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  1. I'm speechless. I'm starting to think this actually is a virtual travel system; with such biome system, I can simply explore the world from my couch, plane or not.
  2. My decision on this topic was made a while ago: I have not bought an add-on in a few years now. The rationale is that I was tired of spending money on beautiful add-ons (or new hardware fort that matter) for a flight sim engine that felt frozen in time, just so that I would get even more frustrated by the stutters and poor performance. So yeah, MSFS has rekindled my interest for flightsimming, to put it mildly.
  3. As a resident of a city that sees its fair share of snow (Montreal), this video almost made me weep of joy!
  4. Wow, this is great, thanks for letting me know about this option!
  5. These Asobo guys are either perfectionists, OCD, or both. They just don't seem to know what "good enough" means. They go all out!
  6. In an age where we are so used to PR marketing teams overhyping the umpteenth version of Call of Duty, it really is refreshing (and almost surreal) to get one of the creators expose their baby with such enthusiasm and passion. Can you imagine if a year ago someone had come to these boards and had predicted that all this was going to happen? That we were gonna see what we are seeing? That a team had been working with such devotion and passion on a MS reboot for all these years? That person would have been called a troll by all of us!
  7. My poor brain still has a hard time absorbing all this insane information. I feel like I'm watching a sci-fi movie. Mind-blowing stuff.
  8. I just can't wait to know the recommended specs so that I can start (1) looking around the web for a new desktop and (2) thinking of what I could sell to finance that purchase. Perhaps the new stove in our kitchen?
  9. Wow, fantastic news all around. Thanks for sharing!
  10. First, for purely selfish reasons: Montreal, my hometown. I'm curious to see how "secondary" large cities will look like in the sim. Second: Banff/Lake Louise area. I'm wondering how good the mesh is at reproducing cragged peaks, and that's an area that I know.
  11. Given that as a community we are naturally prone to criticize, I wish to say something very simple to Microsoft, Adobo and the others at this point: THANK YOU. After a few years away from the hobby, you make me extremely excited about flightsimming.
  12. I'm floored, like everybody else. But I think it's important that we be ready to accept that some things will take some time (and versions?) to get ironed out. The part "Fudging the data" in this preview highlights issues that are not surprising (I was accepting them once I learned more about the way they were creating the FS world), but that will certainly get many people up in arms once we get our hands on the product: https://www.polygon.com/2019/9/30/20885197/microsoft-flight-simulator-bing-maps-hands-on-demo
  13. Agree. It's the feeling of total immersion that did it for me, I just felt like I was in a plane. My daughter watching the video next to me just said "Wow"
  14. That last of the three videos is quite choppy on my MacBook Pro, even if I download and then play it. Maybe it's because of the video rendering on my machine; maybe because it's an early build; but certainly if that was FSX I would be playing in the config file right now 😂
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