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  1. Update: running some tests but think I narrowed it down to DSR factor 2.00x in Nvidia Control panel. I run this in resolution in DCS with no issues but in P3D it appears to reserve an extra .6GB of vram bringing my available down from 7.1GB to 6.5GB. Going to run some scenarios at 1.20x DSR. Looks promising at this setting and the DSR does make for a better image, less jaggies.
  2. Exactly why I think something is not quite right Ian. The available vram should remain constant or close to it at 7.1 GB for a RTX 2080. And I appreciate the input Turbo but my concern is not my vram usage as I manage that well and rarely run out of vram. It's just that I should have 7.1GB available and something seems to be allocating part of that available vram so that p3d thinks I only have 6.5GB or so available.
  3. I may have spoken too soon. While your advice was helpful, I still feel something is amiss. My usage/available vram was looking something like 5.8/6.5. Turning off high res textures did not change my usage, but it did give me something like 5.8/7.1 when initially spawning into a scenario but, it quicky drops to 5.8/6.5 after panning around the cockpit or switching to external view and then I do not see 7.1 available vram again until I close and restart P3D. There was a point at which, and I can't remember what P3D version it was, I saw steady 7.1 available vram. Perhaps it isn't P3D but rather a Windows update that caused the change but I still feel something isn't right here.
  4. Bruh. Thanks so much! Prior to your reply, I turned off the "run apps in background" option on microsoft edge which bought me about .2GB but it was totally the high res textures causing my issues. Again, thanks a ton!
  5. I have a RTX 2080 and would like some input on how my VRAM is being allocated. I know that windows 10 reserves a good-sized chunk for itself but when running P3D, it shows an available VRAM of between 6.1 and 7.1GB of 8GB available. The average available is between 6.5 and 6.7GB. So, some examples: Sitting in the Cargo stand at PANC with Active Sky, AIG Traffic, Aerosoft PANC, and Orbx Southern Alaska I show 7.1GB available in the VC and it drops to 6.5GB external views. The aircraft I'm using doesn't make any difference. Execpt that I run out of VRAM in the exrternal views with the CS 767 (glad I bought it during the $9.99 sale) At FSdreamteam KORD with all the Orbx and AIG Active Sky, etc I'm showing 6.2GB available VC and external. Typically, though I'm seeing my available VRAM in that 6.5 to 6.7 range. So, I guess my questions are this; shouldn't my available VRAM be pretty consistent based on what Windows 10 is allocating for itself? Shouldn't the resources used by different scenarios in P3D only be reflected in my VRAM usage number and not in my available VRAM number? Is there a P3D setting that can be adjusted to free up some memory on the availability side of things rather than the usage side? How much available VRAM are other peasants with 8GB cards seeing and is it a consistent number or does it fluctuate depending on view or even in the direction the camera is panned? I seem to recall in one of the more recent P3D versions, maybe 5.1, I was excited to see 6.9-7.1GB available consistently but as soon as I updated to higher versions it reverted back to what I am seeing now. I feel I'm missing something.
  6. I upgraded today. Well worth it. biggest chore was verifying all the orbx stuff. I have a few housekeeping odds and ends I'm running into but so far, my performance and appearance of 5.3 is WAAAAAYYYY better than I was getting in 5.2.
  7. DCS or P3D? Of course, I could do both but switching around peripherals is always a bit of a chore.
  8. So, is the consensus now that the HF1 has been released that the upside of going to 5.3 outweighs the downside of fresh installing P3D plus a few hundred GB of add ons? For me improved performance is priority, trying to squeeze all I can out of 9700k at 4.8ghz and RTX 2080. Of course, improved visuals would make me giddy as well.
  9. I'm toying with the idea of going nuclear on the PMDG forum and suggesting that their time would be better spent getting themselves organized than it is blasting dudes for no signature. With all the stuff they are dealing with, they seem to be worried about some petty BS. I of course would be bum rushed by the RSR faithful and then unceremoniously banned for life.
  10. So, I took a quick peek over at the, now closed, PMDG forum thread with RSR's announcement. Literally 4 pages of people praising him for giving them the bad news that not only would their P3D product updates be delayed indefinitely, but also the NGX3 isn't going to make an appearance any time soon. Literally thanking PMDG for the info that they will produce no usable DLC for probably a year if not more. And, after just a quick scan of the four pages, 3 instances reminding people to sign their posts. Classic deflection. "I don't want you to look too deeply into my flaws so I will point out yours." Also, is GFO a thing yet or is that also a casualty of the great MSFS push?
  11. This is one of my biggest issues with PMDG aircraft. Hell, Aerosoft even lets you get ATIS from the FMC while enroute. Not that hard to implement.
  12. And still, there are throngs of nerds that still hang on RSR's every word, defend his every action and willingly submit to his condescension all while eagerly waiting for the next noob to have the audacity to not realize they need to sign with their REAL FIRST AND LAST NAME! 🤣😂
  13. I'm not sure C Makris was a Seinfeld fan. It was a pretty obscure reference. I'm sure someone tattled on me. Although I did gat a PM that said "your secret is safe witj me, Art" lol
  14. I think I remember going through a whole separate verification process with product key, email verification number etc. I may be mistaken. But some crazy how they busted me using a pseudonym.
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