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  1. I had it installed on my previous computer with windows 10. Had issues with full screen mode and it did something weird with my cursor. Also, some add on compatibility issues. I've run dual boot before and trimmed the OS down to bare minimums to just run FS9 and had better luck than with windows 10.
  2. I went from FS9 to P3D V4. I love P3D, built a new computer to run it, but lately I've been considering throwing in a 1TB HDD, dual booting XP or 7, and putting all my FS9 on it. Firstly, because I sorely miss the PMDG MD-11! I think some developer is missing a great opportunity here. I bet if a new or ported over version was released for P3D V4, it would be a huge hit! Anyone else longing to fly this beast in your P3D? Secondly, the Level D 767. I think everything stated above applies to this bird as well. And lastly, I don't know for sure but I'm assuming FS9 on a 5.0ghz i7 9700k, RTX 2080 and 16 gig of 3600mhz RAM would allow for some sick smoothness at beyond maximum settings. But really for me, its mostly about the MD-11.
  3. Thanks guys! I honestly find the AI situation for P3D frustrating. There is just no easy answer. I have a flight sim to FLY, not to be a devo spending more time under the hood than I do flying my cartoon airplane. I have probably wasted $120 on payware AI that doesn't work. All of the payware AI out there are incomplete products with promises of grandeur that they never deliver. The TG forum is dead, no threads and the product has been is early access for how long now? UTL is still waiting on the mythical "power pack" years after promised. Support for these is an issue as well. I think if you pay for something, the developer should provide the support, not the community of users. All the payware options are overly complicated and very flawed. Who cares if the AI is using SIDs and STARS? I'm too busy flying my own plane to worry if my traffic is following procedures...LOL And the freeware are better but require time I don't have to implement it. I miss the old FS2004 days of WOAI! Simple BGLs and installer, good models, planes parked where they were supposed to(most of the time), traffic didn't disappear over the ocean and didn't have the many other issues like the the payware does. Frustrating. Sorry for the venting. Travis Perkins
  4. Just installed per instructions ai lights reborn free edition. I am running Traffic Global. There are NO lights of any kind on my AI anymore. Additionally, when I disable it from the Add On library, the default lights do not return. P3D V4.5 hf1 Update: Dynamic taxi ,landing lights and position lights missing on some models. No lights on my B737, B777, B767 and probably others. I have seen lighting on CRJs and B717 and it looks great.
  5. Sooo, the incomplete afcad was because of server issues?😂🤣 I know not, my point is they may have had some things happen that were "out of their control" but a lot of issues were well within their control or at least would have been with a little foresight or contingency planning. I take that as an indication of the developer's overall competence or incompetence. Also, just not a very good scenery for the price. Better price point would have been about $15 in my opinion.
  6. Right?!?! I did figure it out thanks to earlier posts. For $28 you would think an installer maybe? I've paid less money for a much better product. This was kind of a joke. Better than flying into default but not by much.
  7. I FINALLY got the new download links to this scenery and downloaded it plus the DHL parking hotfix. I dropped the scenery into the main P3d folder because for some reason the scenery needs to be in the ecosystem folder. I tried putting just the KCVG folder on my scenery drives with my others and I got a CTD after a frozen splash screen. It's working finally.This thing has been a nightmare! I've been messing around with a PAYWARE scenery for a week now and it doesn't look much better than an old FS9 scenery. Definitly not worth the money or the hassle.
  8. Got it and appreciate the heads up! I too need to get home from work to try it out. Hard to believe other developers haven't jumped on this airport being the largest cargo hub in NA. I'm a big fan of the cargo aircraft and routes.
  9. My apologies, I'm was frustrated. I did recieve, finally but with no message or apology, a link to the file in dropbox this morning and a link to another scenery which I assume is to make up for the issues. I'm not at my PC so can't verify it works yet. I hope it ends up being worth the hassle.
  10. I saw it. Not my problem. They shouldn't have released a product they were not going to be able to support. It's simply bush league to do what Skyline did. As long as the consumer is willing to accept excuses, the worse providers will be about ensuring their product is ready for market and to support that product. You would think they would have switched prior to release and notified consumers they may experience issues on the website. Instead, they provide an excuse on FB ONLY AFTER there were issues. Personally, I think it is a BS excuse. This does even address the shoddy parking, gate, jetway, afcad issues it has been released with. Face it dude, they screwed up and are clearly not a very good company. I think you should stop defending this developer. They have separated a lot of people from their hard earned money, provided no product, left us hanging and still have not communicated with those of us not on FB. Also, they sure didn't have any issues taking our money.
  11. Seems like there are people out there, with some graphics and programming skills but no business sense, looking to make a quick buck. Skyline posted some snazzy pictures of an airport we are eager for and then sold us a "fixer upper" with no plan for service, communication or follow up.
  12. Gets better. I just tried to download it again and it is not available to me anymore and still no commo from the devs. Evidently if you have FB they are happy to help but everyone else is screwed. Nice apology from them on FB and all good comments following. Feels like they are probably taking negative comments down.
  13. Same here and I'm livid! Three emails to all addresses, no response. And, there is no recourse. I just want my money back at this point but I do not ever expect to see it again. I see an increasing amount of shadiness in the developer community for example, the Matt Davies saga and the deceptive wording Orbyx STILL uses on its website.
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