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  1. Found one, and thanks for your sdvice that my 12700k CPU may be my limiting factor
  2. Thanks for all the advice but, benchmarks, anyone?
  3. The reason that I am interested in these benchmarks is that I planned to upgrade an older GPU to an RTX 4080 FE but, with the RTX 4080 FE costing $1200 and the RTX 5000 being a year from shipping, I am considering upgrading to a $600 RTX 4070 FE now and then using the saved $600 to help upgrade to an RTX 5000 in 18 months.
  4. Thanks to all for your information and humor. Based upon your advice, I turned off hyper-threading, turned off E-cores, and undervolted my cores by -0.025 volts. My system is now running cooler (and quieter) without a noticeable difference in MSFS2020 performance. Thanks, RobertR
  5. Would you kind forum dwellers please direct me to FS2020 benchmarks for RTX 40xx nvidia graphics cards, and in particular, RTX 4070 and RTX 4080 cards. Thanks in advance, RobertR
  6. Has anyone experimented with turning off Hyper-Threading or E-Cores? Any performance difference?
  7. Good question. Or, possibly a discontiuance sale. At $299 USD with free shipping and good FS2020 reviews, though, I figured that it is a cheap way to try VR.
  8. The FS2020 friendly HP Reverb G2 is on sale for the 50% off price of $299 USD on HP's Black Friday sale page: HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset I appologize for posting this in the general forum but I thought that, at this price, non-VR users might want to take the plunge.
  9. HP reduced their Reverb G2 Black Friday price to $300. HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset
  10. Please let this aircraft be part of the 40th update
  11. I purchased the Reverb G2 V2 from HP for the Black Friday price of $400 and am now working my way through the excellent "Reverb setup for FS2020" here: (8457) COMPLETE VR SET UP | Microsoft Flight Simulator | WMR | HP REVERB G2 | Essential VR part 5 - YouTube Thanks go to AVSIM Forums and its dwellers for information and advice that led to this VR purchase.
  12. Although the rumors are that the Reverb G2 V2 could be on sale for as little as $350 USD, the best price that I have found so far is $400 on HP's Black Friday sale page here: HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset
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