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  1. I provided several detailed bug reports via Zendesk, including logs and detailed steps how to reproduce the errors. The biggest one - dozens of people plagued by the update downloader restarting endlessly downloading each file. Until last patch I wasn't affected, but finally it struck me. It seemed that the only way do go around this was clicking "Pause" and "Resue" each second a couple thousands of times. I even considered building clicking contraption from Lego Technics. Really - mouse macro recorder was not working with their custom mouse pointer. Without being able to dowload the update and without the option to defer it, the sim was useless to me. I finally figured out a solution on the forum (with the great help of one of the forum members) - buy $20 licence of NetLimiter (my trial was over), limit transfer to 3 Mbps and wait several jours for the patch to download. Some people reported they needed to limit to 500 kbps. For some it not worked at all! Have you ever seen or read that they admitted the existence of such basic bug, blocking the usage of the product altogether? Of course I reported this issue with details on Zendesk, took me time and effort. Did you ever receive any answer to the bug reported via Zendesk? I rececived none. My home airfield (EPWS) is located in 300 ft depression, one runway instead of three, no taxiways at all, no parking spots - so no option to start cold & dark (and no option to save cold & dark as it blocks weather changing) all frequencies wrong. I'm afraid what is now visible in the community is not "negativity". It's adequate human reaction to: - total inability to use the product you paid for, - no ackowledge from the developer - we are sorry, we are working on this, - developer totally ignoring the effort of communicty members, investing time to report the bugs, - each update gradually destroying the hallmark feature of the sim - visuals, no matter how much you invested in your PC upgrade just to handle the FPS and visual quality at the same time.
  2. What about starting the session with: Dear community, we worked hard on the patch, to provide you with the stunning Japan and fix the most annoying bugs. Unfortuanttely, not intentionally, some bugs landed in the patch affecting antialising, tall buildigs and draw distance. Such changes weren't intentional, we don't intend to scrifice quality for performance, so we consider this as a lesson learned and whe have ideas how to fix this once and for all - one of the ideas is to invite some community members to the patch testing program. We need to figure out how to arrange this, it will probably initially require more time to provide new patches, but this is the lesson we will definitely use. As we can't provide any definite answers to the issues last patch introduced, we propose to focus on the questions voted in the Q&S session stream on the forums, as we respect time and effort of all the community members who posted the questions and upvoted them. instead of mentioning the draw distance issue during the last minute of the session?
  3. For me they both (Jorg/MS and Sebastian/Asobo) looked tired and unhappy. They worked like crazy on the last patch and instead of being praised for fabulous Japan, they ended with more bugs, especially LOD/draw distance. So they not spent any significant time on Japan stuff, they just pretended like the patch and scenery update was never released. Seemed to me like Jorg/MS asked Sebastian/Asobo to stay silent about the patch issue and only during the last minute Sebastian admitted that they have no idea what is happening inside the sim and why the draw distance was suddenly limited and the antialiasing affected. Jorg seemed quite unhappy when Sebastian finally managed to touch this subject at the very very end of the session (go to 1:00:45 in the recording) They totally ignored the tall buidlings issue, VFR map CTD, downloader causing endless package download resets. They ignored all the questions on the chat, understandable as there were so many. There was a heavy censorship on the chat deleting the questions about the bugs introduced with the last patch. I was unable to hear when the next patch will be released (probably not soon, they will consider beta testing stage), not mentioned any hot fix policy. For me, not addmitting the fact of the last patch failure, ignoring the massive issues (e.g. the broken update downloader with I solved by spending $20 on NetLimiter and limiting the transfer to 3Mbps which caused the entire night to dowlnoad the patch) is just unprofessional communication strategy. Souch resourcesul compay as MS should have better communication experts. The lady leading the session was without any nerve, they should ask a professional journalist or radio guy to lead such event, especially in the middle of the crisis situation within the community. On the positive side: the draw distance reduction was not deliberate, so possibly, within some months, they will fix it, as soon as they will figure out what their code is actually doing and the release of any new patch will be probably preceeded by beta testing phase. A user on another forum supposedly already found a fix for the tall buildings issue (before they even admitted the existence of this bug, not to mention fixing it). And I have a backup copy of the version before patch, so I will probably rollback to it, apply the trick of starting with Internet disabled to skip over the update process.
  4. If the issue is at server side any flights over already cached scenery (rolling cache - assuming it's content is maintained after exiting the sim) should be not affected.
  5. I really wonder what communication/marketing strategy they will take regarding the issues introduced by the recent patch. It will be some kind of test - if they just ignore the issue and will praise the Japan visuals and the idea of adding insects to the grass (really, in one interview they contemplated it), it would be very bad prognostic for the sim future.
  6. A theory: Maybe they added much more detail to Japan scenery, they focused so much on Japan, tried to optimize the quality/performance just for Japan and neglected the rest of the planet?
  7. Fortunately I have a backup copy of the version before the patch. People report that you can go past the update screen if you disable Internet connection, then you enable it when in the main menu to have the scenery streamed.
  8. Best summary I can imagine. I'm between 4 and 5. The benefit, I will probably postpone the remaining part of 3 (buying RTX 3070) by a couple of months, my wife will appreciate.
  9. There is an option for radio communication distortion due to distance to the station, check if you don't have it enabled.
  10. For the record - nav and landing lights on/off commands are not working in C172 😉 Toggle works however.
  11. Asobo is French company, have you ever been skiing in Les Menuires? 😉
  12. Consider using AirManager with 10-15" touch display and Knobster:
  13. Downloading issue solved by following fogboundturtle advice
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