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  1. I hope this means there we will be perhaps a new lancair in the future also.
  2. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    Anyhow I’m off to the sack… Good to chat with a few of you. Hope orbx tidys the site up to avoid any issue on this in the future. Cheers all
  3. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    That’s really good to hear and I think they should just change that pre-requisite text and add some clarity here perhaps with a separate webpage that addresses this specifically as you so eloquently have here on the site tonight
  4. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    I don’t know about the ad thing Rob. Isnt that-just his normal sponsor intro? Perhaps he should’ve done a separate intro for this video… That’s a fair criticism. I just mean more high-level, I find it hard to believe he’s talking about this issue simply to draw attention to his channel, particularly this type of attention. I’ve never gotten the impression he’s that type of character after all these years of watching his videos.
  5. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    It’s really odd. I’m on my phone right now and on mobile it strangely doesn’t actually say the part about it being recommended, but it does still say the part about the requirement of the England region. EDIT: my fault I wasn’t on the xplane version page This is tough on Mobile… LOL So on the other versions of that airport the England region is actually a requirement? As I said at the very top of this post, the page I was on for the non-XP version did not say the part about it being recommended but did say that england was required Honestly I’m not trying to be argumentative I’m just trying to look at this objectively. Misleading text that just happens to mislead you into buying more products shouldn’t be there on a site for a company with good ethics. I just feel like they should change that required text under pre-requisite’s and perhaps add a page that clarifies all this for customers. That seems really fair in terms of an expectation on the consumer side.
  6. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    Tony I always enjoy you and your work but honestly don’t you think it would be more correct for the Orbx website to more clearly lay out what you’re saying right here as a good explanation of the “requirements”? More clarity and transparency on their website about what to expect in either situation is the way to clear this up and be a good business. I don’t feel the need to get into all the personal stuff about this and that… I really enjoy Froogle‘s videos so I take him at his word here and I think what he laid out speaks for itself honestly. I find it to be a bit of a stretch to say that he’s doing this for clicks… But that’s just my opinion. Cheers
  7. irrics

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    Did everyone get a chance to watch the video? The way John reacted to this in comments was not the most professional. Whether another product is required or not for a given airport and no matter if it always has been or it’s a new thing, the wording is misleading on the website. Writing copy like that should address brand new people to the ecosystem as well as people that have been around forever and may know the rules of the road It’s a fair criticism that should be addressed by Orbx and likely tweaked on their site to be more accurate.
  8. Maybe this is to help facilitate a real world pilot using things such as & (among many) in the cockpit?
  9. Still picking my jaw up off the floor... Take. My. Money.
  10. I think why we are at different levels of satisfaction is that I don't even consider FSX/P3D in this comparison. I consider XP to be on a different level all together and, fair or not, I'm comparing real world weather and experiences with XP and that's where my continual extreme disappointment comes in.
  11. I'm honestly stunned anyone finds the current XP weather "good enough". It's awful guys. C'mon now.. We all love XP, but let's call a spade a spade here.. Both the ATC and Weather situation are way short of where I think one could reasonably hope they'd be in 2018.
  12. The weather is very frustrating in XP, especially as a real world pilot who would like to train specific IFR approach situations and have the experience be very realistic.
  13. irrics

    PC Building Again

    Thanks all for the thoughts.. Between GPU prices and my trying out VR again this week (Samsung Odyssey) and finding that it still needs way more resolution for me to enjoy Flight Sim in that space...I've basically have shelved any plans for a PC upgrade anytime soon. The GTX 980 + 4790k that I'm currently running does all that I need it to do gaming wise and I don't see that changing until I really do need a full rebuild with maxed out components for a future, higher rez, VR setup...which who knows...could be like 4 years out in terms of VR tech progression. Hopefully by then, mining or whatever is pumping up GPU prices will have moved on to some other technology or just have cooled off period.
  14. irrics

    11.20VR2 released !

    My Samsung Odyssey arrives Thursday! Excited to be back into trying out VR!
  15. irrics

    11.20VR2 released !

    ? P3D version 2? Aren't they on like v4+ right now? Edit. I see what you meant... version 4.2