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  1. Nope, Asobo seem either unable to resolve or don't care enough to try yet. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-performance-decrease-when-using-pop-out-panels/301632/721
  2. Holy word not allowed - poor Matt! I started watching his streams as "Belynz" back in the FSX days, always entertaining. I'll fondly watch that famous Q400 shared cockpit stream when he flipped the props to cut off just after takeoff 🤣 Blue skies pal!
  3. PMS50 can be updated as it uses either the MSFS default Navblue data, or Navigraph if you have a subscription for it. TDS GTNXi uses the acutal Garmin GTN trainer to simulate the 750 GPS and cannot be updated by developer or customer (only when Garmin decide to update the trainer) - such as the Flight1 GTN unit you previously used. I'm assuming it's the Flysimware’s Cessna 414AW you are buying - it also works very well with the default MSFS GNS530 which has been recently improved by Working title.
  4. If i press "Remove Traffic" then "Regenerate Traffic" no traffic reappears. Can anyone else confirm issue?
  5. Spad.next supports Goflight devices, it's payware but sure-fire way of being able to use your Goflight hardware in MSFS.
  6. Check out their Kodiak to see an example of SWS's 3d modelling quality. The SWS team also just spent a week at a commercial PC12 operator in their sim and aircraft; needless to say, the SWS will make the Carenado look like a toy.
  7. I've been an avid "simmer" since around 2010 from the FSX era, through the P3D v2-v4 then onto MSFS. Also dabbled in XP11. I've seen Carenado consistently release subpar (at their price point) addon aircraft for every sim platform they've developed for, the sheer rate that they pump out addons speak volumes. Their 3D modelling and texture work is top notch, I'll give them that. Buying a Carenado addon always been a lottery, some are not too bad whereas others release with frankly mind boggling bugs that make one question if they test addons at all before pushing them out the door. Compound this with their legendary lack of customer communication, buyers have always been left wondering if Carenado will ever release fixes for their products. I remember when it was largely left to Bert Pieke to release mods in his spare time to fix show stopping bugs in Carenado planes for FSX and P3D. During the FSX/P3D era flight simming was far more niche than it is now, primarily thanks to the popularity of MSFS. With new developers showing what is possible at the $20-$30 price point (SWS Kodiak, FlightFX Hjet and Vision Jet etc) it leaves Carenado looking like a third-class developer, they have nowhere to hide now. I'm not a flight sim snob in the slightest, your post seemed to insinuate that was my agenda - I'm simply tired to seeing simmers parted from their cash for sub-par products (however visually striking) and left wondering by Carenados radio silence if fixes and updates will ever come. Perhaps in this new MSFS era they'll up their game as the competition for flight simmers hard earned cash witn be much stiffer than in FSX times....but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. You can't polish a word not allowed..... but Carenado sure do try to!
  9. OP originally posted the topic in the MSFS forum, didn't belong there. Hanger Chat is the place for these topics.
  10. Wrong forum pal, this is flight sim not football.
  11. I'm in Central Scotland and even I don't consider myself to be in the 'proper North'...you guys are practically on the equator 😆
  12. @guenseli any plans to make a Streamdeck profile for the recently released FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet?
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