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  1. To Mark: Thank you for keeping this excellent application alive. To all: When FSET was first released, I captured the entire San Francisco Bay area and I would now like to recapture in the latest imagery. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a current set of services configurations, and I wonder if one of you kind forum dwellers might PM to me some of the current configuration values, or even a hint as to where I might find them on the Internet. Thanks and regards, Robert EDIT: I just reviewed the ini file provided by Mark and, duh, it provides excellent examples of what I need. Thanks for the PMs.
  2. Christian,First, I want thank you for the contributions that TileProxy has made to my real-world VFR flying. TileProxy has eliminated a great deal of the anxiety associated with landing at unfamiliar airports by allowing me to pre-fly those arrivals while seeing the actual roads, highway intersections, buildings and landmarks. I also feel safer because I feel familiar when entering the area.Now to my question: Would you consider developing a version of TileProxy that acts as a scenery
  3. RobertRent

    Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

    Cessna's new light sport aircraft looks very interesting. For more info, see:
  4. Amazing. Tis a small world indeed.You could just spell your product's name with a capital "P", like: "TileProxy" or "Tile Proxy", and possibly add "for Microsoft Flight Simulator".Whatever, thanks for such a wonderful tool.Robert
  5. Thanks for both your response and your explanation, Christian.May I ask a follow up question? If the highest reasonable FSX resolution when using TileProxy is 1m/pixel, does that imply that there is no value to setting max_lod to anything higher than 15? Also, for service2, what are the reasonable min_level and max_level settings for 1m/pixel?Thanks,Robert
  6. When flying over the Google campus in Mountain View California, I am unable to achieve in FSX the same level of detail that is available on Google maps. Can someone tell me what is TileProxy's highest level of detail when running on FSX, and also provide suggestions for the TileProxy and FSX settings needed to achieve that level of detail?Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.Cheers,Robert
  7. Craig,Well . . . what I call the
  8. Running the cleanup.bat script (documented in the User Manual) made my FSX + SP1 TileProxy scenery as clear, or clearer than that of FSX without SP1.My story:I have a dual-boot system with FSX + TileProxy installed on one partition, and FSX + SP1 + TileProxy installed on the other. Both installations are configured exactly the same, and both installations use the same TileProxy cache folder.The quality of the TileProxy scenery on the FSX + SP1 installation has consistently been of lower quality than that on the FSX without SP1 installation - looking blurry... rather like the wrong level of texture was loaded. Pausing the FSX + SP1 simulation and refreshing its scenery made little or no improvement.Long story short
  9. I agree. Rod is a great guy but his jokes get in the way of learning, and the flight lessons themselves are buggy.If it helps, back in mid-2005 Doug Horton did a Computer Pilot magazine series on working through the Microsoft Flight Simulator
  10. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:
  11. All,Thanks for your help and advice. Our graphics card upgrade went smoothly, and our old 3ghz P4 AGP system has been transformed from a usable FSX platform into a into a good performing platform
  12. Craig,Thanks for posting the Video Driver Installation Instructions. We have successfully used these instructions in the past, and we appreciate the amount of effort that it took to create them.Cheers,Robert
  13. Allcott, Thanks for the suggestion to reinstall the nVidia drivers after installing the card - good idea. We will do that and we will also reinstall DirectX.Thanks again,Robert