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  1. I did try the usual reboots and deselecting/re-selecting airports (using addon linker) but just the same. It is strange. Be interesting to see if anyone else has the same problem. Not using Geforce and did update nvidia driver to latest to try to fix but that didn't change anything sadly.
  2. Apart from a couple of pauses the process completed but I am left with a night lighting problem. All my airports (Aobo and addon) have little or no lighting in the buildings and the aprons are dark. Also my world map in the night zones is dark but with really bright high contrast city lights. Daytime lighting looks normal. Anyone else seeing this or know of a fix?
  3. Thanks for the background detail. Its clearly a well known issue and we are all in the hands of the asobo devs. I was aware of the lod issue but do think that with the last few iterations of PSXT the aircraft popping in does seem to be closer than previosuly.
  4. V4.4.1 - loving the RT integration, working well for me with plenty of both ground and air traffic. However, I see contrails appear at 10 miles when at cruise (e.g.FL360) but the aircraft model is not visible. Always been able to 'spot' whilst in the air but now not possible. Very occasionally the model appears but is gone in an instant. Any thoughts Nico? [Update #1] when passing very close to aircraft the model is visible I.e within 4 to 5 miles. Anything more than this and they disappear. It always used to be the case that the aircraft appeared and disappeared with the contrails I.e. at 10 miles. Has anything changed on the psxt side you cause this?
  5. Many thanks for the suggestion, I will ask on the AIG forum. It dies look like an initial batch OCI install is the only option. I did notice with the new AIG Manager UI that t h rre is now a discrete update model/livery option which will be better.
  6. Ok thanks, copying the folder would be much easier. If I only need the model/liveries is there an easy way just to update these without having to do the full OCI flightplan install/update and can I remove the flightplan folders & data?
  7. I use AIG for aircraft models together with PSXT Traffic and RealTraffic. In order to obtain the various airline models I have been following the OCI flightplan install and update process. I assume I only need the models and associated reg data from these flightplans and not the actual flightplans themselves. Is there any way of just updating the models and can I remove the flightplans? Or have I got the whole process wrong in my mind? Second question is, I run 2 client pc's for my cockpit view and PSXT synchronises the AI very well. I have assumed that I need to have identical AIG addon installations on both the server and clients. That does mean that I have to update all 3 installations identically which is a time consuming pita. Is there any way of not using the AIG addon on the clients and just copying the necessary AIG model folders and files from the server to the clients after updating AIG on the server?
  8. Hello. I have rebuilt 2 of my client pc's however both paid versions that I have have exceeded the limit for both existing activation codes. Would you reset them both please. Thanks
  9. @simbol Hi, I require an activation reset on both versions please. Thank you. Have also msgd on the contact form
  10. Hello. After a pc rebuild requiring a drive reformat I have reached the activation limit. Would you be able to reset this please. I have emailed support@ Thanks Martin
  11. WidevieW requires p3d at each pc which are set up with a discrete AIG setup. The current setup is a discrete 'normal' config PSXT on each pc with RealTraffic on server only. Will leave 'as is' since working perfectly at the moment. I'll leave you in peace now and thank you once again for your invaluable help. If you ever need me to test anything on my network setup don't hesitate...
  12. Probably out of my depth but just to clarify - if I set up a PSXT client & server configuration as per Man ch.13 that will sync all of the relevant files I.e.updated_airports and livery files between main and client pc's and will that increase simconnec traffic and create lag? How do I then set up AIG? Do I still need to maintain an identical local matching AIG Manager setup on each pc or simobjects files or anything else?
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