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  1. Jean-Luc has gone underground...again. Could be waiting a while!
  2. Yep....I'm gonna be that impatient guy! Any word on XP12 compatibility for the RXP GTN's? Cheers
  3. If you're on air or AIO water cooling then I would advise going above 1.30vcore.
  4. Small biz-jets (and turbo props TBM 9xx etc) are my favourites. Really hoping for a high-fidelity Citation Mustang for MSFS.
  5. I've been watching all the preview streams of the CL 650 and my jaw has been on the floor for the majority of it! Truly a new standard has been set in desktop flight simulator aircraft simulation, and to be honest its no surprise that it was HotStart who acheived it. Sadly, I won't be a customer as I have an extensive G1000 home cockpit build which limits me to aircraft with that avionics package (of course the TBM 900 is my favourite) but I wish the devs every success with this release, I hope your bank accounts are bursting at the seams with sales revenue!!
  6. The mesh data must exist somewhere as Orbxs' FTX Norway for FSX/P3D included a 10m mesh.
  7. Looks like a new standard in desktop simulated aircraft is about to be set. Very well done Hotstart.
  8. @BiologicalNanobotthat looks tight, fancy sharing the xvision profile you created for this?
  9. I use the Steam version of MSFS- that'll explain the difference of file locations.
  10. Some G1000 equipped aircraft do have a keypad (Garmin GCU 475 keyboard) such as the TBM900 and Citation Mustang, but none of these have been developed for the sim yet.
  11. Captain Sims new mission statement: A fool and his money are soon parted! Did they release this as the 777 as that's how many seconds they spent making it?
  12. How do you think he manages to churn out so many airports so quickly.....
  13. Does Beta NDA apply to a version thats been released? - surely you can talk about a version that is now public. Was the Tree LOD rendering fixed in the beta version you guys tested?
  14. Tree LOD 200 (all other settings ULTRA Preset)...identical to previous version - nothing fixed!!!
  15. Nope, looks like Tree LOD is still hard-locked. Default, BijanHibashi Seaons Mod and other previous 3rd party tree LOD mods all same visual results. FFS Asobo!!!
  16. I'm running an RTX3090 and 64Gb RAM - but @ 4K xEnviro kills my XP11 performance in cloud/overcast conditions. Hoping xAmbience Pro might be better....time will tell!
  17. Wonder if xAmbience Pro will still bring my systems to its knee's with its volumetric clouds like xEnviro does.
  18. First reviews are posted on Simmarket - as I feared, not great.
  19. Standing by for reviews, I have many hours logged in the Dreamfoil EMB110 on XP11 - love commuter turboprops.
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