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  1. I'd check myself, of course. Just kidding, and I'm waiting for my 4.2 FULL REINSTALL before latest FSL A320 update.
  2. I guess Nyxx can't care less about lbs ))
  3. In FSX/P3D the default database can be updated too now. FSAD+Navigraph
  4. That's their developers' choice, but they spend more time on contemplating which tools to use in their products. SODE is one of them. SODE works just fine. Some developers even those that use it - do not. No problem with SODE. The problem is with some add-on airports that don't use SODE properly due to developers' fault.
  5. I don't know, ask him Adrian123. No issue. Do you see an issue?
  6. The argument is not valid. P3D navdata can be updated in the same manner like XP navdata. fsaerodata+navigraph subscription.
  7. Google fsaerodata, you can update FSX/P3D navdata with Navigraph. But then come AFCADs...
  8. Yes whatever. Substantive part is that SODE is not to blame for your/anybody's jetways not working in context.
  9. Lol, I didn't even mention/answer you, mate in my previous post. Nothing personal but you seem to have a wrong notion of what SODE is about.
  10. The title of the thread is totally misleading. How about "SODE Jetways working great!!" provided you have updated to the latest SODE/Scenery version and using add-ons that support SODE??
  11. It is, big time.
  12. This is really strange. How did you even happen to notice this SODE Jetways not working thread then?
  13. David, you're so obstinate! Lol
  14. It's a unified tool for scenery animation developers, is it not clear? It's up to add-on developers to use it.
  15. The problem is not in SODE. The problem is with add-on developers who don't use SODE jetways or don't script SODE jetways properly.