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Michael Moe

SLI vs single card observations in P3DV3.3.5

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I would just share a short observation regarding one or SLI setup.


I have being going to 4K@30Hz from 1080P@60Hz lately.


75% of my flights is done with tubes and SLI is not happy with undocked panels so its a no go. it is not that hard to find some settings in single card that gives a good performance.


I actually find single card to be more stutter free. SLI really needs stable vsync fps on my system.


So SLI is only for VFR around areas not that populated.


Would really like to hear other observations or tweaks for SLI.


Thanks Michael Moe

I7-4770K@4.6 HT ON



16GB 2400 DDR3

W10 64 BIT

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Agree with you on that one Mike.


I'm running a single 4K screen @ 30Hz and I recently swapped x2 GTX 980Ti SLI for a single GTX 1080; I have since noticed a marked improvement in the smoothness (at least as I perceive it) of my P3D v3.3.


Whilst the combination of 2 980Ti's in SLI certainly provide more raw GPU power than a single GTX 1080, the implementation of SLI in P3D just doesn't reap the benefits - I will from now on always choose the single most powerful card I can get my hands on over SLI.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree.

I have 2 980Ti with 3 x 1920x1080 screens connected running 3 undocked windows (group view). I have simply connected 2 screens to the first and one to the second card which gives much better performance than SLI.

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Finding just the opposite here. Three 980's lets me run P3D at 4k almost at max with add on's such as Orbx NA and Vector. One card did not  cut it and gave poor perfomance at 4k. 


Video here to show stress test with i7 5930k cpu and three 980's.


I  think Rob runs two Titans in P3D and his videos are the smoothest I have seen yet. 

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What screen setting and drivers are you using (VSYNC ,tri-buffering ? un-limiited FPS?).? Try OPENLC NA at KORD and maybe with FSDT and Meigs fields with vector maxed as well. 

My BIG problem with SLI is if it drops below VSYNC@30HZ i get much much wors stutter than with a singlecard. Going down to 26fps with a singlecard i hardly notice. Cant live with SLI stutter in the same setup. 

Its not that SLI is not having some job to do. It does. Mostly around 50-75%.
Some settings i just skip to minimize potential risk. Like terrain shadows and dynamic reflections. 

Those settings comes only to live during VFR Mountain flights

Thanks Michael Moe with latest drivers 

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