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  1. Do I still need to download those 2 dlls then add NoCduAction=1 under [OPTIONS] in mcfslA3X.ini to avoid MCE playing with MCDU 2D windows? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I installed US orthophoto scenery v1.1 California package from here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/&page=4 All works and looks fantastic. Unfortunately there's one 100% repeatable problem with XP11's G1000 GPS: soon as I start playing with the zoom, particularly increasing it, the zoom at some point jumps to weird 153km and XP11 crashes. Happens in all planes equipped with G1000. Outside the orthophoto scenery G1000 zooms in/out ok. Has anybody seen this? Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, does anybody have this problem with Reshade? I've just installed and set it up. It works but I can not normally exit XP11 anymore, it just locks up. Is there a fix for this? Thanks
  4. Local barometric pressure binding in XP11 is sorely missing too! Or is it just one at a time? )) Thanks!!
  5. Is there no such a key binding? Thanks
  6. Hello, I would like to toggle Winds and barometric pressure display in upper left corner. I know where to turn it on or off, but is it possible to toggle it in 3D word? Thanks.
  7. Dirk98

    Serious ground handling issues

    Yaw/rudder sensitivity after the latest update is still atrocious, at least in C-172, and there is very little control over it in XP11's Joystick setup UI. I have 0% Sensitivity and 0-% Artificial, and still struggle, no fail to be exact, with my fine-tuned CH Pedals to stay on the centerline.
  8. I dont know, I tried the same email, that I use for avsim, it didnt work. So I registered a new gmail account and xplane.org accepted it right away this time. Thanks.
  9. Dirk98

    voc atc 7 and traffic addon.

    Anybody has the link? Thanks!
  10. No, it seems not to be my case. Every time I'm trying to sing in it kicks me out to: And I've just checked I can't post neither in new or existing threads. Thanks!
  11. Tony, PM with the details inbound. Thanks!
  12. Do you guys know any of the admins there? I could PM you my profile details to pass on to them. Thanks,
  13. Btw I received Welcome to X-Plane.org - How to get started email the same day when I tried to register. But nothing since then. Thanks.
  14. Yes, I do have a working XP11 from what I bought.
  15. Been there and done that. Spam filter is the first place where I check for the incoming approvals and confirmations, but it's empty. Why would I need to create a new email account? It is good for avsim but not good for x-plane.org? I don't think so. Thanks,