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  1. I installed these yesterday and haven't encountered any problems in a couple of hours flying around in MSFS.
  2. 124 Meg on mine and I have quite a few games other than Flight Sim installed.
  3. I don't have this plane so can't comment, but fascinating video. If I heard correctly the flaps and gear are partially operated by a 2nd trigger on the control stick and the instructor says not to press the trigger for the guns by mistake!
  4. I prefer native 4k but lock frames at 30. Settings on high not ultra though. RTX 2080S.
  5. Don't forget Game Pass as a cheap way to trial FS2020. If you do decide to buy you can purchase the Steam version if you like and cancel Game Pass at any time.
  6. Livestream here: [MSFS ] Junkers JU 52 First look!! - YouTube Checklist is interactive so that may help people figuring out how to fly it.
  7. There might be something to this idea if Direct Storage is ever implemented in FS2020. It would require a NVMe drive though.
  8. Just had a CTD with the Cirrus and I haven't been having much issues with CTDs. Was just flying along in cruise then the sound stopped for a few seconds and the sim closed. I have the G1000 NXi installed.
  9. ATC is apparently broken with the experimental version for the time being. See Experimental Version - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation for more details and gotchas.
  10. One more tip if you're seeing crazy stuff in the flight plan imported from Simbrief: On the main sim menu ensure that you've only selected a departure airport (and optional starting gate) when setting up the flight. Leave the destination airport blank.
  11. Give the experimental version a try. I've found it to be pretty decent so far. I find the ATC to be too hit and miss so just leave it off.
  12. It's also doable on 4k. I have a 2080 Super as well.
  13. What do you see if you enable developer mode and turn on the FPS counter in the options menu? Are you running out of VRAM or normal RAM by any chance?
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