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  1. i have the same issue. overall very happy with 5.2 but this issue is a bit annoying
  2. the product page mentions P3D v5.0.....does anyone know if it will work with 5.1?
  3. Hi Simbol, i had to uninstall and then reinstall FSReborn (after the hotfix 1). as always, thanks for your support of your great product
  4. awesome. you brought laughter during my tears and frustration .... lol
  5. i have tried both on and off. should i try and uninstall FSreborn and then reinstall?
  6. hello, still no runway lights at default airports i do have AILRP, but i have also installed hotfix 1 for 5.1. i tried the above suggestion anyway, but with no luck. i have also uninstalled P3d scenery and reinstalled, also with no luck. wonder if anyone has any ideas? i use a lot of ORBX stuff so i was thinking it was a scenery library order issue, but i have played around alot with Lorby scenery also with no luck very frustrating
  7. Hello, i have been messing around with my scenery library order but for what ever reason none of my stock airports have runway or taxi lights at night time. i have many ORBX products so i am sure that it is a library order issue. i use Lorby to change scenery priority. any idea which file would cause this issue and where it should be at in the library? thanks in advance
  8. BerndB, just to clarify, if we have ORBX we should uninstall all 4 components? disregard, i just found the thread at the ORBX forum https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/192424-installing-a-p3d-v5-hotfix-correctly/
  9. regarding updating, if i remember correctly, i only had 3 components in ver 4.5 (client, content and scenery). with ver 5.1 i have 4 entries, now with a generic LM P3dv5 Professional entry. i have always updated by uninstalling all 3 components. with ver 5.1 should i also uninstall the 4th file (LM P3dv5 Professional)?
  10. really dumb question; i installed as per instructions on page 2 (dropped the file in the community folder). but i cant find the aircraft in the sim menu. does it show up as an additional aircraft? or does selecting the standard CJ4 automatically use this mods? thanks in advance
  11. FINALLY! Problem solved, at least for me. i had a setting wrong in the external hard drive's properties. I have a brand new Samsung T7 2Tb external hard drive that i bought just for MSFS. if you go into Device Manager / Disk Drives / Samsung T7 HHD (for me), then right click for properties. under the "policies" tab, i changed to "Better Performance" in the top section and then clicked on "enable write caching on this device" on the lower section. i had never gone more than 15-25 minutes without crashing or the "unable to read file..." error. tonight i was in the sim for several hours with no CTD's fingers crossed, but looks like heaven now
  12. Hello, i have the exact same error and subsequent CTD. i have had this for a long time now and have no idea how to fix it. i have tried many things but nothing seems to work. it doesnt seem to be related to settings in the sim. i also am suspicious that it may be to using an external HD that i bought just for this sim.' i would really love to get some advise as at the moment i can only get 5-15 minutes ought of this wonderful looking and performing sim. i have just made a major investment to upgrade my computer so that MSFS now recognizes it as a "HIGH end to ULTRA" machine, but still have the same problem as i did when it was a mid-level computer. both versions though i am using the same brand new external HD (Samsung T7 2tb)
  13. will the latest version work in P3Dv5?
  14. i would also like to see what other people are doing in the NVIDIA control panel
  15. anyone else having an issue with Linda and the new version of the PMDG 737? I can not select the PMDG 737 from the Linda menu. it always defaults back to default aircraft thanks for any help?
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