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  1. Sure, that has become a personal preference only, not a choice of the platform's depth anymore
  2. Thank you Bob. Most of the current reviews are littered by: "G-sync compatible!", "FreeSync Premium!" offers, go figure without an enlightened advice.
  3. It's good that your monitor's refresh rate can be controlled in NVCP and go down from 165Hz to 60Hz. AFAIK not all panels can accept that, but thanks for reminding me about it. Thanks. PS: I'd rather have a monitor with the internal refresh control (a note to myself).
  4. I do only a couple of other usual suspects like F4BMS and DCS. 1Hz sounds great, thanks for the pointer Dave.
  5. Thanks Dave, that's exacly why I posted my question here. I can vaguely remember negative remarks about GSYNC for flight sims. Even 30Hz lower limit is not low enough for me. I'll try to find some 60/120Hz sans GSYNC. But the problem is if it is not a GSYNC monitor then it's a FreeSync compatible one which is even worse I understand, isn't it? PS: I really want an old style 60Hz 1440p 32-inch with 5ms response.
  6. As I wrote I cap 30 fps with NVCP. How well does it work with a 140Hz 165Hz gsync monitor? Does gsync properly throttle refresh down to 30 from 140 available?
  7. I'm currently on a 12700H/RTX 3060 laptop, so when it gets to its maximum frame rates, the temperatures get very high. And most decent 32" 1440p monitors are 140-165Hz with gsync. Perhaps I'd rather buy a 32'' 1440p 60Hz monitor, but I understand they don't make them anymore. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I'm thinking of buying me a 1440p monitor, most of them are now at 140Hz or 165Hz with gsync. I'm used to limiting all my flight sims to 30Hz (60Hz monitor @1/2 refresh rate in NvCP). Is it possible to cap gfx output to 30 fps and have it still synced properly with these high refresh monitors? Please share your tips and experience. Thanks.
  9. What is it saying about RTX 3060Ti? I have RTX 3060 only in my current gaming laptop. Thanks
  10. It's been raining last couple of days, comfortable 74-77F/26C outside, AQI at 13-17 which is excellent.
  11. There is payware autogen for MSE, looks great. I bought it for NV and AZ but I have never installed yet.
  12. I have NEC MultiSync PA302W 1440p display port, 30Hz capable but I run @60Hz with 1/2 refresh in NVI.
  13. Here are my settings, that work absolutely perfect for me in v5.3HF2: 😄 Performance-wise v5.3HF2 is nothing short of outstanding like never before, finally. PS: I still use Reshade (some more lighting and sharpening) and and VC lighting tweak. + 1/2 refrresh of 60Hz, Unlimited FR, FFTF Dynamic. i9 9900K @5.2GHz GTX 2080Ti 11Gb, 32Gb memory @3.2GHz, USB GoFlight, VRinsight, CHM, TIR Tons of Orbx stuff, flying FSL and PMDG between commercial airports in US and UK mostly. AIG OCI controlled via FSUIPC, AI Lights Reborn, plus ASP3D, AI Companion, AIFlow, AIGround on client PCs.
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