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  1. Matt Nischan from WT replied that the airspeed does get into the barber pole range on the real aircraft. I don't recall seeing any warning though but I reduced cruise speed in the flight plan to mach .83.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Now I've got to practice the landings, ended up doing some "firm" ones as 737 NG Driver would put it.
  3. Did some flying with the Longitude earlier - some things I've noticed: It was overspeeding during cruise. Workaround - dial in another 1000 feet or so altitude or manually control the cruise speed. I couldn't find any way to import a flight plan and the built in flight planner doesn't show up in the Garmin flightplan. Workaround: Plan the flight in the sim flight planner and bring up the navlog to capture waypoints manually. Otherwise I quite like the aircraft, the cockpit layout is more logical than the CJ4 and it doesn't take long to learn where everything is.
  4. Yes. Encountered that earlier and spent about 15 minutes changing settings to no avail. It's been mentioned on the PMDG forum so I guess it's up to them to fix it.
  5. Load times seem quicker when flying from an area where you'be been before. I do delete and re-create the rolling cache from time to time though.
  6. There is a timings button when you go to GSX settings. I set mine to the 2nd most dense setting which goes fairly quickly. You'll probably find that baggage loading takes the most time especially if the aircraft is using only belt loaders.
  7. The only time I've seen an overspeeed in cruise was when activating real world weather - I had clear weather selected prior to that. I always use cost index 100 since sim fuel and maintenace is free. I've seen both an undershoot and overshoot on ILS approaches and at other times at the same airport it has been fine. Could be weather related - I wasn't paying attention to the wind speed and direction.
  8. It does impact FPS a bit when you call the GSX vehicles. How much effect it has will likely depend on your hardware and your settings. My settings are pretty conservative so no much impact but YMMV.
  9. The trick to understanding custom pushback is that it works backwards starting from the point where you want the aircrafft to be, not at the point where the aircraft is currently parked. Any additional waypoints you want to add work in this backwards fashion as well. You can do silly things like this if you often fly from the same airports (skip forward to about 2:20) If you do want to play around with the editing functions in GSX a key part is learning the main drone cam shortcut keys since this is what GSX uses to move your viewpoint. If you have a controller you can use that instead. One more useful feature even if you don't use the other stuff is that you can reposition your aricraft at any gate in case you accidently started on the ruwnay - no need to go back to the sim menu.
  10. There was nothing on the official forums about a patch for beta or otherwise at the time I posted.
  11. Had no idea it applies to the beta version only when I posted. Just started the sim and now I'm getting another update. No idea if this is beta or for everyone.
  12. Forgot to add: P.DES should show in blue on the FMA if you have the TOD descent armed.
  13. As the Aussies say, no worries mate. 😁 I took a quick ride myself before posting to confirm the behavior. I'm reminded of this video by Mentour Pilot Airbus A320 MISSED Airport by OVER 100 miles, WHY?! | Northwest Airlines Flight 188 - YouTube
  14. Here's an update: This morning beta update was mistakenly released early to beta testers through the Windows Store. Release notes will be available when the beta update goes live to Xbox and Steam users later this week. The update for these platforms will be identical to the Windows Store release. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience Beta Update - November 22nd, 2022 - Sim Update 11 Beta / Beta News and Updates - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  15. hmm I don't think that statement is correct What I'm saying is that in the A310 you can literally reach top of climb and immediately dial in a lower altitude and arm the descent. The aircraft will continue the cruise at your previously selected cruising altitude until TOD is reached and without requiring any further action from the pilot, it will initiate the descent.
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