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  1. Something about your shots feels like a sepia filter or something to me I just don't love the way that looks honestly
  2. I'm hopeful that things will improve now that the Xbox release is behind us. I have to imagine the pressure from MS on that was substantial
  3. Weird - not happening for me -- I was in the Carenado Mooney all afternoon today and routinely adjusting my view up and above the dash with the arrows. Latest versions of everything Not sure what to tell ya
  4. Fun theory that somewhat resonates.. But what I'm seeing in Sim right now really doesn't resemble what I see outside in real life flying around Idaho
  5. It’s something with the Asobo/default planes I think. No issues with Carenado Mooney...it’s like it was before
  6. After trying a G2 recently, I decided that, for me, this still needs another hardware generation. I truly love the VR immersion -- but once I get beyond that (a few days of doing it), I start to get frustrated at the resolution and sweet spot limitations. Some type of in headset eye tracking to focus the sweet spot where you're looking would be killer
  7. I have been totally blown away at how capable my rx580-8gb is at 1920x1200
  8. Is asking such a harm? Your comment makes it sound like I’m badgering him at his house or something.. I notice you omitted quoting the part of my comment where I showered him with praise and let him know that his add-on was the best thing I’ve ever used with any flight simulation ever.
  9. Apologies for bumping this slightly older thread.. @robert young If there's anything we can do to help convince to undertake this, please let us know! Perhaps a Patreon/Kickstarter type of thing so you know the money will be there if you make it? To echo others - in my decades of flight simming, no add-on ever brought me as much joy as the RealAir Lancair Legacy. It was my absolutely **always** go-to aircraft of choice.. Fun, fast, somewhat simple and just so well executed.
  10. That's really where that post should've ended (before the baseless speculation that followed the "but")
  11. In my opinion, you're going to want the ideal spec
  12. This is a big concern for sure. Thank goodness they are this far along....had this been a year or more earlier, the project may have gotten scrapped and never seen the light of day.
  13. I will go back to what I’m doing now... ”Not flight simming at all” This isn’t like food. I do not actually “need it” in my life.
  14. If there were to be one, this is a really good chance of being a niche that would due to the nature of the customer and the frequent desire to have large screens or VR and expensive peripherals, etc. It’s hard to equate this hobby with other gaming genres. It’s very much it’s own beast. I’m optimistic for it on the console, but it really does remain to be seen. To my knowledge, no version of MSFS has been on a console before and it’s a very different market on those.
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