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  1. Over the holidays, I figured I'd finally give VR a try (disclaimer: I was a skeptic). I did a quick search of what hardware could work with my computer without giving me 5 FPS; found a used Samsung Odyssey+ for $150; plugged it in; fired up MSFS; turned on the VR mode and... omg... ok yeah, this is another level! The big moment for me was when flying through a valley in the Canadian Rockies and moving my head around to look beyond the cockpit ceiling to catch a glimpse of a summit. It was amazing. And that's coming from someone whose setup to start with is not too shabby from an immersion standpoint, as I'm sitting 2-3 feet from a 55" 4K TV. It's just a very different experience. You just feel that you are there, in that cockpit. The sense of presence is mindblowing. Now, it's not all roses, there are limitations and caveats : IQ is just not gonna be at all comparable to that of a 4K monitor and gauges can be hard to read (some of that can be improved with better hardware); interaction with keyboard can be tricky, though for me that's relatively minor as I have the Honeycomb quadrant;, etc. But even with a 3-year old headset, the skeptic in me could plainly see that VR is the future of flightsimming.
  2. I picked up a used Odyssey+ for $150 and it's working quite well with my 2060S.
  3. There's really only one thing I'm sure of as I'm plowing through this thread (I'm clearly a masochist): it has no value added whatsoever and just poisons the discourse.
  4. I'm reading this thread as I'm flying over the glorious Rockies in a no-less-glorious Kodiak thinking... should I just feel guilty for enjoying this product so much??? It's like I'm living in an alternate reality or something.
  5. The first beta version is out, now with installer and configuration tool: https://github.com/mbucchia/XR_APILAYER_NOVENDOR_nis_scaler/releases What a difference it makes on my end, thanks OP for bringing this to my attention!!!
  6. On my end the pixelated clouds are gone. But the problem is... I installed the beta and the newest Nvidia drivers at the same time, so I don't know which one did the trick.
  7. Same here, but they have disappeared since I downloaded the SU7 hot fix beta from Steam and installed the newest Nvidia drivers (I know, I know, I should not have done both at the same time...).
  8. Well they have for me, no doubt about that, it's not even close! Though... it could be the new Nvidia drivers, I installed both at the same time.
  9. On my side, the beta provides the best performance I've ever had. And it finally got rid of the pixelated clouds that had been an issue.
  10. Ha, so it wasn't just me then, I thought it was an issue specific to the user-created bush trip I was trying to complete...
  11. Are you serious??? I have been at RS between 70 and 80 for ages, are you saying I have been missing tons of city lights for all this time?? Hahaha, I need to push to RS=100 tonight.
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