50 degrees north and 8 degree east. How can I do this ? Thank your for your help Paul12
  4. What is the correct procedure to get dead on over a certain waypoint or airport ? See attached screen shot. 1) To follow the magenta line ? 2) To bring the green vertical bar into the center of the green triangle ? When bar is to the left make a left turn,when bar is to the right,make a right turn. 3) To adjust TRK to DTK ? 4) Other methods ? I appreciate your help since I never achieved the specified goal.
  5. Paul12

    Installation question

    According to the PMDG-737 manual one should not install FSX into the default directory Therefore I created a folder called FSX1 to install FSX. How about other program like Switzerland Professional,Frankfurt airport,Electronic Flight Bag,Navigraph,PFPX etc Where to place them ?. Thanks Paul12
  6. My operating system is Window 10.I installed FSX,then service pack SP-1 which worked fine. After installing Service pack 2 ( SP-2 ) I got the following error message: SP-2 ended before completing installation . Your system has not been modified. To install later please run setup again. How can I make it work ? How to modify the system ? What is meant by setup again ? Thank your for your help Paul 12
  7. Paul12

    Align Speed

    I used to be able to select the speed of aligning ( ex instant,30 sec etc ) Unfortunately I cannot remember how I did it and therefore I wonder if anyone can help me. Thank you Paul 12
  8. Paul12

    PMDG-777 SetUp I intend to set up the PMDG-777 as to included picture.So far I tried all kind of combinations but had not success. For me it is imperative that the commands work,ex show CDU,activate fuel pumps etc etc Is there anybody to provide a hint ? I appreciate your help Paul12
  9. I am looking for a site from where to download FSCopit 1.7 and FSInn1.3 My O/S is Windows 10 Thank you for your help Paul12
  10. My O/S is Windows 10,I had squawk box installed and it worked fine. I was forced to remove it and tried to re install it again..To my surprise I got anerror message : a error occurred while updating the Start Menu.The installer will now close Any idea how to correct ? Thanks Paul12
  11. Paul12

    P3D vs FSX

    I often hear that P3D is supposed to be better then FSX but nobody explains why . Are the sceneries better ? What else ? I am anxious to hear your opinions Paul12
  12. I made several flight plans using Simbrief and saved them. How can I import them to the PMDG-737 CDU and in which file/folder are they saved ? Thank you for your help Paul
  13. Paul12

    Unsupported Operation error message

    I rolled version 1709 back and everything works fine.Hopefully the bugs in 1709 get fixed which encourages me to switch to 1709 again
  14. A few days ago I upgraded my Windows 10 to the newest version,1709 that is. Now I encounter a problem when using the PMDG-737. When I switch Time and Season to a different setting I get an error message " An unsupported operation was attempted". I have no choice but to click on ok which closes the program I wonder if anybody uses Windows 10 version 1709 and if there are any problems. Thank you Paul12
  15. AS I intend to reinstall PMDG-737 I was asked to return the present license key by going to MENU --> PMDG SET up --> LICENSE Unfortunately there is no license option as before and I wonder why ? Your help is appreciated Hubert Werni