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  1. I need it in USA though Thanks, PS: I can get it from https://www.overclockers.co.uk/der8auer-delid-die-mate-x-hs-004-dr.html for US
  2. Is there a delidding tool for i9 7900X available yet? Thanks,
  3. Anxiously following the development. Very much interested. Thanks to all.
  4. Thanks, Jay. I'll wait for VOX v7 release + some more patches then. Meanwhile PF3+MCE combo sounds like a serious alternative to VOX, I got them both but I loved VOX in FSX. Dirk.
  5. Ok, then check out your ground and higher visibility settings in AS, what are they currently?
  6. Did you play with vegetation and building shadows on/off? Thanks,
  7. Please share your findings with PTA. Thanks
  8. Are there any settings in P3Dv4 I could turn off to avoid double rendering in dusk and dawn? Sounds intimidating otberwise. Thanks
  9. Meanwhile, is VOXv6 fully functional and generally bug-free for P3Dv3.4HF3? Thanks, Dirk
  10. Now that you can update the default FSX/P3D AIRAC to the latest cycle, my question is whether Phenom 300 comes with pre-installed nav data, or can read what's in the sim? Thanks, Dirk
  11. Ha! I found the video and the show quite entertaining, not boring by any means, lively, interesting and candid. Dirk.
  12. I honestly respect what they do besides 350i, I like this lively video and this character Crazycolin. "This is what you'll get when you mess with us" - should be their motto Cheers, Dirk. PS: and F-105 is also my favorite
  13. Guys, do you think v7 should work OK in P3Dv3.4? I'm thinking to buy v7. Thanks,
  14. Quote of the interview: Right on, in my case Linda was the first reason why I finally bought both MCP Boeing and FCU Airbus from VRInsight.