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  1. To support the developer, I was going to buy from Simmarket, but then I found this: Quote Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account unquote That kills the idea....
  2. re the info regarding updates from Simmarket ... I had the same problem for while, they must have changed or reset something on the site. To get the info again, in your account, go to Newsletter settings and click the respective item....
  3. As far as I know there is nothing for Cambodia and Laos... I have VVTS and VVNB. CaptVirtual - if you are now in Bang Saray let me know.
  4. Thanks for the heads up I will go there straight away to purchase. I have memories of my first arrival there in the mid-90ies when CX had to park their A340 somewhere out on the taxiway and we queued up outside of the shed that was immigration and baggage delivery. I have experienced what is now terminal 1 but terminal 2 was built after my last visit (same as the new terminal in VVTS).
  5. At the price he is asking you cannot go wrong, I have bought worse for much more. To be fair, the page clearly states that it is for P3D up to V4. Main main issue are the runway markings, but he is working on them.
  6. I have bought VVTS and am running it under P3DV5 HF1. There are some issues but the developer is working to solve them. He will bring out VVNB in the near future and I will for sure buy it.
  7. Tropicalsim just brought SBGR to V5.1, so there might be hope for the Caribbean airports.
  8. I have a number of sceneries from them too and would agree with Benjamin.
  9. To answer the OP: I started travelling on business in the the mid-70's and on European airlines, it went like this. Gear up after take off: no smoking light off, gear down before landing: no smoking light on, smoking was allowed everywhere on the plane. I used to be a heavy smoker and hated the ever-shrinking smoking areas lateron, don't remember when that started.
  10. Should add (by FSDG): GMMN - Casablanca GMAD - Agadir DTTJ - Djerba DTNH - Enfidha
  11. Strange, but I guess it must be the patch from Simmershome that makes it work here. I did not install the inibuilds DL patch, only the exclude file. I have written to Rainer at Simmershome to see if his patch is still available somewhere.
  12. Yes, that version had been updated for P3DV4. As far as I remember, I have just moved the directory from P3DV4 into my P3DV5 scenery repository and added it via addon.xml. And yes, the patch file is at the web page you mentioned, it is just an exclude file. I also have installed another patch by Simmershome, which I cannot find on his website anymore. Maybe he has withdrawn it.
  13. Kilimanjaro by Aerosoft is still working in V5.1 with the inibuild patch. (Although I avoid buying from Aerosoft wherever possible these days, too)
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