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  1. Pimax Crystal doesn't require base stations and can be bought with optional Dmas speakers which are very similar to G2 speakers. It has far better clarity, sweet spot, FoV, lenses, colors, blacks. But it is expensive and to show full potential requires expensive GPU (I migrated from G2 on 3070Ti, to Crystal on 4090 and it was great, albeit expensive, move).
  2. WMR deprecation will only affect WMR-based headsets. HP Reverb G2 seems to be one of the last of this kind. Pimax, Quest, Bigscreen, Varjo and others don't use WMR and won't be affected. Windows 11 24H2 will be probably only released in September/October 2024. Even then you can disable application of this Windows feature update. This will allow you to continue using G2 (discontinued by HP, originally released in November 2020, soon will be 4 years old) as long as you would not need new fancy Windows 11 features.
  3. Navigraph now allows creating VFR flight plans. Here is the example: EPWS DCT 510560N0170923E DCT 504150N0172255E DCT ADADO DCT 494739N0172643E DCT 494018N0171750E DCT 491329N0173946E DCT 485050N0170738E DCT 484327N0165759E DCT REKLU DCT VP008 DCT VP005 DCT VP004 DCT VP003 DCT 475742N0181105E DCT 474524N0180343E DCT 474540N0183328E DCT 472926N0183808E DCT LHBS When trying to import the plan to P2ATC in Navigraph format I'm getting the following error message: Unable to import text to Flight Plan. Check format of the pasted text. Does P2ATC support coordinates in FP import/definition?
  4. The plan was validated before the flight, the screen from P2ATC above is for illustration only, screenshot taken just for this point. Why P2ATC asked me to be AT certain FL over ROPOX if there is no restriction for ROPOX in the STAR?
  5. In some payware planes, like Aerosoft CRJ, there are complex radio systems modelled, which not update the offset P2ATC uses to determine if COM1 or COM2 is set for transmitting/receiving. Would be great to have the option in P2ATC to assign two buttons: one for COM1 and another for COM2 transmitting/receiving, independently from the sim. This would be especially useful for people with extensive hardware panels, who fly mostly without using the mouse.
  6. The Knobster bridge avialable here: https://axisandohs.weebly.com/downloads.html is described as "knobstertolorbyaaobridge_v1_00_b07.zip". However when the module is downloaded and ran, it displays V1.00 b06 (c)2021 LORBY - SI. Is this just wrong description of the v.b07 or wrong module is posted on the page? I was a happy user of AAO v. 2.24b03 and Knobster bridge 1.00 b06 (version updated for forcing KeyUp event). Yesterday I updated AAO to v. 2.26 b04. In the result my Knobster bridge no longer works 😞 The bridge regonizes the Knobster connected, but the "LED" doesn't turn green when the Knobster is rotated or pushed. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of AAO v. 2.24b03 installer co I can't just reinstall this version. However, I managed to restore my installation of AAO v. 2.24b03 from backup copy (C:\Program Files\LorbyAxisAndOhs_MSFS folder). And it works. Something is probably wrong between AAO v. 2.26 b04 and Knobster Bridge? Possibly AAO v. 2.26 b04 requires the bridge v. v1_00_b07 but this version is not updated on the donwload page. Konbster is a vital component in my setup, so currently seems I'm locked at AAO v. 2.24b03,
  7. Recently I've been flying ROPO 1B STAR in Aerosoft CRJ: I was requested by ATC to pass ROPOX at FL160, while CRJ descent profile predicted much higher altitude at this point (FL305) Why ATC is asking me to pass at fixed FL and not "at or above"? There is no altitude restriction at this point (ROPOX). This happens for most of my approaches in the CRJ. My plans are imported to P2ATC from Navigraph (based on Simbrief) and to CRJ FMS from Simbrief. How should I overcome this, to avoid steep descent, not in line with the descent profile optimal for the CRJ? Should I play with the Descent Rate in P2ATC? To have the FL305 at ROPOX I would need to set crazy Descent Rate in P2ATC (ca. 5000 FPM). I fly in VR, so I setup my plan in P2ATC, file it and from this point on I'm 100% in VR, interacting with P2ATC by voice only. So I would rather avoid manually editing in P2ATC the planned altitude at ROPOX based on the FL provided by the CRJ FMS.
  8. Consider running P2ATC on another, networked PC wide WideFS. P2ATC supports such config.
  9. The problem is that I'm flying in VR, unable to see P2ATC interface, I must rely on voice only. I will try to use copilot option to set my frequencies, to reduce me workload
  10. I'm using Navigraph charts and I always have most current Navigraph DB updated in the P2ATC. I fly in VR, so I use 100% voice communication with P2ATC, I can't see P2ATC interface, so I can't check the freq. in P2ATC. Like in the real world flying, where we have just the controllers voice in the headset and notinh like P2ATC interface. On take-off, while still on TWR freq, I would like to have DEP or APP freq preselected following the relevant Navigraph STAR chart. However P2ATC TWR very often hands me over to different DEP or APP freq than the one specified on the Navigraph chart. At this stage of flight it's difficult to handle the plane and to turn the freq knobs. Quite often P2ATC uses also different GND or TWR freq vs. the ones specified on the charts. Is there a way to convince P2ATC to use the same freq as provided on the Navigraph charts? Or to print a frequency briefing listing all the freq expected during the flight, following the flight plan specified in P2ATC?
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