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  1. Dirk98

    FSDT GSX2 and FSL A320X problems

    I'm glad it seems like it is not FSDT's fault, here: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?action=post;quote=134229;topic=19356.0;num_replies=2;sesc=10b1ce636a6611a04f944fe7014e26f6 Any work around that you use, guys? Thanks!
  2. Am I the only one using GSX2 and FSL A320X together and seeing this message: " "Airplane with no support for Jetway Power Unit, GSX battery charge disabled" The consequences of the above make GSX2 unplayable with FSL A320X, if somebody's curious I posted on their forums already: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?action=post;quote=134224;topic=19356.0;num_replies=0;sesc=10b1ce636a6611a04f944fe7014e26f6 Thanks,
  3. Dirk98

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    ORBX has nothing to do with that, I don't have any sunken jetways or any other problems.
  4. Dirk98

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    Forgot to mention I'm at Gate 26D
  5. Dirk98

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    Hmm, only when you select South the Stop sign shows up. The good news though is that it works with GSX2 here. I've checked East and All runways - nogo. LH340Fan, could you look more into it? Thanks.
  6. Dirk98

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    Ok, I got it working in the beginning of a scenario. But you might want to change your working bgl file from South to All runways, otherwise add a note that South bgl is active in your version 2 Thanks!
  7. Dirk98

    GSX fix for flytampa Amsterdam

    Could you check at the beginning of your flight at this gate, before departure, and not at the arrival?
  8. Dirk98

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    Indeed, on AS EGLL approach (with ORBX FT England), FPS always sink somewhat below 25 FPS (mon. refresh set @25Hz), so I may see some extra jitters due to tripple buffering? Thanks.
  9. Dirk98

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    What is "the next frame drawn to be more accurate according to what the scene will be when it is finally displayed"? More accurate in what sense? Does it require any noticeable cpu overhead? Thanks.
  10. Dirk98

    Locking Frame Rate

    Didn't you mention: ? No matter what you set elsewhere (NVI or others) soon as you lock internal P3D's FPS to a certain number, you should expect that your system, if set @ unlimited FPS, can cope OK with double that number. You can set to unlimited first, fly and see what the counter shows. I.e. if you see circa 40-50 FPS around an airport @ unlimited fps in P3D, there's a good chance your system will struggle badly in the same areas with fps set to 40 in P3D. Capisce? )) However if you see your own settings work good for you, just disregard all this balderdash and go fly. Dirk.
  11. Dirk98

    Locking Frame Rate

    You may put your exclamation marks as much as you want but who said "exactly"? Otherwise you might want to go through this thread again starting from this suggestion by SteveW: See, "two frames" and "one frame" - do your math.
  12. Dirk98

    Locking Frame Rate

    Oh my... Are you sure your system can churn out 80 FPS if set Unlimited in the areas where you fly normally? Otherwise you may have missed the point of locking FPS in P3D extensively discussed in this thread. It shouldn't work well on my system at least.
  13. Dirk98

    Locking Frame Rate

    Yes, therefore I also wanted to mention that usually before assigning AM to an App you need to look through its manual or its readme in respect of the affinity. Example: RXP GNS and GTN guages. Otherwise don't assign an AM yet with a batch or tools, just check what affinity shows Task Manager in default, "unsolicited" form.
  14. Dirk98

    Locking Frame Rate

    Doesn't this yet "spread the shared cache thinner than need be"? Thanks! PS: it might...
  15. Dirk98

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Wow! Thanks for the info, I'll wait. Dirk.