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  1. v470.25 here already, how come you're discussing an outdated one? Thanks.
  2. They've just said coming! And up this thread goes.
  3. Chapstick, how do you do that? I can't find anything pertinent to Traffic Toggle, or Traffic On/Off in FSUIPC. All there is there: - Traffic Density Set - Traffic Density Toggle - Traffic Freeze Off - Traffic Freeze On - Traffic Freeze Toggle - Traffic Zapall - Traffic Zapper Thanks,
  4. Very smart! (unlike me). Good idea. Thanks.
  5. Guys, I was landing in AMS today on 36R and had B747 preparing for take off on my runway. Any idea where I should look at and fine tune in ATCAPI, AIFlow and AIGround settings to solve that? I use mostly the default values in these apps and changed only those which were necessary for compatibility. Thanks.
  6. Chapstick, why would you want to turn traffic off?
  7. Sorry, my mistake I know. Swapping of config.xml is intended primarily for different departure/arrival airports. So my static observation in a departure airport only was quite senseless.. )) PS: but still interesting with AIG_AM traffic/ATCAPI and AICompanion, AIFlow and AIGround on a WideClient pc
  8. padrot, I didn't know the parameters were case sensitive! Do you know how long does it take AI to change their Landing/Take off runways on the fly by replacing config.xml and pressing Reload XML button? Is there any control over it? Thank you so much
  9. This is working now: Amazing utility Thanks.
  10. It works now as follows: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> <Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>EGLL</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27L</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> <EmptyWeightLimit>23000</EmptyWeightLimit> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27R</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R09R</Runway> <Probability>0</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R09L</Runway> <Probability>0</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>29</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>2000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>1.8</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters> But I would like to manipulate between Take off and Landing percentage on 27R/27L. Any idea? Thanks!
  11. Unfortunately none of these 2 worked. I've modified config.xml that came with v1.0.0.4 (now dll is though) it works now as follows: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> <Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>EGLL</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27L</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> <EmptyWeightLimit>23000</EmptyWeightLimit> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27R</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R09R</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R09L</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>29</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>2000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>1.8</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters> Unfortunately I don't understand what is wrong in my previous edits. Any idea? Thanks.
  12. Could anybody advise what is wrong in my settings? Active Runways don't show in the drop down menu: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>EGLL</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27L</Runway> <Probability>1</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R27R</Runway> <Probability>1</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>60</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>4000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>1.8</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters> ICAO is recognized OK though.. Thanks
  13. Sure, when you have a minute. If I use the LUA I'll run it on my WideFS PC too. Confirmed on AICompanion going irresponsive too here. Thanks.
  14. Ray, when you have a moment could you share the script in your lua plugin? Thanks.
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