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  1. I hope uninstall/newer install to update won't disturb all my current MCE settings will it? And my own Voxkeys.
  2. Is it still the latest version? Thanks,
  3. VOX ATC V7

    I used to unite all separate sceneries under Aerosoft or say FlyTampa top folders in respective xml files. Now I can see probably it's not the best way for a careful analysis. On the other hand in the previous version P3Dv4.1 there was a limit on number of entries I recall. Is it possible while running VoxATC's Indexer to temporarily disable all add-on.cfg files and instead use Lorby's Addon Organizer' facility to temporarily Export library for external tool (it's under AO's Backup/Restore tab) Thanks.
  4. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    Yes, while Voice Attack is great, still MCE is more FSX/P3D oriented. You can do in MCE all that like above and have interactive checklists as well. That would take a lot, a lot of digging in Voice Attack and tinkering with P3D. MCE+ you name it, is even more OMG in context I would say. But more expensive, yes. While Shoot still works btw, that is free ))
  5. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    Who said you should? They are keystroke-based originally, just click your comms away
  6. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    What I like in PF3 is that it is very well supported, very much developed as a program, with up to date terminology, amount of recorded voices, and MCE support. Meaning you can press buttons to your hearts delight or speak correct terminology via MCE, that can in addition use check lists and flows, full suite.
  7. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    I should say PATCX and PF3 are the most comprehensive at the moment But you can use voice in PF3+MCE combo, is the winner
  8. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    Pilot2ATC is quite good after flying last 2 weeks with it.
  9. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    Deja vu. Not again.
  10. PF3 or Radar Contact?

    RC4 is quite outdated unfortunately.
  11. Multi Crew Experience?

    There is no ATC in MCE. Post the link where you thought there was and I'll name you the program.
  12. A2A Announce Bonanza V-Tail

    Not interested at all in this particular one after all I bought from them. The question is: is it faster? Is it that much different looking at the characteristics, gauges and panel? I'll skip this one.
  13. Use of keyboard?

    Where on YT? Thanks PS: Ok it's Almost aviation
  14. I didn't know I could install 32-bit voices in Win10x64 though. I mean I'll try and it should work according to Gerald. Thanks
  15. Yes, we are all getting older, and MCE is getting 32 bit-obsolete, that's life... :D