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  1. I haven't had time to sit down and sim lately, is the a300 working with BATC yet?
  2. Seems the latest update may have fixed the crj but the Inibuilds a300 will not auto tune now. I had been using it flawlessly until the latest update.
  3. My question to you is; why do you care? Do you genuinely not understand why someone would prefer one over the other? We are individuals and are entitled to our choices. I for instance, use a tablet for charts but prefer to read actual books or manuals if the text document is long. Are you concerned about the environment? Electronics have a far bigger impact on the environment then producing paper does. Managed properly, trees are a renewable resource. The materials, many toxic, used to make your tablet are not renewable and limited. Unlike paper, a lot of your tablet is not recyclable, and the remnants pollute the environment AND your tablet needs to be charged using, most likely fossil fuels, to produce that electricity. I would argue that the tablet is far more wasteful in the long run that paper. Lastly, don't lecture people you don't know. Perhaps a better way to word your post would be: Why do some people use paper still? Seems wasteful to me. I prefer to use a tablet. This would make you seem inquisitive, maybe willing to give advice instead of someone lecturing on how much more virtuous you are than others. Cheers
  4. I had originally tried both during the 9.99 sale and neither worked. The next day, the webstore was processing payments correctly, but the sale was over. Inibuilds honored the sale price for me, I paid via webstore and installed via app. I have no problem using that procedure of the app is going to continue to be an issue. My main frustration was trying to take advantage of the sale and not being able to pay for anything at that time.
  5. My disappointments, and I'm a late adopter, are; 1) Lack of cirrus clouds. P3D did them better. 2) Road traffic. In P3D, I could see the headlights on busy highways for miles and at significant altitudes. 3) Leisure boat traffic. Again in P3D, I would take off over Biscayne Bay in Miami and see dozens of little boats and wakes. Made the world a little more "alive" looking. There simply are none in MSFS. 4)ATC. Super disappointing. I'm not sure why more time wasn't spent on this as it is a HUGE part of aviation. I can't even use AZURE as voices appear and disappear for no apparent reason. 5) Stability. I can't spend all day doing flight after flight on MSFS, like I did with P3D, without restarting the sim after about 2 flights. If I do more than that I start having things break, like ATC, or just plain performance degradation. Now this is going to be controversial, so I want to be clear: MSFS is light years ahead of P3D and I'm definitely enjoying it. But I still head back to P3D every once in a while, because except for ATC, it does all of the above better (for me) and, I have a great hangar full of long haulers.
  6. So, I sent a e-mail to Inibuilds and they responded quickly. They didn't resolve any of my payment issues but I did try the next day and it worked in the webstore but still not in the app. Inibuilds honored the sale prices for the airports I wished to get. Customer service gets an A, web shop a B and Inimanger a D+. Still a nogo with in app purchases on Visa I'm afraid.
  7. Sorry man, I was having a rough day, I could have addressed it better. Its just not helpful when someone is looking for help with an issue and folks respond with how they don't have said issue. Unless of course that person had encountered the issue, fixed it, and could provide a solution. NBD, my apologies.
  8. So, I sent a e-mail to Inibuilds and they responded quickly. They didn't resolve any of my payment issues but I did try the next day and it worked in the webstore but still not in the app. Inibuilds honored the sale prices for the airports I wished to get. Customer service gets an A, web shop a B and Inimanger a D+. Still a nogo with in app purchases on Visa I'm afraid.
  9. Super happy for you. Not sure how this helps those of us with issues unless you are saying we must be imagining our problems with the transactions.
  10. Webstore was a nogo for me as well. Looked on simmarket but they didn't have the sale prices. Spent a couple hours trying with no success and when I went back to the app and store later in the day, the 9.99 sale was over. Sent a message to support and if they can't get it fixed and let me order my sceneries for 9.99, I'll just be done with inibuilds.
  11. I’ve been trying to buy a few sceneries while on Easter sale and neither the website nor the inimanager will process my payment. Checked with bank, no issues on my end but a quick look at the forum shows that there are frequently issues with payment. The sceneries are available on Simmarket but not at the sale price. Anyone else?
  12. Still having these 3 strings of lights from the ground to several thousand feet AGL. They converge at the top. I've only seen them around airports, stock and add-on, and sometimes there are 2 or 3. I suspect they are around other places, but I've only seen them around airports. I've done the usual disabling add-ons, clean driver install. Thought they might go away with sim updates, but they don't. I just spent hours going through the convoluted process of being "trusted" to post over in the official MSFS forum. Don't get me started on how frustrating it was just trying to be able to get some help there. At least they didn't immediately brow beat me for not signing with my real first and last name.😁https://ibb.co/pnfR8Pb https://imgur.com/a/m1hwqxp
  13. I partially solved the no EFB on a lot of aircraft by just using my tablet. I was highly annoyed that PMDG was making me buy a whole expansion pack for the 777 in P3D basically for an EFB and PBR on the exterior with no improvements in the office where most of us spend our sim time. If you have a tablet, You can get TOPER for performance calculations and I've found other apps and websites that provide performance calculations. Add to that an ATIS app and checklist apps and few braking distance programs that are available from the play store, and all the Navigraph maps and simbrief, and you have much of the same function of an EFB in a real aircraft. 747 applicable apps aren't really available unfortunately. Not sure if the TOPER online covers the 747 or even exists anymore. Now, one of the things Capt. Randazzo and his mini-me's might point out is the accuracy of the performance numbers provided by outside applications as opposed to the EFB they have been working on for what seems like a half a decade now but is progressing nicely 🤣. For me, as long as the numbers are close, I'm not type rated or anything so how would I know, it's the procedure involved in obtaining those numbers that really matters for learning purposes. There really may be an opportunity here for someone with more coding skills than I have to make stand alone apps for ipads and android tablets or phones even that could provide that EFB functionality for specific aircraft without having to worry about coding the graphics interface and depiction and functionality into the actual flight simulator aircraft. Like a comprehensive app for the 777 for example that has all that functionality in one application instead of hunting up the necessary apps individually.
  14. Used to happen in P3D all the time. Didn't think it would happen in MSFS. In P3D it had to do with the exclude file or an Orbx CVX vector file. but I don't know enough about how the MSFS file system works to know if that is the case here.
  15. Its tall. Like...to space. Next time I see it I'll investigate a little better with the drone.
  16. This is the second time I've seen this. Once near TPA and this time near JFK.
  17. So, after making a flight, I try to load a new one without switching to a different aircraft, and the flight stops loading at around 40% after pressing "fly". If I use a different aircraft each time I create a new flight, I have no issues. This occurs no matter what aircraft I use, default or third party. It would be helpful if the loading bar indicated what was loading at each point so there would be a starting point for trouble shooting but there isn't and I can't seem to find any threads that address a similar loading issue. Ideas?
  18. Anyone else find John McClane standing in the main terminal tower?
  19. Made the move to MSFS a few months ago but before I get into my question, I want to qualify this with the fact that performance-wise and visually this is a great move up from P3D V5. I continue to be, however, a bit disappointed in the surface road traffic and leisure boat traffic. It is very spotty, localized and not very dense. When I takeoff from MIA or TPA in P3D, for example, the bays are full of boats and the streets teaming with cars. At night there are nav lights on boats and at a fairly high altitude on approach, the headlights are streaming underneath on the freeways and highways. Not a deal breaker for me but I feel like it takes a lot away from the immersion that ASOBO put so much effort into and makes the experience feel a little empty of movement. I do have global shipping traffic installed but leisure boats are pretty nonexistent. Do any of the traffic addons improve the volume and not just introduce new models?
  20. Awesome dude. That did the trick! Much appreciated!
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