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  1. Gordon Hutchison

    Private jet P3D V4

    Awesome little bizjet https://xtremeprototypes.com/en/product_GLJ25_se_v2r1.asp
  2. Gordon Hutchison

    Is P3D V4 lacking a regional jet

    Qualitywings BAE146 will be coming to P3Dv4 soon, great little regional jet.
  3. Gordon Hutchison

    P3Dv4 Settings for flying fast fighter jets

    Add DCS=1 to config
  4. Gordon Hutchison

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Would love to have the JS back in my hanger, thoroughly missed flying her since moving from FSX to P3D v3, then v4. Regional props are my thing, I spend most of my P3D v4 hours in the Majestic Q400 - really looking forward to both the JS and Flight1 KingAir for v4. I have no expectation of release date, I'd rather it took a while longer and came out the stable polished. Measure twice, cut once.
  5. Gordon Hutchison

    Flight1 vs RXP GNS ?

  6. Gordon Hutchison

    Hardware MCP's supported?

    Thanks for that Andrew. Can you comment on the quality/feel of the vrinsight mcp? Being used to using a high quality product like the CP flight mcp has spoiled me and makes me steer away from cheaper/lesser hardware panels. If the vrinsight 737 mcp is a good quality unit then I'll definitely pick one up as I've been itching to give Linda a try for my other add-on aircraft, using the mouse to interact with the controls is a major immersion killer.
  7. Delete the default key assignments for those other functions.
  8. Gordon Hutchison

    Hardware MCP's supported?

    Hi guys, I was thinking about giving Linda a try for various aircraft that I normally have to use the mouse to interact with. I currently have a CP flight 737 MCP (EL version) and efis panel which is ideal for 737 operations but I'm getting a bit bored of the 737 and would like to start using different aircraft in the sim; does Linda interact with this type of hardware or would I need to get something more generic like vr insight mcp or goflight mcp panels? Cheers Gordon
  9. Gordon Hutchison

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch FltSim now released!

    Hi, Firstly congratulations on the release. I was an RXP user years ago, I had your gns 530 running on an Emuteq Gns 530 panel. I did however make the jump to p3d v2 very quickly so I had to abandon that setup, sad day! Does the gtn 750 touch actually support a touch interface via a third party device. I.e. can we unlock the 2d gauge to a touch screen monitor or tablet somehow? Using the mouse on the gauge kills realism. Thanks Gordon
  10. Gordon Hutchison

    Autogen V4

    I've also been having this autogen issue with v4 - I've created a thread on the LM forums but haven't had any feedback yet: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=125808 I've just done a "quick and dirty" test: With settings pretty much maxed out I took off from Manchester EGCC in the Carenado Citation and flew to Gatwick EGKK but stayed at 3000ft @ 280knts the entire flight and I had thick, luscious autogen out to the horizon for the entire flight. Restarted the sim, same settings and the same flight - but this time I climbed hard out of EGCC to FL300 then bascially glided back down on approach to EGKK. In this second sceneario I had the autogen problem, once I descened through the cloud base at around 5000ft and the ground came into sharp view I had absolutely no autogen to the horizon in any direction. I flew on at 4000ft for about 4 minutes and some autogen started to sporadically render, it wasn't until I paused the sim for about 1 minute that my autogen came back to normal! All other elements of the scenery were perfect - beatiful sharp textures. No lag or stuttering and my fps were solid the entire flight. Odd!
  11. Gordon Hutchison

    Have you noticed you are flying more and tweaking less

    I don't tweak at all anymore, I have different setting profiles set up (i.e VFR, complex jet IFR, night flying etc). I just load up the sim, choose my settings profile and fly. Loving v4.
  12. Gordon Hutchison

    P3d v4 aircraft wishlist

    Level-D are working on a 757: http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/6/19/yes-leveld-is-alive-yes-they-are-developing-the-757#commenting= Personally, I'd love to have a "PMDG" level biz-jet. Any I'm also eagerly awaiting Majestic to convert the Q400 for v4.
  13. Gordon Hutchison

    FS Global Ultimate NG Download Version Released

    What are the differences between FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX DOWNLOAD FS Global 2018 FTX DOWNLOAD Anybody know?
  14. Gordon Hutchison

    If money were no object, what add-ons would you get?

    Full size FDS B737 sim
  15. Gordon Hutchison

    Dynamic Lights - Not just FPS

    I believe there is an issue with scenery add-ons that aren't built with the P3Dv4 sdk having a dramatic effect on fps with dynamic lighting. Hopefully as scenery developers start releasing add-ons built purely with the v4 sdk we will see an improvement in performance with dynamic lighting.