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  1. Seems its relative few with issues and the DC6 . i might step in again (i have it for P3dv4) but havent touch it since 2020. These NanoVG options is it only related to DC6 or is other aircrafts benefit of this also ? Performance seems also server depended sometimes as i have had really problems at same locations with the same aircraft but days between flights. Michael Moe
  2. What is this thread about ? - Simmers in general or just casual ? As long as i can remember people who has and still enjoy flightsim as hobby loves every single digit that these dedicated developers works out. Lets move on .....but before we do - enjoy what we have. Its amazing for a simmer point of view :-) July is PMDG 747 month and Fenix/FSL A321 . Michael Moe
  3. Thanks but either the P3D is totally wrong which i cant believe as its my absolute best experience with the H. Alpha and the NGXU Michael Moe
  4. Great , can any one remember the Honeycomb A recommended settings? (Axis) Michael Moe
  5. HI , i moved some folders with this software and others like Flightbeam has an option to move within there own software. Is anyone having succes with the above including all the liveries? Second thought. Fenix has symbolic link to liveries What about the Official folder in MSFS - its rather big , can we have symbolic link or more folders ? Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Got AIG as well and it works pretty much as in P3D. This live traffic combined with the slider traffic %. How is performance? I will try Vatsim and see the injected AIG models/liveries. Thanks MIchael Moe
  7. Great for the delay 😄 My plan when P3D for July/August is PMDG747-400/8 and PMDG 777-300ER. Michael Moe
  8. btw - is anyone having a hard time with P3D discounts in general? I have simmarket , ORBX , aviator on the billing list. Anyway its great we get more and more choices for airports in MSFS. Off now in FSLA319 as AAL1196 - KEWR-KMIA Michael Moe
  9. Hmm i think its great but i am back to A319/321 FSL Wing Tip Fence /SL for a while - Great to have so many option these days Michael Moe
  10. Hi Benjamin , whats the benefit of this ? Besides the "Live" is it also better performance wise ? Pretty smart to have the AIG liveries installed this way btw. Thanks Michael Moe
  11. Regarding traffic from either AIG controller running or just default in MSFS : I have AIG installed and the default traffic disabled. I still see europeen liveries around places in USA which they shouldnt . Is this normal for now ? Second : How is live traffic in general for performance wise vs off ? Is it possible to kill all traffic like in FSUIPC for P3D ? or is payware FSUIPC7 required ? I have mapped a button to this on approach in P3D. The traffic settings in MSFS does it come with a radius from current location? (like FSUIPC/P3D) Thanks Michael Moe
  12. Thanks , i am still in for a late 2022 build yet so will see about those AMD power allthough my FSX days still troubles my mind. I am almost holding 70%/4K with my acceptable 25HZ with traffic not higher than 10% in the menu so its relative big check to do for the extra 5 fps. Michael Moe
  13. Hi again , i know ORBX is installing outside the O:/MSFS/Community folder , so why is this not just standard for every other addons? I meen if i just point to a folder of my choice during installation and they do the math? Michael Moe
  14. Hi , my Windows C drive has 400GB to spare so i was wondering how i can make that visible to MSFS and install addons to that folder also .MSFS Is installed on another drive (O:MSFS) and (O:MSFS/Michael/Community) For instance a /MSFS/EXTRA Community folder on the C drive? Thanks Michael Moe
  15. Great visually images. What is missing without PG? Must be quite a bit? Maybe you fly were its not needed? Performance increase %? Thanks Michael Moe
  16. Hi Bob , i am relativ sure normal daily procedures is without rhe APU at all and aircondition on Auto. APU ON and aircon off (on) is properly only considered on short runways at/or at high altitude airports or at high temps. Michael Moe
  17. Ok i got a weird drop at 18 fps just 30 feet above 10L in FB KPDX . Also about 3- 5 degree ILS offset , strange. Michael Moe
  18. Thanks , can we use ProcessLasso to check which core is the most loaded one in MSFS ? And if yes should that be on the ground or in the air ? Thanks Michael Moe
  19. i am very pleased with performance on my rather old PC (I7-4770K@4,5 - GTX1080TI FTW3,32GB DDR3-2400) I can get VSYNC/25HZ pretty much as long as i dont pan fast on the ground like FT KLAS (then it can drop to 21-25 fps but settles very fast again. This is with 4K@70% mostly Ultra/High settings , low traffic (10% in menu) Its really an amazing experience and even more amazing for the buck. About liveries from second hand - am using a Spirit one . Can there be FPS penalty on those or is it only VRAM related ? Thanks Michael Moe
  20. Quite impressive , Thanks for sharing your goldies 😍 I noticed a picture of the FenixDisplay.exe using all cores except one . On my system its only using core 6+7. I have change that now to all 0-6 in ProcessLasso . Is this correct ? Thanks again Michael Moe
  21. Wasnt it back in the 80`s where Commodore 64 was also the king 😃 . Joke a side i believe its amazing a 2022 PC can run all the complexity of those 50-55 computers there is installed in a real A320 . And again we put us on the moon on quite few bites/bits as well. Who knows what systems takes more power from each of those vs B737 . Any way i am still amazed by both. Michael Moe
  22. Is CPU the way for current CPU's only? I guess my old I7-4770K is better with IGPU or GPU? Anyone tried it out with a restart of sim or just on the run only? Thanks Michael Moe
  23. Nope? What do you meen by that? First part of my message is about MSFS itself and the performance on that platform which changes . Second part is facts about the performance between airliners. Michael Moe
  24. I have all of them and havent spent so much time on MSFS before they were released. I dont know why but i found performance to be almost different day by day. Maybe the constant online thing is pushing performance? I7-4770K@4,5 HT GTX1080TI ,32GB RAM. Best performance on my system 1 PMDG737 2 MADDOGX (-3%) 3 Fenix (-5-10%) Michael Moe
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