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  1. There is payware autogen for MSE, looks great. I bought it for NV and AZ but I have never installed yet.
  2. I have NEC MultiSync PA302W 1440p display port, 30Hz capable but I run @60Hz with 1/2 refresh in NVI.
  3. Here are my settings, that work absolutely perfect for me in v5.3HF2: 😄 Performance-wise v5.3HF2 is nothing short of outstanding like never before, finally. PS: I still use Reshade (some more lighting and sharpening) and and VC lighting tweak. + 1/2 refrresh of 60Hz, Unlimited FR, FFTF Dynamic. i9 9900K @5.2GHz GTX 2080Ti 11Gb, 32Gb memory @3.2GHz, USB GoFlight, VRinsight, CHM, TIR Tons of Orbx stuff, flying FSL and PMDG between commercial airports in US and UK mostly. AIG OCI controlled via FSUIPC, AI Lights Reborn, plus ASP3D, AI Companion, AIFlow, AIGround on client PCs.
  4. My 2080Ti runs MSAA x8 @1440p quite well with dynamic lighting on day and night. Strange but motion blur option helps a lot with FPS to some reason.
  5. No, it does not at all. Where did you get it from?
  6. Now that the latest update is generally accepted, please share your current gfx v5.3hf2 settings for overall fluid day/night flying the most heavy airliners to the most heavy hubs and sceneries on i9+ NV 2080+ hardware in 1440p+ resolutions, nothing too much fancy. Particularly I'm looking for Optimal (as opposed to Best) World and Lighting Settings, scenery objects, draw distances, reflections, dynamic lighting, shadow quality and object shadows. Thanks PS: Hyper Threading, AM, VSYNC studies can be left alone, there's enough to go through in the neighbouring threads.
  7. Do you have to recenter it regularly like you need it with TrackIR? Thanks!
  8. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear: it's not only the pillar but the whole windshield and the front panel as well. Subpar. Shame, I'm not interested anymore. Peace out.
  9. Well, while I tried to discuss their product GoranM leaned towards blaming me and my perception instead from the very beginning. I'm curious why you don't seem to notice such misrepresentations calling me out in the first place?
  10. Anyway, I repeat that the modeling of the windshield geometry in Hot Start's CL 650 looks wrong to me at this stage. And it's not only about the middle strut. Anyone who might be interested can see the difference in youtube videos I posted above.
  11. There are always people who have vested interests. At Avsim it's GoranM, hey how would you like it?
  12. Buddy, if you watch those videos you should see it yourself unless you're biased. All I'm trying here is to convince the devs to put some more efforts into VC modelling, and you haven't heard me snide yet. Thanks.
  13. Not a good idea, unless there are more users flying X-Plane in VR. PS: it's their payware plane so they can do whatever they want with it to their hearts delight. This is getting absurd I can see and trust my eyes. I would never argue about their FM, work of the systems etc. as I'm not a specialist. But I can see and compare obvious visual shortcomings in their VC modelling.
  14. See, that's what I'm trying to convey to the developers. And I never trust an artist when he goes defending listing here's only -0.1mm and there's only +0.5mm etc..
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