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  1. That's interesting but VSYNC + 30Hz monitor doesn't work for me in P3Dv5. When I go to outside vc view the fps counter shows over 40+. I check my monitor and it shows V30Hz, in-game frame rate unlimited, vsync On., So I ended up going back to limiting fps in NCP. Any ideas? Thanks. PS: Windows 2004 build 19631 (update from couple of days back)
  2. I'm curious if anybody noticed any improvements with it in P3d. Thanks.
  3. There's a relatively new register in Win10's Default graphics settings named Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. By default it is Off. I'm curious if anybody has had any experience with it? Thanks.
  4. And how about new "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" feature in Default graphics settings? Thanks.
  5. Bert, this way is rather a catch-22 situation. You'd want to increase your fps by saving on textures quality (FFTF is low at 120). But the moment you change frame rates in the settings to anything from Unlimited you turn on the internal mechanism of generation of extra frames ahead for each frame sent to GFX output. I'm not sure what is better lower frames or more frequent visual hiccups. And I know most of us tend to fly in congested areas with heavy sceneries.
  6. I thought I did a mistake installing it in the SIM folder, didn't I? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I installed 747 QoS II to main P3Dv5 folder by mistake. Is there a safe way to move it to my P3Dv5 Add-ons Folder?Thanks.
  8. How come NCP can't do and NVPI does that? Anyway P3Dv5 is not a natively windowed app anymore I guess.
  9. You guess it right, Noel, you and your hardware are the chosen ones, enjoy!! Cheers, PS: FFTF won't hurt nothing anyway and is adequately priced for those who find it helpful.
  10. same as 1/3, 1/4 etc. So working solution in my case is: Unlimited and Vsync Off in P3D, then 30fps set in NCP for Prepar3D.exe + FFTF (AGL mode), my monitor 1440p stays at stock 60Hz. All works perfect. And for what it matters HT On also helps very well for the above. Thanks. i9-9900k @5.2 HT On custom loop, 32GB RAM @3200, RTX 2080TI
  11. You are strange, Noel, it has been mentioned ad nauseam on these boards that on SOME hardware systems and in SOME congested areas many people including many reputed avsim characters experienced all kind of side effects related to Unlimited frame rate so using FFTF proved to work for them to eleminate those. You may want to look up "missing autogen", "blurry textures" etc. You don't really need to be "blind" to "fathom" this fact. Thanks.
  12. Isn't Dynamic texture streaming supposed to clean up textures you're not looking at? Thanks.
  13. So in DX12 video memory is managed by an app, is it not? Thanks.
  14. Yes, in v5 would be great. Thanks
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