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  1. Do I need to populate all 4 slots with RAM sticks to have it working in 4-channel mode with I9 7900X? So 16Gb RAM should be split in 4x 4Gb sticks? Thanks
  2. Win10 x64 is the way to go atm no doubt about that.
  3. I've finally ordered i9-7900X delidded and binned @4.7GHz from Silicon Lottery. With Collaboratory Pro between DIE/IHS/H115i (280mm) and ample 10 Cores (no HT) I hope to achieve working 5.00GHz without much trouble. One of the reasons I got this CPU was it's larger Cache, more CPU lanes than 8700K, and the fact that it still supports Win7 x64 ( in one of my multi-boots I plan to have some older great games like BoB2, YAP etc. on Win7 x64 O/S).
  4. Thanks, I've finally found my current one, it's in the middle of the list, time to upgrade. Indeed 30% inferior
  5. That's the problem. If you click on TITAN X it says in the specs "Other names: NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal)", but if you click on TITAN Xp it says in the other names just TITAN Xp. As to other specs my current EVGA GTX TITAN X 12GB Hybrid (Maxwell) shows: Base Clock: 1152 MHz / ; CUDA Cores: 3072; Memory Detail: 12288MB GDDR5 Memory Bandwidth: 336.5 GB/s So I'm lost, is it an older one, or a decent one comparable to the best top ones? Thanks. PS: How to compare: GTX 1080Ti Core Clock(s): 1480 MHz, Memory Clock(s): 2750 GTX TITAN X: Boost Clock: 1241 MHz Memory Clock: 7010 MHz ?? For me it seems from the specs my TITAN X is 30% inferior to GTX 1080Ti, time to upgrade for P3Dv4?
  6. Thanks, for the chart. I have a GM200-A (Maxwell) based 12Gb GeForce GTX TITAN X so I don't know where exactly my card falls in the chart. It is not a GTX 980Ti but it's not a TITAN X (Pascal based). Do I need a 1080Ti for noticeable performance gain for my pending P3Dv4 install? My screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 Dirk.
  7. This is a dedicated gaming rig so I don't plan to use HT at all having 10 physical cores available. Dirk
  8. I plan to buy a delidded I9-7900X binned at 4.5-4.6GHz and use Coollaboratory Pro under IHS with Corsair H115i. That should yield 4.8GHz o/c at around 70C at max load with no problem.
  9. Toni, it looks like there is a nVidia driver problem with FSL Spot lights / P3Dv4 DL, The best nvidia driver many on FSL boards are talking about is 376.33. You can not install it for GTX 1080 TI though. So my purpose is quite long-winded and personal here )). Anyway, I recall I used to use up to 3 video cards myself in my older non-fs systems. But my question is whether it is possible to turn off/on one of the video cards installed in PCI-E slots completely in BIOS without removing them manually? And while I'm at it, is it possible to turn off one or several HD/SS Disks in BIOS in the same manner without physically disconnecting them? Thanks,
  10. Hello, Can I install 2 different video cards (gtx980ti and gtx1080ti) in my mobo Fatal1ty Z170 Professional Gaming i7 and switch between them when necessary? Meaning only one will work at a time? Thanks,
  11. What is your method of switching P3D setting profiles in-flight? Thanks,
  12. Hmm, is it "Made in the U.S.A." product?
  13. We'll wait for tsts in P3D v4 meanwhile. Thanks!
  14. What is MFC? Thanks,