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  1. thanks Torsen. i am in exactly the same situation with you as far as my aircraft add-ons. can i ask how you got rid of all elements of TG/TL? did you just delete all folders with TG and TL names? when you reinstalled MilViz KA how did you get rid of these programs? thanks
  2. thanks. and this with my brand new RTX 2080 super :~(
  3. am i the only one who is having issues with RealLight and RealGlass? any aircraft utilizing these programs have the dreaded DXGI shutdown. i can get the aircraft to load if i delete the the 2 folders in the aircraft folder. is this the only way to deal with this issue?
  4. confirm that i had this at flytampa KTPA also. interestingly there are also a few sporadic small objects in the tampa area that suffer the same darkness the good news though is that this is the only problem that i have encountered. flew a few flights with maddog and it looks great and is amazingly smooth with great frame rates overall, very very happy. i am sure someone will figure out the dark objects
  5. hello, where can i find the "driver settings >>programms>>GPU high performance" setting? thanks
  6. awesome add-on with great support. a must have for the P3D fake flyer, the fact is, this hobby, for most, is not Angry Birds that you buy as is, and play like an arcade game with your PS4 game controller. P3D is only the foundation for something that people love to build on. this process can be very time consuming and very expensive. but i love it and the process. add-ons like FSReborn are great. go ahead and keep flying your default cessna if you like. when you get bored...go back to Angry Birds
  7. i have noticed this issue now in P3Dv5. the airport ambiance and animal sounds are still present in the cockpit after takeoff. i can still heard birds and aircraft taking off. anyone else with this issue?
  8. lol, all turns below 9 knots. even getting 2-3 degrees bank in shallow turns at 4 or 5 knots
  9. i vaguely remember having this issue along time ago, but now in v5, while taxing PMDG 747 and Maddog, the aircraft is banking 2 to 3 degrees while making turns on the ground. very annoying. autorudder is off. any ideas why this would be happening on 2 different payware aircraft?
  10. i tried every suggestion in this thread. i have finally eliminated my hungs by ensuring to downgrade from ultra 4k textures down one level to high 2K. i also had to uninstall my envtex textures and shaders. so far with not using envex and keeping away from 4K i am extremely smooth with no shut downs edit: also had to disable "trueglass" in the maddog
  11. i did delete the shaders. i am going to try reinstalling as suggested, will again delete shaders and see what happens. thanks
  12. had not had an issue with CTD in v5 until today. started playing around with nvidia settings and in game graphics settings and developed an issue that if i load up the game with the default aircraft in windowed mode, as soon as i try to switch to full screen mode i get an either an immediate CTD, screen freeze or the diax error box. i have tried to reset my nvidia settings and have deleted my p3d config file but still have the issue with trying to switch to full screen mode. any idea what causes a problem with full-screen? thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Lorby! first of all, thanks for all your contributions to our community. i really enjoy your apps. i guess i will just set the code before responding to ATC (until someone makes an app. hint hint hint)
  14. Hello all, i am trying to find a way to eliminate the transponder auto-tune function. ie after you ask for IFR clearance, the sim automatically sets the transponder code. i would like to eliminate this so that i am required to manually enter the transponder code (to add a little bit of realism for me) i still would like the radios to auto tune, just not the transponder. my Majestic Q400 is the only add-on that i have that does not set the transponder code for you. any ideas?
  15. I have purchased your product and it indicates in one place that it is active, but in another it says that it is NOT active. Program does not work Aurasim Q400 calculator why can we not get an answer for this??
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