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  1. Thanks all for the thoughts.. Between GPU prices and my trying out VR again this week (Samsung Odyssey) and finding that it still needs way more resolution for me to enjoy Flight Sim in that space...I've basically have shelved any plans for a PC upgrade anytime soon. The GTX 980 + 4790k that I'm currently running does all that I need it to do gaming wise and I don't see that changing until I really do need a full rebuild with maxed out components for a future, higher rez, VR setup...which who knows...could be like 4 years out in terms of VR tech progression. Hopefully by then, mining or whatever is pumping up GPU prices will have moved on to some other technology or just have cooled off period.
  2. My Samsung Odyssey arrives Thursday! Excited to be back into trying out VR!
  3. ? P3D version 2? Aren't they on like v4+ right now? Edit. I see what you meant... version 4.2
  4. Yep - Very frustrating...
  5. @HiFlyer Is that your video? Do you know the PC specs that user (or you) are using?
  6. Hi Tony - I will for sure report back.. I had a Rift with Flyinside on P3D VR a long time back and really really loved it...except for the resolution/SDE issues. From all I can tell, people love the Samsung WMR due to the slightly better resolution and also the "mixed reality" part really is misleading. It's a VR headset experience all the way honestly from what I can tell. In any case, simming in 2d was totally ruined for me by VR and so I really have missed it and am excited to get an HMD again, if for nothing else but just helicopters. Man...helo's in VR are outrageously awesome!
  7. @HiFlyer Thank you! That looks like the one to try out! Just ordered one...excited to be back for some VR, if for nothing beyond flying the is that amazing in VR!!
  8. Anyone have a WMR headset recommendation? I am drawn by their lower prices overall as I just want something to use for some flights here and there while I wait for higher resolution Vive or Rift. Curious which is the best WMR HMD for XP VR usage?
  9. Is anyone using a WMR headset? any recommendations on which if so?
  10. I don't understand why Laminar doesn't use basically any of these mods themselves. Just about every one I see looks better than the default water.
  11. I'd personally skip anything that's got lots of features "coming eventually". Pay for something that offers what you want when you buy it...that's my mantra at least.
  12. How's the view in the distance when trying to make out runways and landmarks from afar? Still pretty limited by the HMD resolution? That's what made me quit P3D VR with Flyinside..
  13. Better in the Oculus or the Vive if one had to choose?
  14. It's no so much as "problematic", but I want to be able to fly IFR and keep the same scan I do in a real airplane, which involves glancing/looking and not moving head around much. Thanks for the report.
  15. May I ask for some opinions on how readable the text on the gauges/GPS screen, etc are? Does one still need to "lean in" to read them and/or are we still pretty limited by the HMD resolution?