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  1. So, I recently bought the Logitech Yoke/Throttle system. I see that there are 3 modes which gretly expands the functionality of the buttons. It seems that to use the 3 modes I have to use Logitech's programming. So how will this integrate with FS2020's controls setup? Obviously I don't know what to do or if I should do anything. Any suggestions. PS-What I am really interested in dong is using the yoke to steer while taxiing. But obviously the yoke is dedicated to the ailerons. I thought while I was on the ground, I could assign the yoke Mode 2 to rudders and then when I take off, switch back to Mode 1. Thanks, Dave
  2. That pretty much describes it. How to I get to my desktop without exiting the sim?
  3. Hi. Can anyone clarify the connection between X-Box Game Pass and FS2020? Do I have to open Game Pass first and start FS from there? Thanks in advance. Dave
  4. You have all been very helpful to me in the past and I thank you. I have another question. I bought and installed an 1TB SSD Hard Drive that I figued I would just put MSFS on that, for the sake of speed. But its such a large hard drive I would still have about 850GB of free space left. So after reading around, I see that I could move Windows 10 over to the new SSD card, which everyone says speeds up boot time and helps other programs run quicker also. Sounds like a good idea. However, I only want to move Windows to the new drive for now. I DO NOT WANT TO CLONE MY ENTIRE HDD DRIVE. I want to leave my files and all installed programs in the HDD drive for now. Is this possible? Can I move Windows into the SSD drive and also install FS2020 on it and leave it at that? Will the programs that are currently on the HDD drive know how to work if Windows is now on a different drive? And would they indeed work more efficiently? I don't want to uninstall my programs from the HDD card and reinstall them on the SSD card because I would lose all of the settings and customizations that the program has acquired over the years. Also, does the drive letter of the hard drive that Windows is installed on automatically become the "C" drive? Does that cause a problem when a program is looking for a file that is no longer on that new "C" drive? Can anyone help me figure out what I'm talking about and what to do? Thanks, Dave
  5. OK, thanks. I will look into the 6GB cards mentioned. A quick question. When I start up FS, it actually starts. The point where it stalls and closes is during the Checking For Updates. Blue bar goes 50% across the bottom and then the program shuts, during the World Updates, Elevation lUpdates. I can understand why a poor graphics card will not run the program but how would that affect downloading updates? Thanks, Dave
  6. Anyone familiar with the MSI GeForce GTX 1051 Ti Gaming x 4G? A bunch on eBay used for under $100. Thanks
  7. Lets say $200. Is there a graphics card website, like a checklist?
  8. Hello and thank you for your time. I have downloaded and installed FS2020 and it won't run. Doesn't get past the updates. Just shuts off, or seems to. I believe its my graphics card and I am in need of assistance in getting a new one. Let me start with my specs, I guess. Dell XPS 8300 Desktop (out of the box) Windows 10 64-bit Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Processor 16.0 GB Memory 460W Dell PSU; 2 free 6 Pin Connectors AMD Radeon HD 6670 with 1009MB Dedicated Video RAM GDDR5 500GB Standard Hard Drive 1TB SSD Hard Drive (would use this for FS) 1 and 2TB External Hard Drives I am looking for a card with either 2MB or 4MB VRAM. The mother board has room for a double width card, probably up to about 10" long. I am concerned about overstressing the PSU and have no plans to get an additional PSU. Money is most definately a factor. I have no problem with buying a used card through eBay if the vendor is reputable. I have seen the minimum and recommended Graphics Cards, the Radeon RX 570-590 or the GeForce GTX 770-970 (min. and rec.) I am very confused when I do a search for one of the cards-I get a bunch of different names that look similar and pictures that are different. There must be more affordable cards that my computer can support, right? Can you give me a list of a few cards that I might shop for? Would you know of a web site that I can enter my parameters and it narrows down the cards? I would really appreciate your time. Thanks, Dave
  9. May I ask how that is done? And thanks. Dave
  10. I downloaded and installed the standard version, from the MS Store, onto a newly purchased 1TB SSD hard drive I bought just for this. I open the program in the start menu. I allow the MS Store Package Dependency Installer to make changes. Now it crawls at a snails pace. I get the warning that my system does not meet requirements and there may be errors. OK it. I get the X Box, OSOBO , Blacksnake and copyright windows. Get up to Welcome Set Your Experience. In a sub window, it checks for updates. This is where it happens. I get up to New Scenery, with the blue bar at the bottom half way across and then it just shuts off. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and actually its worse than the first time. The first time I at least got up to a window where it wanted me to set some preferences but I don't reach there anymore. Yes, I know, my Graphics card is below the requirements, but I would have at least thought the program would load and run, just with poor graphics. If I wasn't happy, then I would look into a new card. But I would hate to sink a few hundred dollars into a card and it still doesn't work. Is there anything I can do? Thanks, Dave
  11. Hello and thanks for your time. I used to use MSFS2004 frequently but kind of lost interest in it. MSFS2020 looks too good to ignore and I plan on getting it. I wanted to clear up my hard drive first and would like to know if my MSFS2004 add-ons, such as FS Genesis, FS Navigator, PC Aviator's NY Scencery and FS Flight Sschool Pro 2014 have any value when using 2020. I think Flight School has a new version for 2020 and have to look into that but what about the others. And I guess I'll uninstall MSFS2004 also. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dave Schwartz
  12. Thanks, but aren't new cards released frequently? And I would assume the newer they are, the more expensive, right?
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