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  1. To clarify again, I do NOT bring the P2A program into the VR cockpit. My use case is a sort of “local co-op” where the person flying in VR doesn’t have to do anything with the radios because a 2nd person is next to him looking at the 2D monitor interacting with P2A. The idea is that the 2nd person can see the VR mirror on the desktop and see what is happening in the sim, while interacting with the P2A GUI alongside. I am running the MSFS in Windowed mode and I have P2A set to always on-top, but when VR is activated the sim window becomes on-top of all other windows AND won’t let the mouse leave the window area. The only way to interact with another window is to press the “Windows” key at which point the sim loses focus and stops playing sound and won’t take any inputs from the person flying.
  2. Hello! Sorry if this question has already been addressed. I know a lot of people have the issue of wanting to be able to control Pilot2ATC through VR but I have a different VR-related issue. I am wanting to use the Pilot2ATC interface on the 2D monitor to serve as co-pilot while a friend flies the aircraft in MSFS with VR (Reverb G2) on the same PC. Unfortunately when VR is enabled it becomes necessary that the MSFS window is "focused" at all times and thus simultaneous interaction with Pilot2ATC or any other application becomes impossible. Has anyone figured out a way to run VR in MSFS without requiring that windows to have focus at all times preventing interaction with any other application in parallel?
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