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  1. Hi Dave, none of the options work. I have send you an email with the FMS plans.
  2. I have an issue with exporting a flightplan to the Inibuilds A300. The FMC doesn't find the exported plan by P2ATC. It uses the standard X-plane 11 flightplans. If i export with simbrief it works perfectly. I read something about different formats what could be causing this. Something about a legacy format and a new format. Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?
  3. I thought this was even more interesting.
  4. That would be amazing. I had the exact same experiences and it would be great if the two developers work together.
  5. How do I use P2A in the most realistic way? In real life are flight plans filed with a STAR? Or is the STAR only assigned at the last part of the flight? If I don't let P2A auto complete procedures I only get vectors to the ILS, never an approach. Should I just plan the flight and file it including the STAR and program the FMC, then during the flight when ATC gives the approach check if its the same or if it has changed then reprogram the changes in the FMC? How is this done in real life?
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