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  1. Awesome dude. That did the trick! Much appreciated!
  2. Like the title says, I set Rolling cache to on and 16GB then apply and save. After restart or when starting MSFS again, it is reset to OFF. Is that normal?
  3. Thanks! Already anticipating enjoying addon airports. The utilities end of it I think was my biggest concern, what I need versus what I don't as compared to the P3D world just getting started.
  4. Again bro, it was in no way helpful to ME or necessary. In fact, it read like a borderline scolding for having a strong opinion about something. I have specific questions I am looking for answers to and some of the adults in the room were kind enough to take time and actually help me. Also, not real sure how I'm going to shoot myself in the foot. If you are implying that I'm just going to run out and buy a bunch of stuff and load up with bad DLC or DLC I don't need? Rest assured I've been around the flight simming block a few times. I'm simply gathering info. I hope this helps you sleep tonight and not worry about my foot. But I digress. Main point is, if you willing to answer my questions, please do so. It confuses me to no end that folks will chime in with unsolicited advice or criticisms. And you literally posted immediately after my post asking specifically not to do that.
  5. @Bobsk8@Flic1 and @DADThis is more like what I wanted to know. I appreciate your time and input along with Burt and the others that gave information that is actually helpful to me.
  6. Thanks @Bert Pieke, actually very helpful! Also thanks @Ricardo41 I appreciate it! As far as the other replies, if you don't want to answer a question in my post then please don't answer it, I'll never know you even looked. But it really serves no purpose to provide a critique of my methodology.
  7. So, I've been waiting to get into MSFS for a few reasons. Firstly, I've sunk a ton of money into P3D and between going to 5.3 and FINALLY getting my hands on a reasonably priced 3090ti, I'm very pleased with the visuals and performance. Additionally, I wanted to give MSFS time to mature and see what the verdict was on its success. And finally, I simply did not have enough space on my SSD's and I recently rectified that. I was under the impression before the release that the basic MSFS would provide a lot of the features that typically needed to be added on to P3D to bring it up to a good state of technical depth and immersiveness. It looks now like I was greatly mistaken and that to get an experience at least equal to P3D that I will need to add almost all the same DLC that I did for the older sim. So, I'm doing the deed this weekend and installing MSFS and would like to see what the community was to say about a few of my questions. Number 1, what will the basic necessities be add on-wise? I would like to start with one good route for a tubeliner and do some bush flying to start. I know I can use my navigraph. FSUIPC? AIG Traffic? What is the best weather engine? Do any atmosphere/scenery textures need to be addressed? Is my Track IR supported? Do I need anything like the Chase Plane add on? GSX? Anything else? Next, can I get a couple recommendations for aircraft to start? Study level airliner, preferably not PMDG because I find the company and minions to be condescending, pedantic and full of broken promises. How's that GFO coming, Robert? My hope is that there will be enough competition in the MSFS space that PMDG will be a bit more customer oriented. Good bush plane? Good GA turboprop? Finally, some opinions from MSFS honks. I'm running A i7 9700k OC to 4.9ghz, 3090ti, 32 GB RAM@4000mhz and running off of M.2's. Can I expect the same or better performance than P3D? Steam or standalone install? How much time did it take you coming from P3D to get used to the UI, controls setup, update process and file system for addon installs? Can I install sceneries etc., on a separate drive? One last thing. If I am planning to use a lot of 3rd party addons, is there any advantage to the premium over the basic version? If you made it all the through my post, I super appreciate it and I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!
  8. Might be. Don't care. If it expires that is fine, I still enjoy the NGu in P3D and I'll just go another direction in MSFS.
  9. So, is anyone aware if this works in V5. Really missing the 747. I, however, have made a decision to use my $99 NGu credit with PMDG in MSFS and then part ways with them. Not that their product isn't amazing but rather I find the CEO, staff and Minions to be condescending and they have some serious issues with promises not delivered and poor workflow management. But I digress. Ifly 747 in P3D V5? Anyone? Bueller?
  10. Gents, I'm running a 17 9700k on an Asus Z390-E motherboard and a RTX 2080. I, for obvious reasons, wish to upgrade to a 30 series. Does anyone know if the 30 series is compatible with my mobo? I understand that if it is and I do upgrade that I will have a bottle neck at the CPU. I'm willing to live with that until I build a new rig. In the meantime, I'd like to run the Latin VFR and other PBR heavy sceneries and the enhanced atmospherics without running out of VRAM. Any insight would be appreciated!
  11. Does open LC adjust coastlines and rivers? Never mind, answered my own question. Follow up question; those of you that removed vector, did you see a reduction in VRAM usage? I might consider inaccurate shorelines as a trade off if I can free up a little more VRAM from my RTX2080.
  12. Can you point me to this thread? Is V5 such an improvement that it is no longer needed?
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