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  1. Hey Guys thanks for the reply's as you may not have noticed I am a provider for LiveATC for my area. I do fly online with others, but this is for just listening, with the above program I mentioned I could tune the live atc channel from my cockpit and just listen to what was going on that channel. as I use MSFS live traffic I think it would be cool tuning to that freq as I fly. I will message the designer of the program see if he is going to update it. again thanks for all the suggestions and your time. Shnae
  2. Hi Guys, I have been away for a bit was wondering I used a program to bring liveatc into P3D on Com 1 and 2 and loved it. http://laap.atc.free.fr/accueil.php is there anything like this for MSFS 2020 Thanks
  3. Hi I use LAAP and it works great, If you click the small French flag top right corner below the tower it will put the sight in English. I have never had a problem and He usually responds to his emails just go to this page and send him a note http://laap.atc.free.fr/contact-en.php Shane
  4. Hi Guys couple of questions new to vr what are your in sim settings before you run vr and how do you deal with the atc window thanks
  5. if your having network problems after 1803 windows 10 update which gorfed my connections disable ivp6 protocol on your network adapter after looking at a lot of webpages that's what fixed it for me and editing my hosts file
  6. don't want to get off the topic of the original author but you can set it in the laap.ini file
  7. same here been using it for along time and love it
  8. I just checked the runways get grayer but don't look like a wet look
  9. I am running goflight no problems with p3d V4
  10. utlive doesn't support p3d 4 yet that might be part of your stuttering problem
  11. tried the f-18 and the EH-101 and the gauges did not work
  12. I love this one but he hasn't updated to p3d v4 yet http://laap.atc.free.fr/
  13. Hi KIEK, thanks for all the work just noticed your release notes for both the VRMgenerator and the PSX program show the notes for the VRM generator on both your pages
  14. Can't seem to get parked aircraft at my flytampa CYUL no mater what I do, anyone have a parked file for this airport that works and I can get a link too thanks
  15. I have lots of parked traffic at toronto the flytampa version make sure you add it in a serperate line in the parking generator, my problem is with flytampa montreal and fsdt vancouver no parked traffic. I might have to manually edit the files. all sim addons airports work great for parked
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