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  1. Quote of the interview: Right on, in my case Linda was the first reason why I finally bought both MCP Boeing and FCU Airbus from VRInsight.
  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
  3. Vic, you don't use FPS unlimited and Vsync On in P3D's UI and 20Hz H. refresh in your monitor, do you? Any specific reason for that? Thanks, Dirk.
  4. Excellent, thx
  5. Unfollowing.
  6. Any negative sides with it, like some performance hit or VAS usage? Thanks,
  7. I think I remember I came across some settings whereas the P3D window opened with the bottom taskbar visible and fixed there but still it was a full screen mode. I can't find it in Prepar3D.cfg nor in SIMstarter. Is it possilbe at all? Thanks,
  8. Did anybody use a performance tweak for iFly737? I recall there was some problematic texture used in their glass or displays and vanilla pmdg737 ran better FPS than iFly because of it. Thanks, Dirk.
  9. This one is just killing me, I love PMDG, but I can't help myself, I can't even watch youtube videos with PMDG737 because the windshield is distorted. Ifly737 windshield geometry looks much much better. Dirk
  10. What is important in the list? Thanks,
  11. Piotr, make sure to set FPS unlimited and Vsync On in P3Dv4, then go to nVidia CP and create a custom resolution with 30Hz refresh. Go back to P3D and see the fluidity. Mind you if your monitor can't support 30Hz, you won't be able to achieve the same result with any external limiter. Only after this tweak you may want to try to play with AM. It's rather a narrow corridor to get there.
  12. Please remind what is wrong or inconvenient with captions On functionality. Many thanks, Dirk.
  13. Oh! Delidding explains it all, I did it 3 times in the past, 2 of which were successful. With my current 6700K CPU I was just too lazy. Thanks for the Rockit Cool pointer, sure is a way to go, + some lapping also helps. Dirk
  14. What is your AM for P3D? How do you cool your CPU at such high frequency with HT on? HT alne gives from +10 to +15 CPU temp higher. Thanks, Dirk.
  15. On my side 24-25Hz works almost as good as 30Hz (P3Dv3.3-3.4). I can see a slight difference when panning around, but in heavy scenarios like flying to/from EGLL, EHAM I use 24-26Hz. Will try 20 yet, just curious. Dirk.