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  1. FFB is not the be all and end all - I was one of the "lucky" buyers who received their Iris Dynamics Yoke back in 2014, and I only kept it for about 3 months before selling it on. Albeit it was a prototype design at the time, I was severly underwhelmed by what a FFB brough to any "realism". I kid you not, the most impressive thing about the yoke, and the only feature I genuinly miss is watching the yoke follow the autopilot by itself. Get a Yoko/PFC/Fulcrum..etc etc and spend the savings on other hardware/avionics panels.
  2. Doubtful, developer has already indicated they are working on their next XP11 aircraft already.
  3. You've just described Xplane there! Nah, but seriously I'd love to see v5 COMPLETELY leave the ESP/FSX environment; yes we'd lose all backward compatibility with addons - but it has to happen eventually. Just look at XP11 compared to v4.4, or what Aerofly FS2 is capable of...really does make v4 look like old tech. LM have certainly done wonders with the creaky old ESP engine but I think we've reached the limit of what it can do, and be reasonably adapted to do (gfx/performance/etc etc). P.s. I've also invested £100's, possibly £1000's into FSX/P3D addons over the last 8 years or so - so I don't make statements about losing backward compatibility lightly. Needs to happen though.
  4. Hi Bill, I've succesfully installed the RXP into the Turbine Duke using your method, however I don't have any button click (OBS,MSG,FPL etc buttons) or rotary dial sounds from the virtual cockpit when interacting with the GNS - is yours the same?
  5. Hi Scott, just to clarify - what is "dual nav/coms"? I only purchased a single RXP GNS530 addon, no second 530 or 430 with it. Do I just leave the Duke configuration as per the picture in the link - then do the panel and .ini modifications? http:// I've messaged Bert and he's gonna send me his panel and RXP modified files as I'm just going to run the RXP in the Duke's vc for a while - don't really have any spare time at the moment to get the Emuteq setup, I'll get round to it eventually! Cheers Gordon
  6. Thanks for the input guys; looks like I'll go with the GNS530 as I much prefer flying the piston Duke. Gives me an excuse to get my Emuteq 530 panel back into action - been stored away since my FSX days.
  7. Hi guys, Getting ready to purchase a RXP product for use on my favourite twin Realair Duke B60 v2 (piston), I would prefer to have a GTN750 unit although the Duke was never designed to take one? Has anyone managed to panel intergrate the GTN into the Duke, or will I have to get the RXP GNS 530 for this aircraft? Regards Gordon
  8. Love the HDR in P3D. I think it does help if your monitor/TV can make full use of it though. Got my settings dialled in just right for my 65" Sony 4K
  9. From my experience; yes I would have to make the statement that TV's seem to be of a more consistent panel quality control than dedicated monitors these days. Of course price range will play a part - a high end monitor will likely be better than a cheaper, larger TV. I'm not advocating everyone gets 4K TV's over monitors for desktop use and I don't expect most folks to buy a £2.5K TV like my Sony XE93 just for PC use - its extravagant and I concede that. However, since getting into flight sim's roughly 6 years ago I've used a 24" 1200p, 32" 1440p, 43" 4K and 34" 1440p Ultrawide - nothing even comes close to the immersive "experience" of the large 65" 4K. Yes, the pixel density of 2160p over a 65" screen will have an effect on text clarity. However, with windows display scaling its perfectly usable for day-to-day pc usage (I'm sitting typing this on it now) - and it really shines when running a sim. In a contest between TV's vs monitors at a given price range, my money would always be on the TV's having better quality control and less issues such as dead pixels, backlight bleed, IPS glow etc. With LG showcasing their new OLED variable refresh rate 120Hz TV's at CES last month, its clear that dedicated "gaming" monitor tech is beginning to transfer over to higher end TV's, these are likely to be epic!
  10. It's excellent - no issues in P3D v4.4. Get it!
  11. Steer well clear of SLI - even in "normal" games its a hit or a miss, its generally accepted that SLI is not a good idea for P3D. I would always advocate getting this single most powerful Nvidia GPU you can afford for P3D. With AMD's Radeon VII about to launch it could force Nvidia prices down (if it performs), so either hang off and hopefully see price drop on new Nvidia cards or try to find a second hand 1080Ti (that hasn't been abused by a crypto-miner)
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