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  1. There is a subject "Donations" under the first main item in the AIG forum
  2. Congratulations to your new rating ! Im my professional life (now retired) I have accumulated about 4 million miles - as a passenger of course - most of them on the A330. I have always enjoyed that plane. Now my favourite is the A350.
  3. Now I am newly confused - just on a much higher level 😊 My understanding was this: Migration of (in) existing installation - possible as existing (installed) files are being moved, only *some* new files to be downloaded New installation of P3D: It is not possible to use previously (manually) downloaded zip-files, everything will be freshly downloaded via ORBx Central V4 Is my understanding wrong ?
  4. Absolutely agree to all of this. I have downloaded all installation files before because I was never able to achieve proper download speeds with FTX Central. Until all issues are solved I will not be buying any new product.
  5. I have also run into this several times when updating and had to resort to deleting the additional entries in the aircraft.cgs. Since then I always uninstall the respective airline and reinstall the new version. When this duplicate aircraft issue appears in P3D, the sim will not start and has to be shutdown via the process manager, I also found it necessary to reboot the system because remotely running AS4 would not connect to the sim anymore. Quite time-consuming. But of course, I would not want to miss AIM anymore.
  6. I have turned it off. It made the sim crash even when just overflying.
  7. As far as YSSY is concerned there is a mention on the ORBX forum somewhere that you should disable the YSSY landclass scenery (separate folder). I did that and the black areas around YSSY disappeared.
  8. Oliver's native language is German. When I translate what he said in English into German then he was just being sarcastic.
  9. I second that and very much so. Vielen, vielen Dank.
  10. Just now Paypal was still working, bought 3 sceneries. I have been a customer there since 2002 (or even before) and have never had a problem and I will keep buying there as I like to have my purchases in one place as far as possible.
  11. At this moment, I have 397 traffic files made with AIFP. When I install new traffic through OCI, I simply delete the corresponding file in my AIFP-made traffic (if there is one). Until now I have not deleted any aircraft and livreries, it is going to be a major undertaking to sort the unneeded ones out.
  12. I have just installed (via OCI) the most recent flightplans for: Aerolineas Argentinas Copa Transat I am sure some of those that you are missing are in the workds (see https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=28612.0 Otherwise you can still find most others as older flightplans and install them via AIFP.
  13. Just happened here too. Firefox. Overrode it.
  14. I know that I have been a Project Magenta user since 1999, means I have been using FSUIPC and WideFS since at least then. Thank you Pete, for countless hours of enjoyment of our hobby which would not have been the same without your work. Enjoy retirement, I am since a couple of years already and at a much younger age than you.
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